Y’all, I am a huge baby about needles, and the COVID shot was the easiest I’ve ever gotten. I literally didn’t realize she had already given it to me.

Of course, 20 minutes later my arm aches like I worked out too hard, but the shot didn’t hurt like at ALL.
So if you’re needlephobic or just sensitive to pain, I promise you this is the easiest shot you’ll ever get.
They also, at least here in WA, have been pulling in anyone who can give shots, which means a lot of people who are WAY overqualified. My friend got hers from an off-duty anesthesiologist.
And all these people have been giving the exact same shot hundreds of times a day. They are SO good at it at this point.

And everyone I interacted with was incredibly kind and reassuring.
Anyway, trust me, from someone who gets light-headed and panicky about needles, the COVID shot is *nothing*.

• • •

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More from @Delafina777

7 Apr
Okay, let's talk about why attempts to critique (or hell, straight up stick it to) Christianity in SFF often end up being more anti-Jewish than they are anti-Christian.
This was inspired by Jay Kristoff's work, which manages to evoke a whole bunch of antisemitic medieval tropes AND, as a bonus, even shits on the name "Ashkenazi", which is the Jewish term for most European Jews.
But the thing is, Kristoff's SO antisemitic that I don't think it's accidental.

I'm more interested in how it happens out of ignorance rather than malice.
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6 Apr
Hey NW people who can bear children:

Don’t fuck any cis man who can’t show you a receipt for a donation to the NW Abortion Access Fund that’s less than a year old.

Yes, that includes your husband.
If you’re someone who can get people pregnant, you need to be putting money toward protecting abortion access. If you won’t do that, you shouldn’t be allowed to risk getting anyone pregnant.
But, like, given that this country is already being INCREDIBLY shitty to trans men and NB people, I think the burden needs to be on cis men.
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5 Apr
There is a big difference between pluralism and secularism.

In the context of head coverings:

Pluralism: wear whatever you want
Secularism: no "religious" wear (i.e. you must dress like a white Protestant)
As people from non-Christian backgrounds/traditions/cultures keep telling everyone, the western idea of a "nonreligious" society is a white Christian society with the serial numbers filed off.
and it's funny, because every white New Atheist dudebro out there arguing that non-Christians need to drop their "superstitious" and "primitive" cultural practices and dead certain that he can distinguish between the "religious" and the "secular"...
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26 Mar
I don't know why we have to keep explaining that it can both be true

that we need more female leaders

and that not every single one of them is going to be better than male leaders
like any argument against this basically just boils down to "men should be in charge by default"
it's amazing how many male "leftists" keep responding to calls for more female leadership by being like MARGARET THATCHER HILLARY THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND

okay, status quo defenders
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24 Mar
here's a thought, Dan (and fellow cis people in general):

cis people don't get to decide what is and isn't transphobic (and you should know that intent doesn't matter)

if a bunch of trans people are saying you've done/said transphobic shit, you've done/said transphobic shit
And, like, I'm not going to police how trans people talk about transphobia, but it seems like when cis people get accused of transphobia, we jump immediately to "I am not a transphobe," rather than talking about whether we *said/did* transphobic things
And making the conversation about whether or not you fit in the binary, absolute category of "transphobe" makes it really easy to shift the conversation away from what it really should be about, which is behavior.
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24 Mar
and also for the 90th time

Jews for Jesus/Messianic "Judaism" isn't Judaism, it's literally a Christian movement started by the Southern Baptist Convention and designed to be a Trojan Horse that eliminates actual Judaism
Like I don’t know how to make this any clearer: there is no branch or version of Judaism that worships Jesus.

Full stop.
And for the most part, it attracts mostly Christians who was to cosplay as Jews (Jews for Jesus with so much as a single Jewish grandparent are in the minority) because it tends to be very HELLO FELLOW KIDS
Read 10 tweets

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