Instead of working I spent the past couple hours tallying up the number of times a Roman emperor is mentioned in the lyrics or title to a Metal song, according to what's available in the Encyclopedia Metallum. Here's the results. In include here only those mentioned more than 2x.
Here's some initial observations and explanations.

Augustus: mainly songs about either Cleopatra or the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest (popular battle for themes of nationalism & anti-imperialism)

Tiberius: mostly mentioned in songs about Caligula
Caligula: icon of cruelty, lust, power, and madness, so tailor made for heavy metal.

Claudius: mostly in songs focused on Boudicca's rebellion

Nero: same as Caligula but more. Great Fire a symbol of destruction for its own sake. Icon of anti-Christian themes prevalent in Metal.
Titus: unfortunately, nearly all his mentions are in songs by Nazi/antisemitic bands that glorify him for the sack of Jerusalem.

Trajan: seen as a glorious conqueror in the vein of Caesar/Alexander
Hadrian: all his songs mention Hadrian's Wall, a symbol of imperial oppression that begs to be trangressed

Marcus Aurelius: a mix, some for philosopher status, others for his relation to Commodus

Commodus: surprising lack of songs despite the popularity of gladiators in Metal.
Caracalla: a latter day Caligula mainly

Decius: an infamous persecutor of Christians (see Nero)

Diocletian: an even more infamous persecutor
Constantine: largely cast as a villain of everything Metal stands for - enemy of the old ways, responsible for Christianity gaining power in the world.

Julian: enemy of Christianity, but not nearly as well known as Nero or even Diocletian
Justinian: mostly songs about the Justinianic Plague, or the Gothic Wars.

Constantine XI: a hero to a few Greek bands as an icon of resistance to Islam/Turkey.
BY THE WAY, I published an article that discusses anti-Christian persecutions in metal music, which includes plenty on Nero and other emperors.…
Also, I have a blog post on Constantine.…
Here is the full list, including those not on the chart:

Augustus: 24
Tiberius: 13
Caligula: 110
Claudius: 9
Nero: 139
Vespasian: 1
Titus: 8
Domitian: 4
Trajan: 8
Hadrian: 9
Marcus: 6
Commodus: 3
Septimius: 2
Caracalla: 3
Elagabalus: 2
Maximinus: 2
Decius: 4
Valerian: 1
Aurelian: 1
Probus: 1
Diocletian: 10
Maximian: 2
Galerius: 2
Constantius I: 1
Maxentius: 1
Licinius: 1
Constantine I: 34
Constantius II: 1
Julian: 6
Valens: 1
Gratian: 1
Justinian: 7
Heraclius: 1
Basil II: 2
Constantine XI: 3

• • •

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