Got a great idea for a thriller - the plot will knock your socks off.😂
OK, so there's a shadowy Global Elite, yes? Davos, yachts, private jets.
They used to need the masses to work in factories, till the fields, and do all the menial stuff, and, now and then, for an army. 1/n
In my fictional world, big standing armies are a thing of the past.
There's no appetite for invasions any more.
Rapid advances in AI, robotics and mechanisation also mean that The Global Elites™ will soon no longer need peasants toiling away in the factories and fields... 2/n
...especially if there was a way (in my thriller) vastly to reduce the world's requirement for food from the fields, and stuff from factories.
Now, my fictional Global Elites™ really do believe that the masses are despoiling the earth - using resources, killing the planet... 3/n
...causing deforestation, extinctifying species etc. Plus they're mostly fat, stupid and ugly. (Sounds like the real world here.)
My novel is set when the world population is 7 billion, but heading for 10 billion.
Worse, those extra three billion people are not going to be... 4/n
... three billion poor people living a subsistence life - they're aware, through smart phones and the internet, of a better life, and their demand for food, for environment-destroying power generation, and for bling and cars and general 'stuff', is going to be a lot higher... 5/n
...than was their parents', thirty years ago.
In my novel, the imaginary Global Elites™ - many of whom have openly talked about the urgent need to depopulate the earth - start thinking.
'Hmmm,' they think. 'Ten billion of them is going to *really* destroy the environment... 6/n
... and kill all the snow leopards and the blue whales - who've done nothing to deserve any of this, and are after all just as intrinsically valuable as any human, and much more valuable than certain humans of the lumpen proletariat variety.
'Anyway,' they think, even if... 7/n
...we didn't hate them for killing the blue whales and being fat and stupid, there's no way the world can support an essentially middle-class lifestyle for seven billion people, much less ten billion.
'And where does that lead?' they say. 'Old-fashioned resource wars! So... 8/n
...actually, if we could help five or six billion people shuffle off this mortal coil in a relatively peaceful way - as opposed to via decades of small nasty wars, or even one or two really big ones - we'd be doing them a favour, really. Not to mention, the snow leopards, the 9/n whales, and ourselves, obviously.'
In my novel, they start off by releasing a virus.
Now, obviously, they have to be careful.
A real killer virus is unpredictable and chaotic, and it might get you and yours, or wipe out a disproportionate number of eg tech nerds...10/n
...politicians, and top chefs, whom my main characters will need in future, while sparing too many fat old checkout workers and labourers, whom they won't need, and the panic and chaos as millions of people start dropping dead in the street is going to have unforeseeable... 11/n
... second-order effects in which my Global Elites™ might find themselves entangled.
That's what unpredictable and chaotic means, see.
No, they need something controllable.
So they decide to release a virus that is *just bad enough* to terrify people - helped along with... 12/n
...a major dose of propaganda from the news outlets, governments, supranational bodies and social media organisations that are controlled (in my fictional world) by my imaginary Global Elites™
And then they announce a vaccine.
(Plot twist: they announce loads of them... 13/n
...even though it's untried technology, created by supposedly competing companies. Too implausible? Not sure.)
Despite this novelty, my plot cleverly has them scaring/boring people enough that they're queueing up for jabs 'to get to the pub'.
Obviously they can't nail them...14/n
...all with the vaccine - too big and sudden, with all that scary chaos and unpredictability - so what my characters do is they say, 'There are lots of variants, and you will need regular re-ups with slightly adapted vaccines!'
I haven't yet decided whether they then... 15/n
...slip something in there at a later date, or release a new virus which reacts with the vaccines, but the key thing is they take out 10%, 20% or maybe (if I can make it plausible) 40% of the 'herd' - and the right 40%, because they're controlling the vaccine distribution. 16/n
Obviously, my survivors wonder what's going on, but they're terrified, grieving and demoralised - I might have them starving, too? - so they can't *do* much.
In fact, they're so grateful to have been spared to work in the remaining factories that they sing the praises...17/n
...of the Global Elites™.
To create the fear needed to drive vaccination, the baddies lock loads of countries down - bit implausible, it's never been done before, and goes against all the previous the advice on the WHO's own website, which (in my novel) said 'don't lock... 18/n
... up healthy people', though (in my novel) it turns out they removed that advice just before the pandemic began and changed it to '*do* lock up healthy people' hoping no-one would notice. The baddies force people to wear masks, stress the death figures every day - after...19/n
...inflating them beyond all logic, and they absolutely never mention that far more people recover.
If anyone mentions recovery, they shout about 'long virus'.
They demoralise people by banning them from attending their parents' funerals.
They close the pubs - where 20/n
...people might swap ideas and foment revolution. They arrest people for sitting on park benches (though they wave through anyone spray painting rude words on statues).
Lots more of that.
It's all good stuff.
Very daramtic.
They have to be careful though because locking... 21/n
...down economies, even in novels, creates that chaos and panic which might spill over into their gated compounds.
(My protagonists are guarded by armed police 24/7, and they go everywhere in armoured cars, but they're still vulnerable if the balloon ever goes up.) 22/n
So to avoid that they introduce 'furlough' (in the US I have them mail big cheques to people, which might stretch the credulity of my readers a bit).
Millions are starving in the third world but the journalists in my novel don't notice or care (or ask questions about... 23/n
...the thousands of cancer patients and others who will die because of the lockdowns in advanced economies), and - given that the whole plan is to eradicate unneeded people - they're just a bonus anyway.
So my villains borrow (create) vast amounts of money - way too much... 24/n make any sense, like the kind of money you'd spend on a world war, not a virus that is taking my fictional UK back about a decade in the mortality stats - to spend on bullshit.
'Doesn't matter what', they cry.
(Temporary hospitals are one possibility I'm thinking of.) 25/n
‘All we need to do is keep the show on the road long enough! The money’s not going to be paid back, because the old days of an economy set up to keep a world of 7 to 10 billion people turning won't be required when there aren't 7 to 10 billion people any more.’
I must admit, I was struggling a bit with their motivation. Yes, they hate the people, and yes, they love the snow leopards. But why now? Well, turns out the tech isn’t all one way. The lumpen masses themselves are not far off being able to print their own plastic firearms… 27/n
…and fly hordes of slaughter bots onto billionaires' yachts in the harbour at Monaco, and livestream it, so my baddies have decided now is the time. Was talking to my wife about this idea for a novel over lunch, and she thinks no-one would buy it. 28/n
‘There’s no hero,’ she said. ‘And no-one would ever believe that world leaders would behave like that. I mean, yes, a few have. But not ours. Who do you think you are? Tom Clancy?’


• • •

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