Oraaaal question period
NDP Leader Rachel Notley said the third wave is here, but the premier failed to act over the long weekend. Bars were packed, roads were busy and GraceLife church had record attendance.
Health Minister Tyler Shandro (whose son is in the gallery if I heard correctly) said the premier will have an announcement this afternoon.
Notley said they could use an answer here and now.
She said there are two theories for protecting the economy: support for businesses and workers, or looking the other way and pretending this isn't happening.
Minister Doug Schweitzer said their business grants have a 10 days turnaround time. Says they'll continue to be there for business.
Notley says the premier has wagged his finger but has lost not only moral authority but all authority. Asks why there was no enforcement of GraceLife Church, bars.
"Politicians should not be interfering in enforcement decisions," Shandro says.
Second round of questions on the curriculum.
Education Minister Adriana LaGrange said teh curriculum was created over 19months with input from experts, educational leaders, over 100 teachers
Notley says those Deans you consulted do not endorse it. She quotes parents, curriculum experts, Indigenous people who slam the curriculum.
LaGrange says all children will learn about racism.
Notley says the minister should listen to Metis, Indigenous, Francophone students who say they're not seen in that curriculum.
She says the curriculum contains plagiarism. She says Kenney's personal values don't belong in the curriculum.
On allegations of plagiarism, LaGrange says curriculum documents aren't cited with footnotes and says she's sure you wouldn't want to accuse the writers of plagiarism.
Sarah Hoffman says the negative feedback on the curriculum is overwhelming. Will you listen to the broad opposition to the curriculum?
LaGrange says they're listening to all Albertans. Says read the actual 500+ page of the curriculum and fill out the survey.
LaGrange says if some school divisions (five so far) say they don't want to pilot the curriculum it just means they don't get to give feedback.
Hoffman quotes an 11-year-old Metis student who doesn't see himself in the curriculum and asks why Genghis Khan is in there.
LaGrange quotes Grand Chief Wilton Littlechild, commissioner on the TRC
Hoffman says the Metis Nation and Treaty 6 confederacy refute that. Go back to the drawing board and do real consultation.
Sarah Hoffman asks for an emergency debate to support curriculum implementation
LaGrange said Elder Betty billed the government for $5,000 when she was working on the curriculum (Uh....Why did she bring that up?)
Gray asks why is the UCP so disorganized they couldn't even spend federal money?
Schweitzer says there is allocated money for the Jobs Now program in the budget.
Christina Gray says Albertans are waiting for jobs. Why have you potentially let the $148M expire.
Shandro says the federal government didn't get vaccines to us fast enough.
Gray said that had nothing to do with the question she's asking. The federal government made $185 million available. The federal deadline passed. There are no jobs. There is no plan. Why have you stalled, she asks.
Finance Minister Travis Toews says Budget 2021 was about economic recovery by investing in health, economic health and ensuring government services were delivered efficiently.
Peter Singh asks what the Citizen Initiative Act entails.
Singh also asks about recall legislation
David Shepherd said the membership of the Alberta Medical Association voted down a new master agreement with the government. At what point will the premier put the best interests of Albertans ahead of his ego and replace the health minister?
Shandro said he was disappointed the deal was narrowly rejected, but will sit down with staff and the president of the AMA to continue on the momentum on the draft agreement.
Shepherd said the minister attempted to gaslight Albertans by say there was no fight with physicians. Phoned doctors at home, yelled at them in their driveway.
Shandro said the NDP are continuing false narratives about him and his family.
Shepherd says maybe the only reason Kenney keeps Shandro in cabinet is because the health minister has a lower approval rating than him.
Shandro says this is childish behaviour. Says they'll continue to focus on the pandemic.
Shannon Phillips says it has been 10 days since calls for better communication. They've asked for daily updates from local medical officers of health. Why has there been silence?
Shandro says he will join Dr. Hinshaw this afternoon for the announcement. #COVID19AB
Phillips asks how many people are projected to be sick with COVID in Lethbridge. Or are you hiding the plan of what do to keep us safe?
Shandro says they're trying to politicize Covid. That's up to them if they want to behave that way, Shandro says.
