Here's a documentary about what Gail's friends and colleagues at the CIA have been getting up to in Latin America:

Some highlights, from memory (CONTENT WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE):

The CIA trained over 50,000 members of right-wing death squads at the
School of the Americas, in Fort Benning, GA. Among these was General Hugo Banzer Suarez, who graduated from the School of the Americas in 1956, and went on to become a military General and dictator of Bolivia after seizing power in a violent coup in 1971.
Hugo Banzer was notorious for pioneering new, sadistic methods of torture above and beyond what he and his cohorts had learned at the SOA. He had fellow graduates of the SOA teach classes to full auditoriums of military personnel on torture methods, often using live subjects.
These were usually homeless individuals who had been picked up on the street - their bodies would just be dumped back in the same alley as they had been found in.

He developed a torture technique which was remarkable: allegedly, he found the way to elicit the most extreme pain
response possible in the human brain - to do it they would use a certain gauge of wire and wrapped one end around the front two top teeth, and the other end around or affixed to the genitals, and sent an electric shock through it.

This technique was extremely effective.
And the particular gague/type of wire they needed to perform this ..stunt just happened to be available in old radio systems the US had left over from WWII & the Korean War - so the Department of Defense authorized a massive shipment of these radios to Bolivia, claiming they were
being sent as just..radios, to assist the Bolivian military in subduing the indigenous leftist resistance. In reality, they were just tearing these radios apart and using the wires to torture human beings in the most extreme ways imaginable.
10s of thousands of these fighters trained at the School of the Americas were sent to Nicaragua, Columbia, Guatemala and El Salvadore, where they committed widespread acts of unimaginable brutality and terrorism targeted on the most vulnerable people in the region-poor&indigenous
Just some examples I'm familiar with, having read a couple books on the subject and watched this documentary (AGAIN: CONTENT WARNING):

The massacre at El Mozóte in El Salvadore saw close to 1,000 villagers brutally murdered over the course of one day. The Atlacatl Division, a
group of fighters trained at the School of the Americas, was responsible for the killings. They had come into the neighboring towns the day before and warned the villagers of an impending military operation against the Marxist-Leninist guerilla fighters conducting People's War.
They told the villagers that if they wanted to avoid getting caught in the crossfire (or being accused of supporting the guerillas) they should all head to El Mozóte. So they all gathered there. Then the Atlacatl Division landed their helicopters in town and rounded everyone up.
They split the men, women and children, leading the men into a building one by one as they shot them in the head. The women and girls were raped and murdered, but not before being forced to watch as the soldiers slit the small childrens' throats then lit them on fire.
This was all the way they had been specifically trained. None of this was an aberation. This is standard practice for Gail's colleagues.

The Archbishop of El Salvadore, Oscar Romero, was murdered while giving a sermon, after voicing opposition to the US-backed regime.
Catholic nuns were raped and murdered - but it only made the news in the US when some white American nuns were murdered in El Salvadore.

Labor activists were beaten to death, their bodies mutilated, and left in the streets with notes on them warning others of left-wing action.
One time, in El Salvadore, a woman came home to find her family all sat neatly around the kitchen table, decapitated, with their heads on the plates in front of them, a big bowl in tbe middle filled with their blood -- their hands had been nailed to the table to sit them upright.
On various occasions, mostly in Nicaragua, men were taken out of their homes and their families made to watch as they were disemboweled, decapitated, had their throats slit, or had a live grenade put in their mouth. This also happened to small children. Hundreds of times.
Healthcare workers were targeted in Nicaragua and other places -- as a deterrent to being able to even *respond* to save the lives of those brutalized. Nurses were kidnapped, tortured, had their eyes scooped out with spoons, had their tongues ripped out, and abandoned.
Teachers faced the same fate.

A common tactic these death squads used was to make someone's family watch as they mutilated them with machetes - they would chop limbs off just a few inches at a time, so they never stopped screaming.
This tactic was even used en masse to terrorize the family members who managed to escape Guatemala into Mexico. These refugees were kept in concentration camps right on the Guatemalan border. The death squads, right across the border, set up camp there and would torture people.
The family members and neighbors of those being tortured to death had to endure not just the inhuman conditions in the Mexican concentration camps, but the mental and emotional anguish of hearing this happening constantly, day-in and day-out.…
These death squads committed a genocide in Guatemala, targeting the Mayan indigenous communities for extermination one after another. Hundreds of villages were wiped off the map. The government and their media mouthpieces all were complicit in covering it up.
Entire towns which had been massacred were sometimes burned to the ground, and blamed on a forest fire. Or they were hastily buried with heavy machinery, and blamed on landslides.…

