The trades are absolutely dying for young labor to come into the work force. It’s not just some stupid boomer thing of “well learn a trade”

No really, look into the trades.
Literally everyone out here in Indiana is DYING for labor. Like upping their pay, having to meet workers where they are wanting for pay. In almost all trades.
Is it hard on your body? Oh yeah. I’m sore every day. I’m wiped out a lot. I work in super industrial environments but I’ve never in my life been more proud of my job and work. Like actual pride in what I do. It’s a surreal feeling.
Plus...if I would have known what electricians could make without having to force my ADHD brain through college I never would have stressed about it.
I’ve seen a lot of comrades not sure what they wanna do with their life or have a degree they hate or have to stop going to school because of how trash student loans are and y’all, I know I sound like a boomer but the trades are popping off.
I have no actual evidence in writing here but is was such a good option for my ADHD brain to use my hands and work that way and not force myself through school I would have failed or had to overmedicate to just survive lmao
Not a call out at all comrade but the big issue is we don’t have ENOUGH unions in the country! Younger leftists getting into trades and unionizing their shops would literally be a game changer for the country.
Also, just starting out in training? Union gigs are few and far between. Depends on the field but electricians work isn’t the worst non union. Pay is still high and you have a skill they NEED from you. We should also strive to unionize labor currently not organized.
Also, if you did it and hated it or your company/field that’s totally fine. Every trade field is different. Some trades suck more than others but speaking as an electrician who works on high voltage/industrial/480 3 phase jobs....I’m in love.

• • •

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31 Mar
yeah idk I feel like the country that murdered millions of Muslims in the Middle East probably doesn’t give a fuck about Uighur Muslims
Like we are in agreement here right? Like the US has murdered millions of Muslims in the Middle East and literally is still aiding Saudi Arabia in their mass genocide in Yemen. If we care about Muslim communities uhhhhh shouldn’t that be like a good starting point?
Or like if we care about how countries treat people we should probs damn near empty our prisons, close all immigration camps and idk end our mass genocide here against indigenous people?
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29 Mar
Abolish debate culture forever
I used to think debates were good but they just aren’t. It’s a team/spectacle thing and does nothing to change people’s minds and it used to get clicks/views.
Discussions are totally fine and I highly recommend them if you don’t see eye to eye but the idea of “haha who won” type stuff is just silly like we are all adults for the most part right?
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27 Jan
This is literally Wall Street begging and crying for regulations now that regular people can absolutely obliterate the market.

Abolish Wall Street instead thank you❤️
Either make it so regular people can do it or get rid of it kiddo
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26 Jan
Wanna clarify here: CPS is incredibly racist as well. I was heated in the moment and remembering back to when khive called CPS and made false reports I was abusing my son and they literally opened a case because of it literally only because I called kamala a cop.
CPS is racist. All institutions we have in the US are racist. It’s by design.
Not joking. It’s bad.
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26 Jan
Claudia Conway deserves better than this.
Claudia if you see this and want a new mom I have a 2 year old and I’m not abusive. I’m approved already to be a foster mom I’m not even joking get this child out of this house and put Kellyanne in prison
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25 Jan
I can’t do this anymore. Kyle killed 2 leftists and almost blew the arm off of one of our medics at a BLM protest. Done. I’m done.
You absolutely are an idiot if you want to “join forces” or wtf ever with these idiots instead of idk marginalized communities.
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