Three months ago today Donald Trump staged a treasonous insurrection to prevent the peaceful transfer of power than has kept our democracy stable for 244 years.
But before that, he let hundreds of thousands die to keep his hold on power and avoid prosecution.
Every day he and his co-conspirators both in and out of government remain free, is a stain upon us, and deepens our national shame.

We are an imperfect nation, but many of us are trying to do better. We were and are changing, and trying to go forward and settle some debts.
He and some, not all, of his followers didn't like that.
So they cut a line into us from those goddamn cages, through Charlottesville, and into every home, hospital, and family in our country.
They people die, and used it to deepen our division.
And they did so proudly.
Trump and his traitorous co-conspirators spread death and hate, in the open, as if they were above the law.
For the sake of our country, this must not stand.

We do not forgive them.
We will not unify with them.

Today is still January 6th 2021, because traitors are still free.

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21 Mar
Because there will never be another.
Which is basically proof of greatness.
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27 Feb
Does this person not understand what just happened to our country?
Jared was owned.
The Saudis likely have enough dangerous information to cause real harm to MANY good people working on our behalf. We just don't want anyone else to die.
Jake's playing checkers,
this is chess.
The president does not have the luxury of doing what is politically expedient when lives are at stake.
Jared was owned, that means bad people have information that they shouldn't have.…
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27 Feb
I think our new administration is great, and working hardest on the most important things.

They basically inherited a country that hasn't been maintained since 2016 and they're trying to get it in order for us.
It's a huge job, I'm thankful we've got them to do it.
It is understandable to be pre-frustrated, because we felt so powerless for so long, as we watched the prior administration dismantle things.

I get it. It was horrible.

We all want things to be fixed "right now", but that's just not possible. And not a realistic expectation.
Some are irate about what they perceive as slow progress, and I've even seen a few going as far as to compare Joe to the former guy.
That's pretty low imo, and reveals a lack of understanding, if not a lack of maturity.
The old guy didn't care if people died. That's different
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25 Feb
The GOP pushing of armed fuckwits into state legislatures, and the constant bombardment with imagery containing armed racists in military gear, was done intentionally, to serve one purpose.

To numb you to it, so traitors could sieze your government with minimal public outcry.
Elected Rs used our news and social media against us, to collectively desensitize the entire nation, so that they could further victimize us.
To create a situation where they could victimize us forever.

Crisis and spectacle, culminating in insurrection and murder.
Love your Republican neighbor, treat them with kindness and respect. They are propagandized, and have been subjected to a brutal years-long disinformation campaign that has rendered them immune to fact.
The antifa boogeyman, and the BLM chupacabra haunt them.
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25 Feb
Am I the only one that thinks it's criminally stupid that Republicans have drawn us into their moronic war against reality? That they're stuck in a violent fantasy where Joe lost, Trump is smart, and they can stave off truth by yelling and threatening it with a gun?
Today we saw one GOP lawmaker proudly state that letting covid kill our elders is "culling the herd" and another post a sign in the capital hall telling the father of a trans person that his childs choices are invalid, and do not exist.
And it's just Wednesday in America.
It is not unreasonable to expect violence from people openly pushing hate and calling for violence, especially when they're the most well armed non-military group in recorded history.
It's unreasonable not to.

It is now unreasonable, to expect the GOP to be peaceful.
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22 Feb
When you encounter a man that is absolutely certain that he owes/is owed a debt, and that it is his duty to settle it, you should get on the right side of that man, if you can.
If you cannot, you should go hat in hand, and ask for mercy.
While you can.
When someone explains that they owe their very existence to something, and that their "highest and best use" is to serve that thing, you should hope you're dealing with a kind person. I assure you, you've found a dangerous one.
Those kind of statements are a window to not only a person's "self" but their commitment to something they see as bigger than self.
Bigger than self=resistance to deterrence.
It's literally the important part of their resolve.
They don't sway.
You can't buy or scare them off.
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