It's impossible to say how many were murdered, between 33,000-2,000,000
Many documented large-scale massacres happened, which were even acknowledged by the government at the time - but characterized as "anti-insurgency" actions - even though in many cases, mass-killing of children was standard policy:…
Leopoldo Galtieri led the military junta in Argentina where some 30,000 people were "disappeared" and murdered. Many of those, and many thousands of others, were also tortured. General Galtieri was a graduate of the U.S. Army School of the Americas.
Under the leadership of the Junta, people were disappeared in broad daylight - the more public the disappearance, the better. Cars would pull up, ppl would put a black bag over your head as you were thrown into a car, and a propaganda message would be played over loudspeaker.
Hundreds of detained women were raped and deliberately impregnated by fascists - they were tortured while pregnant, and tortured *to death* as soon as they gave birth. The children were raised by families of the fascists. This happened with over 500 women that we know of.
Remember all of this whenever someone tells you that "the US is a force for good in the world", or that what the CIA has done is "not that bad". People like Gail should never be able to live down their association with these depraved monsters.
And for the love of God, stop listening when people like this claim to care about HUMAN RIGHTS 🤬

• • •

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6 Apr
This kind of thinking is so fucking childish. They assume that, as soon as a party of dedicated, working class, class-conscious revolutionaries fights with the proletariat to seize power as a class - and succeeds - they suddenly become separate from the working class? Why?
That part is never explained. It's never even ANALYZED. This is just ASSERTED, in a lazy excuse for analysis. Where is the materialist analysis of class power and class interests? Why, on what material basis, does the working class become..separate FROM the working class?
How would this happen, and more importantly, WHY? These people have no fucking clue, they REFUSE to explain when asked, they just throw ad hominem at you, calling you stupid for asking. This is how children behave when you insist on something they don't understand.
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5 Apr
Beginning in Hu Jintao's Administration, the Politburo (short for Political Bureau--the 25-member leadership body of the Central Committee) of the Communist Party of China holds monthly group study sessions conducted by professors and researchers:…
Lol love the liberal flowery language about "strongman domination", but otherwise. I think this is very interesting. I came across this while reading "The Governance of China" and realizing many of the speeches were given in these group study sessions.
They cover all sorts of issues, from economic issues, political/ideological and social issues, and military issues / international relations.

The speeches Xi gives at these study sessions cover a variety of topics - the one I'm reading's concerning the Belt & Road Initiative.
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31 Dec 20
Xi Jinping:

"We should use dialectical thinking to appropriately plan for the designing and execution of development concepts. New development concepts have been proposed based on dialectical thinking, which is essential to their implementation.
We should adopt a holistic approach, and make systematic arrangements by highlighting the integrity and interconnectivity of the new development concepts, so that different aspects enhance each other and progress side by side, avoiding uncoordinated and unbalanced development.
We should be capable of separating the main problems from less pressing ones, and the main aspects of the problems from the minor aspects, so that priorities in action are clarified. While attending to general tasks,we should firmly grip the main problems and their main features,
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31 Dec 20
Xi Jinping:

"According to Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, communism will eradicate the opposition and differentiation between classes, between urban and rural areas, between mental labor and physical labor; it will adopt the principle of distribution from each according to his
ability and to each according to his needs, so as to achieve shared development of society and the free and well-rounded development of individuals in the real sense.

Of course, there wi be a long trek through history to reach this goal. China is still in the primary stage
of socialism and will long remain so. Therefore, we cannot do what is premature, but this does not mean we should do nothing in realizing shared prosperity step by step. Instead, we should start to do what is appropriate to the current conditions, accumulating small successes
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17 Dec 20
So I've read the book "Fanshen: a documentary of revolution in a Chinese village" by William Hinton - which documents firsthand the land reform campaigns (1945-49) in the countryside of China during the conclusion of the Civil War period. In studying Xi Jinping's
Poverty Alleviation Campaign, it's like I'm constantly getting deja vu.

For those who aren't too familiar with the land reform in China during the Civil War period, let me try and explain.

Hundreds of millions of peasants lived in the countryside, and something like 40% owned
no land at all, and were totally at the mercy of the landlord class, often having to work as slaves in exchange for shelter and crumbs of food, or even being forced to sell their wife or child for a bag of rice to survive the winter.
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3 Dec 20
I'm listening to the read-along of "Socialist development and capitalist restoration" by Pao Yu-Ching on Red State Radio podcast. I'm only 3 minutes in and it's already RIFE with logical fallacies and false allegations. It's amazing people take this Maoist literature seriously.
They made the claim, for instance, that in the period of "socialist development" (which I guess is counterposed to "capitalist development" by implication) under Mao, China proved that they could develop a strong economy while cutting themselves off to the world.
They then take the lesson that socialism MUST be closed off to the world, which is one fanciful leap of logic, which makes zero sense. They neglect to mention that after 32 years of development, they had an absolute poverty level of 88% in 1981.
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