Aquarius 💨 •
You’re healing. Y’all know healing is like my top 5 favorite words right? Love to see it. Remember to take a breath though Aquarius! Remember healing is not linear, it is a journey that requires much of us at certain times and very little at others. It’s okay if
you need to rest and take a break. Listen to your body. Allow it to tell you what you need. You may have walked away from a situation or you’re currently walking away from anything that no longer serves your highest good. This is creating balance and restoring peace in your life.
This walking away that took place was angelically lead and it has placed you in the midst of truth and new beginnings. New mentalities and new opportunities are flowing into your life and causing you to see life in a different way. Spirit is asking for you right now to not
disrupt your healing for past people that could not see your worth the first time around. You’re being asked to continue on your path and in the direction you’re headed. There’s a need to eliminate any confusion you have about why you’re in the path you’re on. Understand that
You are here in this space for a reason. The importance of your current mental and emotional state is very important right now. You cannot allow anyone to sway you. I don’t care how in love with them you are and your ancestors and guides don’t either. Don’t get caught up in the
love bombing and bullshit. Stand your ground. Recognize red flags and when you do, speak your truth and say what you mean. Stand by your values. Don’t compromise them for anybody.

If it don’t apply, let it fly✨Take what resonates and leave the rest✨

• • •

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8 Apr
💌 Love message 💌
Your person was under divine judgement. They were being watched because they were dealing karma and being tested. In the past they were always playing the middle and juggling options but this karmic lesson has helped them look inward and realize the things they
needed to heal and work with. I’m getting there was an issue from their childhood or maybe even something from a past life that they were carrying around that was unbeknownst to them. Now that they have cleared this, they have gained the gift of enlightenment and are ready to
embark on a new journey. They have evolved and are ready to be nothing but truthful to you. They want to tell you in the ins and outs of their world if you are willing to listen. They have learned how to be more expressive and communicate their feelings. A new beginning is on the
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8 Apr
💌 Love messages 💌
Pisces • Cancer • Scorpio♥️
You’re leaving behind a commitment and running towards your happiness. I’m getting that you may have only been withholding a relationship with this particular person because you had a child with them. Maybe you felt trapped.
But you’re tired of things feeling so monotonous. You need some excitement. I’m seeing that you did things the right way and broke it off before moving forward, so that’s good. You’re looking for something stable. It was never that you didn’t want to be committed, you just
wanted something that was more aligned with you. You’re ready to move forward and are darting back into the dating scene. For some, you have a very specific target and someone you have in mind. In fact that person hasn’t left your mind since you laid eyes on them. Maybe in the
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8 Apr
💌 Love messages 💌
Capricorn • Taurus • Virgo
For some this is past energy, but I’m getting for the great majority of you this is current energy and what is coming. There’s someone you had an ending with that is trying to come back into the picture without having to hold
themselves accountable. They’re regretful of the things that they’ve done that has caused an ending but they refuse to come completely clean and talk about the wrongs they committed. And trust me when I say, you have no idea about what truly transpired. They’re watching you and
trying to observe how they can come in and heal the situation but they’re unsure of what you might know, but even still I get the impression that the deep truths are hidden from you. They have not been revealed. They will be communicating with you soon and asking for you to “at
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8 Apr
💌 Love Messages 💌
Gemini • Libra • Aquarius♥️
Some of you will be marrying someone or reconciling with a past person that is very wealthy. I can’t really say “soon” but the energy is building up. This person has watched you work really hard for everything that you’ve had so
they want to share their fortune with you and help you out. My only thing with this is be VERY careful because you never want to become dependent. I don’t get that you will, but I’m being told to say that. Also, do not allow this person to use their social standing or wealth as
leverage over you. You may have been working so hard and getting impatient about when your big break was going to come. Maybe you were close to giving up. But this person is going to come in and give you a little push, and honestly I don’t really see anything wrong with it
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7 Apr
💌 Love messages 💌
Aries • Leo • Sagittarius♥️
I’m getting that this is pertaining to a twin flame connection. Your person has you in a third party situation and potentially even is married to someone else. I’m getting that both your person and their spouse are older than you.
This woman is trying to block union between you and your twin and is basically showing her ass to do so. She’s aware that your twin is planning to reconcile with you because he basically let the cat out of the bag not too long ago. She probably found a picture of you in their
phone or something and asked about you, and your person was so fed up with the bullshit and drama they just flat out came out with the truth. I’m seeing that your person and this “mature woman” are going through a divorce or some sort of settlement. It’s a possibility they have
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6 Apr
Libra 💨 •
Looks like you’re going to be engaging in some friendly competition in the workplace. This is just the little umph you need to remind you who you are because I do see here that you have been putting in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears towards this project. This is
something you’ve been passionate about for quite some time and you thought the day for recognition would never come ... but it’s coming. For some it’s already here. This is the fresh start you were looking for and the rewards are flooding in because despite you not always seeing
what was going to come of your hard work, you still kept going anyways. You have this little something something about you that can’t nobody compete with baby, and it has landed you right where you are. For many of you that resonate with this you have been manifesting this. The
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