Thread on #boycottgenshinimpact

In this thread I want to share my thoughts on all of this.

I've disabled replies because I'm not looking for an argument with people, I'm just sharing my opinion as a Genshin Impact Content Creator to those who want to see it.
I'll be listing things out as bullet points.

1) I see many valid points & concerns being raised but I also see many people simply looking for clout under the guise of "being an ally".

2) There is a crazy amount of misinformation spreading based on a lack of context or ill will.
3) I think it's safe to say a large majority of this discussion has been driven by a very young and impressionable part of the Genshin community.

This is not to dismiss them, but to highlight that people should tread more carefully, and also understand potential implications.
4) Mob mentality & cancel culture is a toxic part of social media. I believe people/companies should be held to standards, but if you wish to participate in such behaviour, it's unbelievably important to do your research first and understand all perspectives.

Let's begin.
- Pedo NPC

Both Ella Musk & Flora were originally adult characters but were changed. This is clearly something that was overlooked and lead to a disastrous inconsistency and misunderstanding.

Please remember that Mihoyo is just made up of individual people. It's a human error.
- Two Factor Authentication

I have wanted this from day one. I think many people do.

However, I don't appreciate that many people are just throwing this in for the sake of giving more weight to their agenda, when they don't seem to actually care.
- Hilichurls, Indigenous Culture and Racism

This one is going to raise, and has already raised a lot of conflict.

The reason is because people will have differing levels to which they combine/separate fiction and reality.

Morals & ethics apply differently for everyone here.
This is a situation where instead of trying to enforce your own opinion as correct, it's incredibly important to understand WHY people hold the perspectives they do before trying to criticise others.

There's plenty of ways people view Hilichurls. I'll list the mains ones.
1. They are just a mob/monster character, nothing more nothing less.

2. They have a dark backstory regarding how they came about (lore/spoilers).

3. They are an offensive representation of Indigenous people.

4. They are underlying racist/political imageries/beliefs Mihoyo has.
Most will see it as #1, this is the common approach.

However, in this video at 1:30 you can clearly see that Indigenous Peoples are used as a reference for the Hilichurls.

Paired with the role that Hilichurls have in the game, this can upset people.
It's not blatant or intentional racism in my viewpoint, but this is still a form of microaggression.

I'll attach the definition of that word because it's something people need to understand more in modern society and real life.
It is within the right of any Indigenous person to be offended by this.

They should be allowed to speak their mind and share their experience without being attacked.

But sadly, people are using this as an opportunity to gain clout and interactions.
Please DO NOT try to speak on behalf of others or Indigenous people in the name of "being an ally".

Please DO NOT try to deny their right to speak or to silence them because you disagree.

People are only drowning out the relevant voices and it's for the wrong reasons.
Naturally people will have varying degrees to which they separate fiction from reality, it's just how people are.

Having said that, if you wish to pursue this stance of "boycott Mihoyo because they are racist" you're choosing to walk an incredibly slippery slope of hypocrisy.

Let's just take a look at the Fatui. I don't see anybody bringing this up.

The Fatui are based on Russian people. Guess what? In Genshin Impact they're all criminals/terrorists with incredible wealth and political power.

This is literally a modern day stereotype.
But what do I see?

Childe, La Signora, Scaramouche being thirsted over, stanned or celebrated everywhere.

Why do these characters get a pass? Is it because they're aesthetically pleasing? Is it because people want to avoid being caught as a hypocrite?

I think we all know why.
People don't actually care. They just want to be part of a group & be part of the discussion.

To fit in, to be "woke".

This behaviour is so disingenuous and disrespectful to the people who actually are hurting, and it's awful that kids/teenagers today embrace this behaviour.
To make it clear, I do not believe Mihoyo and anyone that designed these characters have any malicious intentions with their designs.

I believe they're just people who don't realise or are simply ignorant to what they're doing, in that it can be interpreted as a microaggression.
Does that make it okay? No.

I think it's great that Indigenous people who are affected speak up.

I think it's sad and stupid that people who don't live through these microaggressions are using this as an opportunity to feign "alliance" & chase clout by speaking on their behalf.
- Boycotting Mihoyo

People don't know what this means.

You either drop the game or you don't, there is no in between.

The fact that people are trying to say: "we're boycotting but it's okay to continue playing the game as long as we don't spend" means they don't actually care.
Only an idiot or someone in denial would buy into that. That's not a boycott.

Here's an analogy:

You hate McDonalds because they did something bad. You want to cancel them but they offer free samples and you keep consuming them.

The end.

See how counterproductive that is?
- Genshin Gacha rates

Genshin Impact is a gacha game. It has predatory behaviour that is no different to any other Gacha.

All gacha gamers know this.

The difference is that Genshin exploded into the mainstream and is now exposed to millions of people who were "normies".
The gacha culture is ethically wrong and I believe that governments need to clamp down on this form of gambling.

It's a gateway to a gambling addiction and a ridiculous amount of toxicity, as demonstrated by this hashtag.

It's a shame to see that toxicity in this community.
- Final thoughts

I have a platform and an audience ingrained in this community and I personally feel a responsibility to at least say something and share my thoughts.

I've seen plenty of conjecture already and have no interest, nor see any merit in seeking pointless debates.
If you agree with me, cool.
If you disagree with me, also cool.
It's an opinion.

I hope that people stop spreading & buying into misinformation, acting like sheep and not thinking for themselves.

Let's stop trying to silence each other and for once try listening to one another.

• • •

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