In order to sell the world on the fake Uyghur genocide, the propagandists of the US State Dept and its paid shills absolutely need the left. The left is normally critical of US imperialism, which is the context of all US foreign policy
but if the left can be brought on board, it gives the narrative credibility. Plus, the entire language and vibe of the charges are lifted from leftist discourse. The left has traditionally been highly critical of genocide, imperialism, slavery, and colonialism
which have often gone hand in hand, so the co-opting of left discourse works both to fragment the left & to provide cover. If the left believes it, it must be real. So there is pressure here to co-opt the left, to work with opportunists or those with a naive faith in the media
Few people understand just how powerful and sophisticated US propaganda is. It's layer upon layer of absolutely manipulative fuckery
Also, the basics from the Art of War: do not let your enemy have what they want. The State Dept wants the left to believe the Uyghur genocide myth. Don't give it to them

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8 Apr
People have been asking me about the @MadEmpanada video that purports to be a ‘balanced’ view of is there oppression against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, so here’s a thread. (tldr: the video is really not very good at getting the proper context on XJ) 1/x
So the video begins with BE defining the two extremes: (1) a group that is so fanatically loyal to China that literally no injustice would sway them and (2) State Dept propaganda that claims there is a genocide based on dubious sources like Adrian Zenz
My first thought is, where is this group of fanatical China defenders? I have not seen them.
As the video unfolds over the first 40 min, I’m starting to notice that for something that is trying to strike a balance of some sort between two camps, all this video has been about
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7 Apr
The bourgeoisie understands that it must lie to the masses about the nature of capitalism, which, as Lenin showed, is imperialism and war. Capitalism causes the suffering and death of millions so that a few can be rich, which the rich consider to be 'freedom' and 'democracy'
The lies and propaganda take the form of universal declarations that sound good; in fact, they sound very similar to what socialists seek. But the record of capitalism could not possibly be clearer: brutal exploitation, domination, and division of the many on behalf of the rich
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5 Apr
The problem with the question 'how many Uyghurs are in concentration camps?' is the framing; that is what propaganda does, create the narrative framework, and allow debate around the edges of that framework, like, "Idk if it's genocide or a human rights abuse"
The answer is that zero Uyghurs are in concentration camps. That term was specifically chosen by the propagandists to suggest the concentration camps of WW2, such as Auschwitz. There is no parallel to that in China. When you can't release that false image, you're being a rube Image
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31 Mar
There seems to be a disagreement within the left right now about whether or not workers in the industrialized core benefit from imperialism against the global south: a thread 1/x
Some take the position of Lenin, well articulated here…
The argument is that imperialism produces super-profits, which then can be used to bribe the workers in the form of higher wages, or in concessions to union leaders, or to buy off opportunistic left leaders
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31 Mar
Sometimes a person argues with me on substantive points, and seems to have no idea that they have lost on every one of those points
Not sure why this needs to continue, but it does
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30 Mar
Socialism isn't about favoring a particular group, e.g. socialism for the rich, for corporations, for members of the military, etc. Socialism is a system that places the well-being of society as a whole first and foremost
It should be obvious that an economic system that funnels wealth into a few private hands, while allowing and facilitating the exploitation of the poor and the global south will never act in the interests of the whole society, except perhaps by accident
While I like hearing the term 'socialism', I dislike the incredible amount of deception around the term. Capitalism must always present itself as socialism, for the truth is simply too brutal
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