where's the IQ test for allegorical pattern matching skills
"wow, you scored >99th percentile in your ability to draw comparisons between Dante's Inferno, sacred geometry, enneagram theory, and Dali's rendition of the Last Supper, we've never seen that before"
me: all my friends are better at gematria than me
philosodoctor: wtf who are ur friends
me: observers of secrets hidden in plain sight 😎
@goblinodds I'm stealing your tweets because they are excellent 🙏

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9 Apr
relatedly, I was rear-ended at a stop light two years ago, no injuries, just shaken and damage to car. aspects:

Uranus squ Moon 12'
Saturn squ Sun 21'
Chiron inconj Mercury 17'
Mercury Rx 2H
Mars 2H @ exactly b/w Moon/Sun
Moon opp Sun
Nodes opp Nodes 26'
literally 3 malefics coming at my 2nd house (this time my car), some to my Moon/Sun, during near full moon period; luckily I had Jupiter trine Sun to give protection (thank you Zeus)

advice: if you have multiple malefics coming close on any given day... hold still and go nowhere
also I just realized that this was Uranus square Moon _again_, the first time it occurred before it happened the day I lost my job. thanks Uranus 🙄
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8 Apr
what on earth do you do while listening to a podcast at home
what am I supposed to do with my 𝑒𝓎𝑒𝓈
holy shit ok thank you Image
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7 Apr
QTing a reply since this hit home

I relate deeply to this sentiment and have had to do a lot of work in this area, mostly in complete isolation because everyone seems to act as if maleness is inherently violent and even being in proximity to women has the potential to cause harm
I'm going to be very real and very raw here: I feel like I've been pushing further into a nonbinary conception of myself because being perceived as male and all the cultural baggage that comes with it is too fucking painful
this isn't well understood because social mores demand that men do not discuss their feelings or internal world and many don't realize they can (or that they even have any) until adulthood at which you no longer have any sympathy from anyone because "you're a man"
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7 Apr
broke: there are 2 types of people

woke: there are 12 types of people

bespoke: there are 1728 (12³) types of people

invoke: there are 46,656,000 (360³) types of people

galactic artichoke: there are 3.6561584e+25 (360¹⁰) types of people
don't even get me started on asteroids or latitude
every person is deeply unique; even if you are a twin or near perfect template of another person, there are infinite subtle, fractaled divisions of energy and experience within you, evolving in perpetual kaleidoscopic collision with every other thing in the world
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7 Apr
one last thought to cast out into the ether before I pass out: the art of prediction lies wholly in the structural, fundamental assumed models you use to explain events and dynamics. overcommit to one too early and you may spend years trying to fit it in vain
related, and to be clear, I am forever and always subtweeting myself
the worst scenario is the partial fits that grasp just one part of the beast. I'm convinced I do know what a tail feels like, but that doesn't mean it's attached to an elephant
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7 Apr

you know???? ImageImage
this is me when I'm completely out of my depth, just gesturing at things with question marks
this is Venus's geocentric orbit

does anyone know of a similar model to Gurdjieff's enneagram model of energy that has a distinct 5-point _evolutionary_/_cyclic_ model? I'm aware of the pentagram of course but curious about models that describe the transfer/flow of energy Image
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