Remember when Hayao Miyazaki not only made a manga praising proud Nazi tank ace Otto Carius & his WW2 German comrades, but also went out of his way to visit & hang out with the guy?
The manga, "Otto Carius: Tigers in the Mud", praises the man in a very personal manner & makes it clear its narration comes not from a "character narrator" but from Miyazaki himself - there are constant "bickering with the editor" gags, for example.
Military nerd Miyazaki praises the Soviet side too, of course, but the story's far from neutral; it's shown from a Nazi perspective & wants the reader to celebrate Carius & co's victories, even omitting "unpleasant" events from otherwise feel-good moments. Very cutesy art too.
"But no way was Carius a capital-N Nazi, right?"

Don't listen to me, listen to his own audiobook about the "defamation of the German soldier in film" & the "desecration" of Nazi memorials celebrating his "comrades" who "fought to be saved from communism":
Miyazaki himself has echoed less overt but somewhat similar sentiments:

According to Miyazaki's BFF Anno, Nausicaa "rejecting coexistence", "bloodying her hands so that her own people would survive" was Miyazaki at his most honest:…
"Should Carius & regular German WW2 soldiers be dehumanized?" No, and I don't think Hayao is a closet fascist. But within a US context, the only reason he's not judged for this stuff is... it's far more CONVENIENT to ignore it & simply pretend he's super-woke by modern standards.
"Are you trying to get Miyazaki canceled"? only among an influential academic minority with a history of simplifying his legacy as propaganda for a cultural pissing contest. I want more people to appreciate the fascinating ideological indecisiveness that defines a lot of his work
Indecisiveness & contradiction defines a lot of his work & ideology. He's both a tree-hugging pacifist and a hardcore war otaku who thinks tanks are badass. He thinks loli fans are stupid while being a clear loli fan.
I'm not saying "reject Miyazaki"; I'm saying "reject the smol bean pure boy Miyazaki sold as a product & embrace the fascinatingly weird real human Miyazaki whose self-contradictions only make his work more interesting".

Also watch Animal Treasure Island
Not directed by Hayao but it has significant creative input from him + lots of his key animation + early example of Miyazaki pigs & tomboys in the same film + generally a great time
I'm not saying Miyazaki is a war hawk; morally & logically, he opposes war & imperialism. Emotionally, he enjoys the aesthetics & stories of war.

this is an important distinction to make; it's why the "wow cool robot" meme is so embarrassing.
When you compare him to other showa-era authors, Miyazaki's treatment of Carius is not surprising. Look at Kazuo Koike's Lone Wolf & Cub; Ogami Itto picked a self-destructive, dark path, but he's still portrayed as badass fully dedicating himself to this path & giving it his all.
This is why analyzing manga/anime from a black & white perspective is misguided. Itto perpetuates a cycle of revenge & violence, yet the living Buddha he assassinates still finds something transcendental about him; his ability to reach a Zen state allowing him to pursue his goals
PS no I don't know if Carius was an actual member of the Nazi party, maybe not, but whether I call him a "nazi" or not a lot of you be angry anyway so t(0.0t)

• • •

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6 Apr
what is it about monster-based kids' anime in particular that makes everyone on the english-language internet (and even shit like translated pixiv tags) embrace the american localization names for everyone and everything

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I can't figure out who the actual winner is in this Jump contest. The top one says "runner-up"… Image
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Sonic's always had far more in common with Dragon Ball (or for an animal franchise example, Ninja Turtles) than it did with Mickey Mouse; "cringe" teenage stylishness/edginess/bravado was always a big part of its identity & ppl are really bothered by this ImageImage
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teenagers are associated with rebellion & contrarianism - which can make consumers easier to control through "punk rock" marketing, but can also backfire & make them hate you. they might even become adults!

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alotta criticism of faces lacking unique features in animation/comics. mostly @ female ones in US stuff cuz guys have more pronounced faces (less lines = more feminine); more universal in anime cuz males are more often young/feminine looking & thus have "neutral" faces

....there's a big ADVANTAGE to flatter, more "generic" faces, with less carefully sculpted features: MALLEABILITY.

look at El Dorado. much easier to give Chel funny faces, BECAUSE her face is simple and nondescript. Miguel and Tulio have SO MUCH going on, it's hard to deform em.
for an anime example, FLCL. no matter how wacky and off-model Imaishi gets when animating Naota's dad, he still has to make him look like a middle-aged guy with an adult jaw & a pronounced nose (or at the very least nostrils) - he can't really be cute, without ruining the appeal.
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I always assumed Kamek/Magikoopa/whatever was female, design gave me old witch vibes
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