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6 Apr, 14 tweets, 3 min read
My heart has really been aching for DMX. I usually don't twisted about celebs,

but DMX was different. He was a foster kid, neglected, abused, forgotten, literally left for the wolves. I can relate to his early beginnings because our lives were similar.
The fact we've made it this far is a miracle. I root for all foster kids and kids of the system to make it the same way I root for all Black people to make it because it's hard.

When people and systems neglect you, forget you, and ignore you, it's hard to get right.

It's hard.
I didn't have drug issues. I was tough mentally when I was a kid. I had something inside of me that protected me from a lot of bad things, but I got into a lot of bad shit too when I was young.

My mom was a combo of evil and crazy. She also kept me a way from my dad.
When you don't have the nurturing, safety, and protection to grow up safely, and you don't have good people around you putting in the good bad things happen.

Victims of childhood abuse often find different ways to deal with that abuse. Some shop, some dope
DMX never had a fair shot. Every system that could have helped him failed him. He lived systematic failure publicly.

That brother was deep. He shared his pain with us and spoke for us. Us forgotten system kids.

I loved his music because I know those dark places he spoke of.
DMX was constantly searching for something he never had.

He never found it in drugs. He never found it in women.

He likely didn't cultivate it in his children either.

He didn't get it from an abusive music industry that's just like the child welfare system in many aspects.
I see/saw DMX as a man broken as a child trying to figure out how to fix himself. I never stopped rooting for him because I know what it feels like to not have that.

I know what it's like to be discarded and cast away.
But even in the dark baby, Imma shine bright.
DMX fought hard to be the man and father he never had. It's hard to be what you never had.

Sometimes, we just can't outrun trauma and demons. It's hard to forget the abuses we've endured.
We still remember the teachers who failed us; the foster homes that abused us; the systems that failed us; the friends that let us down; and the mistakes others had opportunities to make we never had.

Folks that have been in the system try to cope the best they can. I get it.
But sometimes in some of us former street kids, there is a void, that emptiness that never goes away. Some of us are looking for something to fill it.

Some choose sex, others choose drugs, some folks fight, etc. Some struggle privately, and others struggle out loud like DMX.
The one thing that bothers me most is that so many people failed the man who was once a boy that never really had a fair shot, but he tried anyway.

Some will say he was a failure. As a former system kid, I'll say he was a survivor of a system of failures.
I'm rooting for DMX and Black men like him, always. I could've been him. Despite White Supremacy, a child welfare system that devours and neglects Black kids, an educational system that fails us, and a Black community that loves to mind its business when it's convenient, he won.
Child abuse and neglect ruin adults. Hurt people don't just pop up out of thin air. We make them.

DMX is a product of us. We need to look at ourselves and ask what we did and didn't do to give him a fair shot. There is a DMX in your community right now!

Are you helping him?
Learn to see the humanity in men.

Also, don't look at them in the now. Ask men/women who physically, sexually, emotionally hurt them in their childhood. Often traumatized adults are acting out childhood hurts we never learned to process appropriately.

Become trauma-informed.

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Black people really need to get real about America and what it is.

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President Obama warned White people in 2010 and 2015. They did nothing.…
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Black people,

If you haven't been planning for chaos all this year, you're behind the power curve.

If we've learned anything in 2020, it's that state and federal governments will leave and forsake you, and they lie.

You need to be prepared for chaos beginning January 2021

2/ I realize times are tough, but understand when things go down, nobody is coming. We're all gonna be in the same predicament. On our own.

You should be getting your houses ready. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for 2021 emergencies.
3/ Prepare like you live in a hurricane zone, and prep for your geographical area's weather patterns. I live in FL so I can be outside in Jan. Northern fam may not have that luxury. Be prepared to survive a few days/weeks solo.

Hurricane prep guide:…
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