Phillips says Edmonton and Calgary have Covid care teams. Why doesn't Lethbridge have them?
lololol the Speaker called Ric McIver the minister of government relations.
McIver says Covid care teams started in Calgary and Edmonton and it is spread across the province.
Speaker apologizes to the minsiter of municipal affairs (Also transportation)
Jordan Walker asks about the good news about InfoSys/tech investment
Heather Sweet brings up the revelations that the Agriculture Minister assured workers were safe at Cargill despite having evidence to the contrary.
Government House Leader Jason Nixon says agriculture had one of the most successful years in history. They're not going to play NDP games.
Sweet said the minister told Cargill workers everything that needed to be done to keeper workers safe was being done. But half of the workers tested positive for Covid, three died. Did you withhold information so they couldn't refuse unsafe work?
Nixon says his heart goes out to those who lost loved ones. But they will not play petty partisan games like the NDP wants.
Sweet said the Ag Minister knew the facility was not safe, that Covid was being transmitted in tight working quarters. Will the government commit to a public inquiry into the outbreak at Cargill and other meat plants?
Shandro said we were the first province to begin a review of the pandemic response. That report will be made public, he says.
Here's a story on the background of that
Deron Bilous says support for small business is insufficient. Will you step up and provide more?
Schweitzer says the relaunch grant was one of the most successful in the country. There will be an announcement on business parameters.
Bilous said the government ended that successful program. With the third wave, most businesses can see the writing on the wall. Do you still not have support for the worst hit businesses?
Schweitzer says yes. We have the best-designed program in the entire country.
Schweitzer says it's sad a six-year MLA and former cabinet minister doesn't understand programs.
Dan Williams says unfortunately "woke educational fads" have become increasingly common. How will our curriculum be super good? (paraphrase)
"Woke" pedagogical fads have proven ineffective, Williams says (PEDAGOGY IS NOT CURRICULUM!!!!!!! I scream from my couch)
Marlin Schmidt says Albertans got a good look at teh commitment to consultation when the UCP lifted the 1976 coal policy before a long weekend with no notice.
Nixon says the minister makes it clear they won't tear down mountains.
Nixon said the previous NDP government sent a letter to coal companies saying they could mine in Category 2 lands.
Schmidt said he'd let them know how he feels, except the survey is so loaded he can't give his feedback. Isn't protecting water from coal mining a priority? Shouldn't the minister of energy pretend to care about water quality?
Nixon says the minister put a world-class panel. Water is already protected under the Water Act. Unless you're asking us to take water policy back 50 years, we'll work with that.
Schmidt said TOMORROW the opposition will propose a bill to ban coal the mining eastern slopes.
Can the minister explain why the NDP consulted, but the UCP can't?
Nixon said there were proposals to increase water allocations to protect fish. Do you hate fish?
[Pat Rehn in the house!]
Rakhi Pancholi asks what you have to say to child care centres who now have to layoff staff because the $25/day childcare pilot was not continued.
Rajan Sawhney says now some low-income families pay as little as $13 per day.
Pancholi said low income families paid $0
Pancholi says high child care fees are linked to low enrollment. Aren't you supposed to be creating jobs, not eliminating them?
Sawhney says they're making long-term changes and with an agreement through the federal government they have subsidized spaces.
Pancholi says those who work in child care believe the policies put in place by this government will ruin it for good. Will you expand the $25/day child care program?
Sawhney says the Children's Services Minister is listening to parents and service providers across the province
Searle Turton, whose riding is served by the RCMP, asks the process the government is taking in considering a provincial police force.
Justice Minister Kaycee Madu says they retained PriceWaterhouseCoopers to conduct a feasibility study expected soon.
The association representing RCMP says a provincial police force will cost more than RCMP.
Madu says special interests are already campaigning against the transition study. (Interesting)
Turton asks about the next steps.
Madu says there will be an evidence-based, objective assessment by cabinet. Alberta government will make a decision whether to continue. If they proceed, there will be more analysis and consultation.

• • •

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Operator has said the feed disconnected, so I'm watching the CBC feed for now
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When all this is said and done they will be able to learn lessons from this pandemic, but we've done better than most of the western world, Kenney says.
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