Besides fighting BHT/ISWAP Nigerian troops are also battling a predictable yet troublesome enemy that has stymied and grounded armored columns, fouled equipment and incapacitating soldiers from operating at their optimum strength. Image
Most Nigerians have never been to the northeast so they have no concept how extreme the weather can be over there. A strong and severe sandstorm can bring the war to a halt in some sectors, turning day into night and
prompting some Nigerian soldiers to tie themselves to their tanks with rope, lest they wander into the blackness and get lost a few feet away. Now our tankers love this, because they have thermal sights, but you cant take away the Nigerian factor of lacking maintenance culture, ImageImageImageImage
..which means some of these may be in disrepair or does not work, in this scenario tank units may not be able to distinguish between enemy vehicles and desert shrubbery. Things get nasty if they run into rain and sand in the air at the same time, sort of a storm of mud. Image
That's a phenomenon soldiers from the southern parts of Nigeria are not used to.... it stings, it causes discomfort in your eyes, fouls up equipment and it's not the only thing they're dealing with. Boko Haram love this weather. It's the best time of the year for them.
That's why the military does its best to inflict as much damage as possible before the rainy season begins. The harsh environment is just a fact of life out there. Soldiers hate it cos and the enemy loves it...but not anymore. ImageImageImageImage
The military has uncharacteristically priotized technology over numbers, and weather is of little consequence for Nigerian military planners. The new hardware acquired VT-4, ST-1, A-29, JF-17, SH-105, Wing Loong II, CH-4 UCAV..are designed to work in all weather conditions. ImageImageImage
Night vision sensors can see through clouds and storms, and satellite guidance systems work in virtually all conditions. And as for troops, the effects of sandstorms are countered with a high level of physical fitness, along with improvements in clothing and protective gear. ImageImage
But although sometimes the NAF has seen its potent Mi-35M "all weather" attack helicopters bested by a sandstorm. The army was forced to halt some operations because of the billowing brown grit.
You gotta understand that sandstorms in places like Maidugiri can blow as high as 20,000 feet into air, choking soldiers on the ground and depriving them from close air support. Let's be honest, what jet pilot wants to fly into a 20k ft sandstorm? ImageImageImage
In one incident narrated to me by a friend, Units from the Army amoured corp were "one tank of fuel from their objective but had to dig in against the elements. Sandstorms with 50 mph winds eviscerated supply lines, so they had no fuel and were running out of water.
Helicopter pilots complain that sand intrudes into sealed mechanical components, grinding away at gears and delicate rotor blades. But all the same Nigerian forces are now better equipped to handle harsh weather than they were a couple of years ago.
Again one notable improvement is their protection suits. Soldiers in today are outfitted with a new night vision scope, used over one eye, that offers improved vision and depth perception in blinding elements. ImageImageImageImage
And when the A-29 arrives, while their laser guided bombs will be affected by bad weather, most of their bombs guided by satellites are less susceptible to weather related interference.
Among the troops fighting today are a handful of NAF special forces soldiers called "Black Panthers or "weathermen,". Trained by the Israeli's, these guys drop into a battle zone, collect weather data and forecast the conditions for a potential fight and arm accordingly. ImageImage
You not gonna see them burden themselves with mortars and heavy weapons if it will not be necessary.

• • •

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How did we get here?. Part 1.

The spread of shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles from Libya after the overthrow of Muhammar Gaddafi’s regime has always been a threat to not just military aircrafts, but commercial aircrafts as well.
January 8 2012. The CIA is alarmed by the sudden influx of militant groups into Libya from the MENA region and calls on NATO to deploy troops on the ground to secure Gaddafi's stockpile of arms, which was at that time the 4th largest stockpile of arms in the world.
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The Nigerian Air Force, army and local authorities are coordinating search efforts for the Alpha jet that disappeared from radar. Search efforts on the ground and in the air continue with search helicopters and ISR aircraft deployed.
So what do we know. The Alpha jet was on a close air support mission for troops. This means there was request for air support from troops. This means it was flying towards a hostile environment.
It could have crashed in a very remote area with no cellphone service. But the fact the Alpha jet went missing near the Nigerian border suggest something sinister. There was no Mayday broadcast. No communication from the pilot. It just disappeared from the radar.
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