a breakdown on bakugo katsuki’s character because some of you don’t even bother to understand his character :
first things first, bakugo wasn’t born an asshole. he didn’t just pop out of mitsuki’s pussy thinking “i’m going to make deku’s life miserable”. he was a normal kid, who had friends and a goal to become a hero, just like every other kid his age did.
before we talk about him, just remember what society is like in mha. hero society is downright toxic in that universe. people are literally segregated based on their quirks or lack of one and treated differently. bkg is just as much of a victim as deku, dabi, shigaraki, etc are.
the problem started when bakugo manifested his quirk, because his quirk was so flashy & powerful he was already put into this category of “oh he’s going to become a very strong hero” it didn’t matter if bkg wanted to become one himself or not. in this case he did but many don’t.
all people with strong and flashy quirks are just pushed along this mindset that they would become great heroes, just like hawks was pushed into it, just like shoto was pushed into this. meanwhile people with non flashy quirks face struggles like kirishima did.
the fawning bakugo got because of his quirk is not as much of a luxury as it seems. he may not have to face the same struggles and bullying like shinso or deku did but there was an entirely different level of pressure that was put on him by the society.
where people like deku were not expected of anything & underestimated, people like bakugo were expected too much from. they pushed all sorts of expectations on bakugo. he was treated as if he’s invincible just because he had a strong quirk. he was expected to have no weaknesses.
he was expected to be this hero material doll that was basically ready to be shipped into a hero school. most of his friends were fake and hung out with him because of his future hero potential. the adults never bothered to correct his behavior because of his hero potential.
bakugo may have thought of himself as physically superior to others because of his quirk but he was emotionally very insecure, because of the way he was raised he associated strong = praises. as long as you were praised and people thought you were fine, you were strong.
bakugo’s entire security was dependent on him convincing himself that he was strong, it’s the reason why his relationship with deku went south. according to him if someone that was considered inferior by the society was offering him assistance, that meant he was beneath them.
bakugo grew up on this mentality and no one, i mean NO ADULT ever bothered to reassure bkg or correct him that requiring assistance doesn’t mean weakness, that your quirk doesn’t decide your worth in society. hence he turned into someone that internally struggles a lot.
since the society never bothered to teach its kids that emotional vulnerability is okay, all the emotional insecurity bakugo had turned into pent up frustration that he took out on deku. none of this was right but the thing is no one bothered to tell him that it was wrong.
bakugo’s self doubt & actual development didn’t start until the sludge villain incident where despite there being all these “strong” heroes bakugo was yet again saved by someone the society considered inferior, a loser. bakugo has a lot of emotional trauma from all this.
when bakugo got into U.A and saw people with stronger skill sets than his, he began doubting himself. he saw people stronger than him, he also lost to someone that he considered was weaker than him. he had a full on breakdown yet no one ever checked on him.
i don’t think people understand this but adults in mha have emotionally neglected bakugo a lot. there have been multiple times where his emotional vulnerability was taken in as a joke for example, deku vs kacchan 1 and sports festival where he was tied up on national TV.
bakugo getting kidnapped, being rescued by all might and failing the provisional license exam was the snapping point for him. all his life he had been at the top of his game, always considered number 1 but ever since he came to UA he had been failing, learning he isn’t as —
strong as he thought he was. he had to bear the burden of thinking he was responsible for ending someone’s career that he has admired all his life for. bakugo has been a very emotionally crippled character that many people fail to acknowledge.
the only times he has opened up emotionally was to deku, expressing his feelings of vulnerability. deku has so far been the only one who has listened to bakugo about why he feels the way he feels. going forward from deku vs kacchan 2 is when bakugo truly begins to open himself.
he no longer pushed his feelings away and instead began to work his way through them. the remedial license arc is one of the biggest proof of that. he no longer convinced himself that he had no weakness instead worked harder to make those into his strengths.
the post liberation war arc is the highlight of bakugo’s development where we finally hear bakugo confiding in an adult and explaining his feelings about deku to someone. bakugo never hated deku, he was afraid of the feeling of weakness deku brought in him.
bakugo pushing past all of that and risking his life to save deku’s life was the prime point that shows us how much his character has developed. he went from someone who pushed away people because of his emotional weakness into someone that risked his life to protect those people
this thread is not to justify bakugo’s bullying but it’s an insight for people to understand that bakugo is a victim because it was the adults that let bakugo reach to the point where he released his struggles in form of anger. it’s to show that adults failed to protect bkg.
no matter what people say, his character is one of the best developed characters in this series. he is a character that has gone through a lot of emotional and physical changes and i love him for that. i’m so proud to see how well his character grew & will continue to grow on.
that’s it, it’s the end of the thread. i’m sorry it’s so long but if you make it this far, thank you!
i forgot to say this but his actions of bullying deku were wrong and i would never excuse that but neither is bakugo. he is admitting that he was wrong and the first step towards change is to admit why someone needs to change. he is atoning for his mistakes that he knows he made
you don’t have to like or acknowledge that development because in the end it’s your choice but before the verbal apology, it was important for him to realize and regret his actions, which he does and i think that’s something not a lot of people fail to do at times.

• • •

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