Texas blows away the #Lockdown anti-science nonsense - the data is in, for the nth time 🤨

The divergence between the two Americas is growing wider.

Remember Joe Biden's promise that if we just followed the voodoo for a few more months, we might be able to gather in small groups by July 4?

Here's a scene from Texas yesterday:
Texas and Mississippi opened fully a month ago. Here's how it's going:
Of course, you can imagine the screeching if those lines were reversed, and Texas and Mississippi were the ones rising.

But because the numbers look like this, total silence.
Incidentally, even if this were all to go away tomorrow, it would still be crucial to talk about these numbers. We need to make sure people don't think, "That sure was a tough year, but thanks to those of us who followed the mitigation measures, we got out of it."
As it is, despite our best efforts -- and Tom Wood's 2009 book Meltdown, which spent 10 happy weeks on the New York Times bestseller list -- people still think "deregulation" caused the financial crisis of 2008...
... even though when you ask them which repealed regulation would have prevented the crisis, they can't name one.
They still think laissez-faire capitalism caused the Great Depression. Those of us who have read Murray Rothbard's America's Great Depression, or know something about Austrian business cycle theory, know the truth. But that's a tiny sliver of the public.
You'll note what all of this has in common:

Freedom causes crises, and the alleged experts fix them.

You need us, citizen. We keep you safe. We clean up the messes caused by allowing you too much freedom. We are smart. You are dumb. Trust us.
Um, how about you go jump in a lake, and we'll live our lives?

As I posted in response to the Ohio governor's grandstanding during National Public Health Week, "The 'public health' establishment has disgraced itself with arbitrary decrees based on nothing.
That anyone could still think any of these measures do the slightest bit of good after examining charts from other, less restrictive states is a testament to the power of belief over reason."
Join me inside the Tom Woods Show Elite, which is filled with people who decline "expert" direction of their lives (and we've been off Facebook for months now, so don't let that keep you away):


Tom Woods
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21 Mar
Scott Atlas NAILS IT here! Science and data makes a welcome return! 😀 #LockdownDestroysLives

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A must-watch, and must retweet to be honest
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Scott Atlas NAILS IT! #LockdownDestroysLives
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Even in Brazil with stretched out season and rising currently, the rolled-up mortality approaches 0.2% (of median age ~85)
- or 99.8% surviving, in the WORST HIT countries.
This after 1 full year and two European seasons.
So #DiamondPrincess, Prof John Iaonnidis etc. all correct.
World after 1 full calander year of epidemic is around 0.03%, or 300 generally aged/frail people per million.

Compare UK & Japan as extremes; lockdown UK is ~1,800 per million, and no-lockdown Japan is <100 per million.

Never a correlation between lockdown and outcome.
Note also that REAL excess mortality across the world is much lower even than these figures - as PCR-badged deaths greatly exceed actual excess deaths in general.

So what have we done, besides go unscientifically mad?
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THIS...is Tomás Ryan
- associate prof of neurosciencey thingies...but called an "immunologist" by media for unknown reasons
- one of a cabal who has been given full reign in our media to talk utter nonsense
Enjoy, if you can... 🤨
Here is another of them - utterly conflicted and sputing pure anti-science for months:
Here is another utterly conflicted character, rarely off our media:
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