They're not very on the whole 'I bought you this because I saw it,', no they're much more about showing love through touches, kisses and words. Somethings bought things weren't needed, but tonight Jeongguk felt like purchasing those roses for his dearest. +
Of course with the simple intention of want, he brings them home. Jeonguk expected Jimin just to /be/ there, maybe cooking maybe trying to unwind from his long day of work with a sorry on his lips about the dinner, that Jeongguk always smiles at.+
But tonight was different. From the roses clung in Jeongguks hands to the silence of the apartment as he stepped inside. Not one light on, no sound coming from the TV or Jimin's phone. Absolutely nothing. And it sets Jeongguk on edge. +
It's no unusual for Jimin to be later at home than Jeongguk, it's not a rare thing, but tonight Jeongguk knew Jimin would be earlier, way earlier. So it irks him hoe there's no sight of his boyfriend anywhere in the apartment. At least from the first glance. +
He takes a step inside the living room, still clutching roses in his hands. "Jimin?" He calls out breaking the silence that seeps into his bones as the minutes' pass. Nothing. Jimin doesn't respond. Jeongguks calls out again and starts checking the rooms. +
It takes him a few more calls and a bedroom to check when he notices the discarded blazer, familiar to him in many ways. It usually sat snug on Jimin's shoulders or hung in the closet but never thrown on the ground just like that. Jimin was careful with his work clothes. +
Jeongguk bends down to pick it, sighing when he sees no stains. Whatever was going on, after it passed Jimin wouldn't be happy if it was dirty beyond repair. He takes one last look across the apartment before he pushed the bedroom door open. And there he is, Jimin. +
He's curled on Jeongguks side of the bed, the sheets thrown over him, his head sticking out at the end. Light snores echoing through the room. His phone had been thrown on the ground, pants meeting the same faint. And Jeongguk hurts because he doesn't see Jimin like this often.+
The world doesn't break his boyfriend to the point of complete misery and chaos. Jimin even hurt he was always calm and showed no emotions. Jeongguk knew that all too well. But rounding the bed and seeing the light tear stains on his cheeks makes Jeongguk smile a bit. +
He's not happy, no his chest aches. But he smiles because Jimin would never come to him to admit that something is wrong, he probably wanted to hide away until Jeongguk came and then fae the world again with all the tears cried out. But alas Jeongguk had arrived earlier. +
He basks in Jimin's sleeping face, shifting so the roses don't poke Jimin's face and gently shakes him. "Jimin, wake up, baby," Jimi grunts but doesn't wake up, intending to roll on his side. But Jeongguk doesn't let him, sitting on the bed near Jimin's stomach. +
"Baby," He laughs, pulling the sheets away. He shakes his boyfriend a bit more who grumbles and opens his bleary eyes, most likely stinging from the air after wasted tears. "Wake up, come on," Jeongguk pokes his cheek and Jimin shifts his gaze to him. +
The to roses in his hands. "What?" He mumbles trying to gather his bearing after just waking up.

"Are you okay?" Jeongguk reaches out to touch his cheek, finger tracking the tear track and Jimin purses his lips. He nods but the hesitation doesn't get unnoticed to Jeongguk. +
"Flowers why?" Jimin doesn't let Jeongguk ask anything but goes straight to the point.

"Oh, these?" He pushes them in Jimin's hands, "They're are for you, wanted to do something nice but looks like you really need it," Jimin takes them with a smile. +
That calms Jeongguk a little bit. "Thank you,"

"Are you alright?" Jimin nods as Jeongguk shifts to lay beside Jimin who carefully runs his fingers over a single rose.

"Just a bad day at work I guess,"+
"Never seen you cry because of that," Jeongguk reaches out to run his fingers through Jimin's hair in careful strokes. Jimin shrugs and Jeongguk knows to drop it. He would talk later when ready.

"Thank you, for the flowers, I feel better," Jeongguk nods and leaves it at that.+
They're not into the whole gifting thing, but sometimes it means thousands of words.

• • •

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5 Apr
Jimin didn't like to reminisce about things that had gone and been done. He wasn't keen on thinking about the past and what could have been changed but sometimes, he liked to sit down and think of what ifs. Sometimes his Omega would make him yearn for a touch+
touch of a man, of a woman, of an /Alpha/. Specifically the same one that sat in front of him discussing their future plans for the project he should be paying attention to. But when the last 20 years of life hit you so suddenly you can't help but forget what's in front of you. +
Those 20 years of life you spent with someone from birth to a certain point that tore you two apart. To say, Jimin wasn't ready for Jeongguk to stand in front of him, handsome, grown-up, but still holding that youthful look Jimin secretly fell in love with. +
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5 Apr
Tow years. That's how long it took for Jeongguk to figure out Jimin's crush on him. He wasn't mad, no, he loved Jimin like he loved all his staff, but he just couldn't figure out why or how had the man fallen for him?
He was just a ballad singer, and Jimin, well Jimin was so much more, with his amazing sense of style and fashion, with his knowledge in a various topic that kept Jeongguk entertained during fitting. With his blazing and burning eyes that set Jeongguk on edge. +
Jimin was a lot, he was amazing and wonderful so Jeongguk didn't really get the 'how'. But he was a fool for dismissing Jimins accidental exposure, he wasn't going to be an asshole and confront Jimin. God knows how embarrassing it would be. +
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5 Apr
"I'm sorry," It's Jimin who speaks first, cradling his wrist in his lap, but Jeongguk only shakes his head with a low hum, a whisper on his lip that is too quiet for Jimin to catch. He's not sure if Jeongguk even wants him to hear anything +
They weren't on speaking terms exactly anyway not that it was Jimin who set these boundaries. He wasn't one to run away from whatever they had going on, or maybe it was just an illusion or one of Jimin's dreams that kept him awake for too long. +
but he still said sorry, because it /was/ his fault the tyre was busted and Jeongguk had to kneel on the hard ground trying to change it when the lightning was minimal while Jimin held his sprained wrist. He meant it, but wasn't sure about what exactly +
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5 Apr
It's like putting your finger into the melted wax of just burned out candle. It stings, immediately, it burns in many ways that desire does not and yet when it cools, you get addicted. It creates a layer one after another as you dip and dip your finger in+
that's how painting Jimin feels like. The first time he was met with Jimin as the live model for the art class Jeongguk felt like he had run into deep fires of hell. His skin so smooth and soft, despite no touch existing between them. His eyes deep brown +
glistening in the sun rays that managed to make themselves present through the thick layers of curtains. Jeongguk had to take a deep shaky breath, hit his own leg for his mind to /work/, for hands to try and replicate the beauty that sat in front of him+
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jikook au [love ink]

youtuber jms hands are to small to properly focus camera on products so theres almost always a man behind the camera doing that for him until idol jk gets hand tattoos and the man behind camera becomes all to familiar, question is what's their relationship?

-met jimin on one of his vacations
-rumours surround him
-sweetheart ImageImage
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