The highlighted section literally shows you Colorado's ID requirement is less restrictive than Georgia's is - and since they are a mail-in state that sends ballots to active voters - voting is... less restrictive there!

You have zero credibility in this arena.
Notice nowhere have I used the term "Jim Crow" in describing real laws and their differences.

And - people's concerns are with Georgia's *absentee ID* (not in-person ID, which both states have different degrees of)

Someone's being dishonest here.

Hello to all the new followers and commenters - I don't regret to inform you you're being hoodwinked by a bad faith pundit who doesn't understand the slightest bit about voting rights or election administration.

Get mad over Colorado having some of the best voter access!
If you wanna know what's in Georgia's law:…

If you wanna know the difference in Colorado and Georgia:…

If your mind is made up/influenced because someone posted the first result for "Colorado Voter ID law" in Google:

• • •

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6 Apr
The difference in understanding voting laws and trying to make a (wrong) political point is that Colorado automatically mails ballots to active voters AND has same-day voter registration.

Only 6% of Colorado’s November 2020 votes were in person.
Is it too much to ask to expect the same dinguses who suddenly became experts in election law and voting rights in Georgia to use the same cursory google skills for Colorado, a state that is nationally known for its progressive voting laws and expertise in mail-in voting?
Colorado has non-strict non-photo ID requirements, GA is strict photo ID. And then there's HAVA requirements.

But please, continue to share the first google results and show you don't actually know what you're talking about!…

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5 Apr
🚨New @gpbnews x @GeorgiaNewsLab here to remind you about REDISTRICTING.

Shifting demographics, population growth+delayed data means this year's mapmaking's more 👀.

Plus, we use latest Census estimates to 🗺️ where the growth/loss has been.#gapol…
The once-a-decade redistricting process will play out in a particularly charged atmosphere this time, coming on the heels of high-profile elections with narrow margins, false claims of “voter fraud” and court challenges to restrictive new voting laws.…
“Redistricting, in a lot of ways, shapes who holds power for the next 10 years,” says UGA prof Charles Bullock. “It’s an opportunity for map drawers to make their majorities safe and to discriminate against certain groups that are growing in power."…
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3 Apr
Good morning!

Here’s a recent story we did that includes proposed/actual changes to Georgia voting laws, Cobb County and real world examples/data of who gets harmed when voting access gets restricted:…
Here’s another story about the hypocritical (and ultimately failed) push by Georgia GOP lawmakers to end no-excuse absentee 16 years after they created it (and how Democrats were opposed to it at the time because fraud concerns)…
Here’s a story about what the county officials who run elections think about Georgia’s new voting law.

It’s some stuff they like, some stuff they don’t and a lot that they’ll have to figure out how to accomplish.…
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2 Apr
Wow. MLB moving All-Star Game and draft from Georgia over the state’s new 98-page law.

This is going to get really ugly really quickly down here with all of the pressure and misinfo from all sides about what the bill does.#gapol
Georgia Dems+voting rights groups oppose boycotts (argue it hurts Georgians)

Georgia companies put out halfhearted statements generically decrying bill without mentioning specifics

Georgia GOP calls out the companies for hypocrisy/not reading the law.

Also before you get your Twitters in a wad about me saying there's misinfo from all directions, might I remind you everyone from Biden on down is cherrypicking or misrepresenting changes in the 98 page dadgum bill!

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2 Apr
The New York Times has a pretty great look at some of the changes in Georgia's new 98 page voting law, but they got one big thing wrong.

Results will actually come *faster* now, because it requires nonstop counting, earlier deadlines+more.

Why will GA counting be faster?

In Section 36, new language added to the code says once the polls close/last person votes, all ballots must be "processed, counted, and tabulated as soon as possible and shall not cease such count until all such ballots are counted."
Another section codifies emergency rules passed last year that allows counties to begin processing (but not tabulating) absentee ballots beginning two weeks before election day.

This will speed up the counting process, too.

(Three Mondays is not the same as three weeks, btw)
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2 Apr
This ahistorical take brought to you by the same doofus who argues long lines aren't suppression.

Since Reconstruction, Georgia's made numerous changes that targeted Black voters even when the laws themselves didn't explicitly say so. (see: runoffs, county unit system, etc.)
There are also things in Georgia's new law that'll make it easier for people to vote+cut down on lines (more equipment/staff/split up large polls in future if lines pass an hour is one)

But you can't write off historical precedent as to how many *view* the effects of the law.
Anyway, this definitely falls under my categories of "people who aren't experts on voting that you probably shouldn't listen to" list.

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