I've talked to a lot of left-wing Labour members (or ex members) in past two months, and haven't met one who wasn't willing to give Starmer the benefit of the doubt when he won the leadership. The extent to which his problems are self-inflicted is actually mind-blowing.
Starmer has well-paid advisors urging him to alienate core supporters and ignore the public consensus in favour of radical political change, in order to appeal to commentators who act as ventriloquists for Red Wall voters they've never met.
He has the support of the press & the party machine, and is up against a government that has presided the most catastrophic failure of policy in modern times. If the strategy fails it is on the current leadership.
It's totally contentless - and that's the point"

Listen to me & @PoliticoTeacher explain why Starmer's strategy has failed.

Lots of responses confirming the OP - of course there were some who foresaw what Starmer was about in advance (fair play if so) but the vast majority were traumatised by the experience of 2019 election, and taken in by the 10 pledges, so they were willing to get behind him.

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19 Feb
Over the 1990s and 2000s we got used to a politics that was pure "form", devoid of content. Politics was more like a members' club- fine if you were keen enough to sign up and follow the code of conduct, but not for everyone... 🧵
For the members, this club was great. It gave them "expertise" - access to a hidden world of political strategy and psychology, in which only they & other privileged people could understand what was *really* going on, while the rest of us stumbled about in the dark.
To join, the most important thing that members had to demonstrate was that they were not constrained by anything as naive as ideology. Instead, they prided themselves on a politics that was weightless, & unencumbered by any kind of systematic view of the world.
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17 Feb
Questions for @Dannythefink based on the extract below:

1. Which socialists argue for perfect equality of outcome, or assume that "different people will become alike" under their preferred model of social organisation? Image
2. Prejudice may well be "part of human nature", but do you understand that racism is different from prejudice, precisely because it is systemic and tied in with systems of power? Image
3. If "creating multicultural societies is hard", can you tell me what the opposite of a multicultural society is, and name any historical examples? Image
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12 Feb
The incredible arrogance of people who haven't had a new political idea for 15 years telling people on the left to "come into the real world".
Grown-up, serious politics in the LP is when you rig internal elections, expel your opponents & get rid of popular policies in favour of weak symbolism.
Watch me & @PoliticoTeacher discuss #StarmerOut and why the only "realistic solutions" to the crises we face now are radical and transformative, rather than timid and symbolic:

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11 Feb
I am glad this thread has been widely circulated, let's make sure that the credit goes where it belongs: to the amazing @KindnessGlasgow team who supports hundreds of hungry people 4 nights a week in the city.
A piece on this image & the incredible work of @KindnessGlasgow by @LGeraghty23 in @BigIssue

"This isn't some Eastern European country that's been decimated by years of communist rule. This is Glasgow city centre last night in the 21st century where people are waiting in line to be fed by @KindnessGlasgow. This makes me so angry. This has to end."
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10 Feb
A foodbank queue in Glasgow yesterday.
We have spent 5+ years focusing on constitutional questions, when what we need is a government committed to tackling poverty and rebuilding the capacity of the state after a decade of austerity.
Have received some conflicting replies, some saying this is a queue at a food distribution point, others that it is for one of the food shops in George Square. If anyone is able to confirm, let me know. Either way, the photo is an indictment of a national failure.
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27 Jan
Two years ago, I was an opponent of Corbyn who thought a new centrist party was a generally good idea.

If you haven't been radicalised by events of the last 18 months, then you haven't been following politics properly.
I was radicalised by the "marketplace of ideas" i.e. on here. The hollowness of centrist orthodoxy just became increasingly obvious to me as I interacted with more people who were interested in solving social problems rather than proving how "grown-up" they were.
This is entirely correct. I saw politics as a game show for far too long:, who's winning/losing, who's following the rules, who's most "grown-up". It's utterly hollow & meaningless, but enables you to avoid grappling with stuff that actually matters ...

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