1/4) One of the areas the Father trained me on is the pitifalls of the Christian walk (also ministry, but diff topic).

I followed ppl online for long enough to see them declare the Lord has 'blessed them' w/ new homes, spouses, etc. only to watch them backslide into the matrix
2) again. Yet, a spiritual blindness took over and they couldn't see it. The Lord specifically said years ago, "Many of my ppl are so much a part of the world yet cannot discern it."

Conclusion: We need to refrain running after our own desires and attaching God's name to it
3) in order to justify it because 'if it looks and feels good, it must be from God.'

He will not bless His people w/ stumbling blocks that will draw them away from Him.

This can be dealt with in prayer by surrendering all to Him every day and asking Him to shut doors
4) that were not opened by Him, and to confirm that which is.

Those who didn't do this are going to pay the price soon when they lose everything in what's coming and then find themselves up the creek without a spiritual paddle.

• • •

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6 Apr
1) Authority in the Body of Christ:

There is no hierarchal structure in the Body. It is merely religion and man's ego which has constructed such.

"One is not above the other in my body," the Lord says.

When Yeshua commanded Miriam of Magdala to go speak to the disciples
2) And tell then that the Lord has risen and that she is a witness, she was exercising authority to speak what the Lord had sent her to speak.

There was a tradition at that time which dictated that a woman could not speak among men.
3) Do you know that this nonsense is still being perpetuated in the church today and deemed to be 'sound doctrine?'

But Scripture says that women can't take authority over men!

You don't understand authority, nor the intention in that verse.
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26 Mar
1/6} Before the Father trained me up in His Word, I was walking fully in the Spirit with Him for many years, had been thoroughly humbled, broken, emptied of self and the carnal mind, and had come out of sin and the world. I've never discouraged anyone from studying, but what I
2/6} would like to impress upon believers is that MANY in Christ's body read but do not understand. Behold, 40k denominations. 😑Firstly, pride (in any form and to any degree) prevents us from seeing clearly or being fully teachable. 2) Scripture is designed for those who walk
3/6} closely w/ the Lord. 3) Many terms and concepts in Scripture have spiritual interpretations that must come from the Holy Spirit and most Christians are not yet fully yieded to His Spirit and hearing His voice. 4) One must be teachable before others b/c
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26 Mar
Followers of Yeshua,

Have you gone to the Father and asked Him to show you which false doctrines you are clinging to? The Lord has said that He cannot work with those of us who remain in our religious knowledge. Serving Him in the final years requires walking in truth.
The Lord will use others in the Body to teach and therefore walking in humility towards others is required.
If giving added insight, I'd say that I've found no single pure ministry and that the Father keeps me very busy in my Spirit (in answer to prayer) concerning that which is of Him and that which is not. Don't idolize any teacher and take everything to the Lord continuously.
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24 Mar
They'll eventually destroy anything that even remotely once stood for Christ- including the Catholic church. Author John Coleman confirms what the Lord has been speaking into my spirit for years.
Not to be cryptic- limited room. John Coleman was former MI6, wrote this book on the Committee of 300 (free pdf online- download before censored) and spoke about how the Luciferians can't stand ANYTHING that stands even partly for Christ, even if ultimately spiritual misdirection
Like it or not, the Catholic church WAS (many decades ago) a force that stood in the way of so much of the unGodly legislation and some other things going on now. It's currently infiltrated w/ satanists and freemasons, thus the liberalization.
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19 Feb
1/4) Don't fall for the notion that the Old Testament is 'Jewish.' There were 12 tribes who came from Jacob's 12 sons. Jacob was renamed 'Israel' by God. Those who worshiped YHWH were the tribes of Israel. The 'Jews' were one tribe- from the son named 'Judah.'
2/4) What is referred to as 'Judaism' today is a religion mostly adhering to Babylonian texts and which also twists parts of the OT. Some claim a certain lineage but no one has really proved this as many were converts over the centuries just as Judeans converted to Christianity.
3/4) There's a certain group who likes to label everything, "Jewish" like the 'Jewish Book of Enoch.' What's so odd about this is that Enoch who acted as a Scribe for God lived between 3332 and 2967 B.C. whereas Jacob didn't come until around 1850 B.C.
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22 Jan
1) Teachings about the Pharisees and Sudducees in Scripture almost always point to prideful, religious personalities but I want to expand on this because it applies to some of those of the 'world' as well. One tactic this group would use was to approach Yeshua and demand that He
2) not only answer all of their inquiries but to put on a show for them with miracles. Our Lord didn't stand for this and gave them many sharp responses. He did not pander to their arrogance and imposition. Likewise, as ppl grow increasingly arrogant and entitled in these last
3)...days, they rail against God's saints the moment that their pompous pre-conditions and desiderations are not met how they want and when they want. "You're a hypocrite..you're not like Christ..you gave me a flippant response..(and on and on...)." The 'world' thinks that
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