Three months out, it's clear from polling data that the majority of Republicans are going to embrace all sorts of ridiculous conspiracy theories to justify both the insurrection and Trump's incitement of it.…
Republican conspiracy theories about the insurrection don't even make sense. If you believe it was "peaceful," then why bother claiming that it was really "antifa" that did it?
It's important to understand that right wingers aren't just mindless ciphers for Fox News lies. They actively seek out lies and prefer them to the truth, which is why they never thank you for correcting them when they spread misinformation.
I don't think Republicans really believe Trump really won or the insurrectionists were peaceful. I think it's a thing they say to show their tribal loyalties and to justify their more unspeakable belief, which is that Trump was right to try to overthrow democracy.
Most Republicans, I don't think, believe their own lies. What they believe in is their hatred of liberals — and lying about the insurrection, the pandemic, etc. is about justifying their own odious beliefs.

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8 Apr
New piece adding some context to the GOP war on trans kids. It's part and parcel of a long-standing right wing assault on the very concept that minors have human rights. Conservatives really do not like kids having any autonomy at all.…
Having lost the war on same-sex marriage, Republicans are now hunting for someone even more vulnerable and less politically powerful to victimize. And they're targeting trans kids, as well as any kids viewed as "gender nonconforming". Image
It's not an accident that Republicans are introducing anti-trans bills that are so broad that they can and will impact all sorts of kids — trans, cis, non-binary. They're always looking for ways to curtail the right of minors to think for themselves or make their own decisions. Image
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7 Apr
As I noted last week, the advocates for anti-trans bills claim to be “protecting” cis girls, but the actual bills target both trans kids and cis girls. This opens the door to punishing girls for any behavior conservatives deem “unladylike”.…
Cis boys are threatened, too, especially if they are gay or behave in ways conservatives consider “feminine”. Punishment for “gender non-conforming” behavior will also target cis girls for everything from caring more about books than boys or for rejecting narrow beauty standards.
I'm cis, straight, and femme. But by right wing standards, I'm totally "gender non-conforming" in a myriad of ways. Punishment for "gender non-conforming" would have been brutal for me in high school. The attacks on trans rights are an attack on us all, make no mistake.
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6 Apr
Despite an initial rush of pandemic horniness, I'm not surprised that people, especially women's libidos, took a hit during the pandemic. Sexuality is a social impulse, and getting out of the house boosts the libido for both partnered and single people.…
I mean, there's a reason relationship experts recommend that monogamous couples have "date nights", even though they see each other at home. Getting out of the house, dressing up a little, talking about something other than chores. It helps you not feel like roommates.
I realize it's unpopular to even dare suggest that the pandemic lockdown, however necessary, had mental health and relationship effects — so much pressure to believe it's been nothing but sunshine! But it's a crisis, and denial is not how we deal with a crisis.
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5 Apr
The massive effort of Republicans to silence critics of Georgia’s new anti-voting law exposes the lie behind all this “cancel culture” whining.…
It's only "cancel culture" if conservatives are facing criticism or even just raised eyebrows for their bigoted opinions. But anti-racist opinions? There's no limit to what conservatives will allow in silencing those!
The right to "free speech" unfettered by pushback or criticism, much less consequences, is only to be enjoyed by bigots. Speech against bigotry, however, can be canceled in any way deemed necessary by the right.
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5 Apr
Conservatives aren't even bothering to try to explain why businesses should have the right to discriminate based on race or sexual orientation, but not on the basis of people being a literal threat to the health of other customers.
As with the incoherent "cancel culture" whining, it's clear that their position is policy should be built around oppressing anyone who isn't like them, full stop. Bigotry is good, public health is bad, and that's the only principles in action here.
I'm actually mildly skeptical that Republicans can make "vaccine passports" a thing. Despite GOP reluctance to get the vaccine, right now Republican voters — who are older, and live in rural and suburban districts — have MORE access to the shot. A lot more.
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2 Apr
This is so, so bad. It’s clear from the data they are using that people who are fully vaccinated can travel, eat out, go to gyms, etc. This hyper-caution is going to backfire. People need hope, something to look forward to.
It's particularly brutal when vaccine hesitation is being driven by political identity. Conservatives already suspect that the Biden administration is being way too harsh in their recommendations. This excessive caution encourages that paranoia and discourages getting vaccines.
The best way to get people to trust public health recommendations is to not bullshit them. "Better safe than sorry" backfires, because people start to — with good reason — suspect they're being lied to about what they can actually do and be perfectly safe.
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