No one who has a passport and the right to live in another country will put up with this. Many States in the USA are abandoning the CORONA mass hysteria. Britain will become a "Plague Nation" that everyone either avoids or wants to escape. Pitiful and Pathetic...and Pints!
And bear in mind also; now that everyone understands that it is possible to do all your work from home, no one will chose to move to Plague Nation Britain when they can either move HQ to Florida, Sweden or any other place that isn't run by madmen. Or use distributed teams.
All the stupid and worthless dreams of "Silicon Glen" and "Silicon Roundabout" are now dashed against the rocks of CORONA HYSTERIA, and the idiotic British government has brought it all upon its own head. Had they taken the route of Sweden , none of this would be happening. SAD!
Vaccine Certificates will be a feature of YOUR LIVES, you idiotic people. No one in countries run by sane people will be doing this, and they will thrive while you become a wasteland of lepers, blocking people from entering and doing business and many other crazy things. STUPID!
You can kiss your tourism industry goodbye. No one is going to choose Britain when they can go to somewhere where they won't be treated like a leper because you're all insane. Britain's economy will face an existential crisis due to this imbecillic anti-science nonsense.
People are already starting to plan their escape, and those who planned to move to the UK have changed their plans. No one in their right mind will chose a country that is hell bent on national suicide. Why should they?
This is what the surface looks like. What is unseen are all the opportunities that have been cancelled, plans changed and moves abandoned. This will go on for as long as Britain is under the mass hysteria over the flu. Follow the money. No one is buying!…
Second Class Citizens who can't leave Britain move to the countryside where the CORONA POLICE STATE isn't rigorously in force. The cities will be unbearable; people are already fleeing London. Those with the means, escape entirely. Thise are plain FACTS.
It's very sad that all of this has happened, and there was no need for any of it. People were warning at the beginning of CORONA HYSTERIA that the British were overreacting, so they were warned but refused to listen. So be it.

• • •

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7 Apr
The CCI is the DCG 2.0. it's a regrouped, re-branded anti-Bitcoin association from the 2017 Block Size War, with the same bad characters and actors trying to co-opt Bitcoin by virtue of their wealth. If Bitcoin succeeds, they will and must fail again.…
It is clear that the bad actors have learned nothing over the last 4 years. What they're going to do this time is fork Bitcoin to prevent the coming improvements to it and kill the adoption of Lightning which will change everything. This is why they're not building on LND.
Coinbase and the other bad actors use ordinary database operations to move balances between users, leaving onchain for large consolidation. They use databases to replace onchain sends between users. In a CCI Blockchain Consortium, they could all use one database, and not LND.
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No government will ever be able to challenge Bitcoin. They're so addicted to power, it is literally impossible for them to let go of it and allow the economy to run under Natural Law. China's government will never defeat Bitcoin, and will suffer an ignominious humiliation. Image
Always remember; the Chinese people are not the same entity as the Chinese government. Chinese software developers and engineers are brilliant at Bitcoin, and the only thing stopping them from total global domination is the Chinese government. That's a fact.
The Chinese government, in a properly functioning world would be a guide to all western governments of what not to do; they would at every turn, take the opposite route. China bans Bitcoin? Make it legal. China has Social Credit Score? Make it illegal. That way, the west wins.
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6 Apr
Stallman should stay or go?
"These sorts of beliefs have no place in the free software, digital rights, and tech communities." This is totalitarianism. If you don't look like, think like, and act like us, you are to be removed and destroyed. That's exactly what the racists did to blacks. Sorry, NO $SALE.
"We cannot continue to let one person ruin the meaning of our work. " The only meaning software has is the result of execution. It has no other meaning. Anyone can use it, no matter what they believe or think. That is what freedom is.
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6 Apr
This is amazingly stupid, and shows how economic illiteracy is widespread amongst software developers. The "Many Monies" theory (Brave's BAT and now MOB) is nonsense, and with Lightning, there is no excuse for multicoinism. Telegram is also guilty of this.…
Facebook made the same mistake with its worthless LIBRA project, bungling the market opportunity Messenger and Whatsapp present. There is no instant messenger on a global scale that is thinking correctly. Signal's misstep is more perplexing, since they're ethics/privacy focussed.
I've posted several threads on this subject from as early as 2014, about LIBRA, ZCoin, WhatsApp and Twitter adopting Bitcoin. Here is one:
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Larping Dingbats will never change the world, by definition. They will always be sideliners, destroying people's time with worthless chatter that is never turned into software. Unlike philosophers who educate you about how things really are LD idiots Virtue Signal. GARBAGE.
You can spot Privacy LARP by whether or not they promote businesses and services that are private by default. If they don't do this, they're Playing at Bitcoin and not actually interested in protecting anyone. All they want is to be SEEN as cutting edge.
Whatever the latest inaccessible software tool is, they want to be seen to be using it, and the more complicated, hard to use, obscure and far from production, the better for them That's the way they maintain their worthless positions as cognoscenti.
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5 Apr
The Lightning Network looks very much like other global infrastructure, because that's what it is; a global payment infrastructure built on the bedrock of Bitcoin. Image
This is a diagram of Undersea Internet Cables, providing network access to every continent. Image
World Sugar Trade. Image
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