(Program error message blamed Win32 API call failure. Which sounds serious. I checked the path, it didn't exist. At low levels, creating a file in non-existent directory fails hard.

I created the folder on a hunch, and it worked. Took weeks to get to me. Fixed in 2 minutes.)
It is very important to understand that computers fail on basic problems by design. Assuming "if a folder doesn't exist it would create it" is assigning its programming forethought that didn't exist. It may be assuming the installer created the directory, which it normally does.
However, maybe the user ran a naive cleanup program that deleted all "temp" folders by design. Because its programmer, similar to the programmer of the industrial application it fucked with, did not anticipate unsanctioned states existing being an issue.
Programmers are not masters of the system, and assuming that will lead you to disastrous conclusions in attempting to support their creations.
Programmers are humans, like you, placed in front of a machine operating on rules without mercy. You must anticipate their assumptions.

• • •

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6 Apr
I have privileged view on this in trying to help architect security across a massive env. My problem is not Security staff skills. They are amazing.

My #1 issue is evangelization of secure Operations staff practices and small-scale architecture. Like designing AD group roles.
I would rather work in Operations. Security is great but it's not my dream job. I want to be implementing robot systems and doing on-the-floor problem solving. Seeing what I do build things.

Right now my skillset pushed me into Security. But what I do should be Operations norm.
Look, there cannot ever be enough senior security architects in the world to individually design every production system for security, the way stuff is handled now.

We need pervasive basic competency on the floor, delegation at mid-tier, and designs that allow that at high-tier
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4 Apr
As someone who runs enterprise email:

If you're not getting reply to essential invoice communications it's possible you're in a blackhole due to domain/terminology/email sig.

Get a Gmail and send detailed link/terminology/begging-free message from there. Definitely not all caps
Lots of spam is around urgent business documents. Additionally, you may be using a banned phrase or URL.

Yahoo email stopped accepting our email due to a link in our email signatures one time. You've got to eliminate all variables linked to you or what you're requesting.
I've written the email spam rules.

If you're using a phrase that's 99.9% only used by spammers trying to compel urgent action for wire invoices or payment, you might be getting tagged.
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2 Apr
Normalize sending Thank You notes to people with their Manager Cc'd.

It's like hacking but for organizational clout.
Costs you absolutely nothing and takes 43 seconds.
In the higher levels of Security, the limiter is not your own technical proficiency.

It's your ability to exert influence to produce results.

That's something I'm still learning. Previously, I was a one-person show with dominion over everything. It can be overwhelming in F500.
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2 Apr
I look at clouds in the distance, shading my eyes from the sun with my hand. It's been 288 weeks since I've last seen a plane. My horse, Dazzel, is tugging at grass sprouting between cracks in the road. They warned us we were running out of IPv4 addresses, but nobody listened.
289 weeks ago I was at my job in the factory, stamping an IP address on every bullet. We used them for everything back then, thinking the good times would never end. A week later, planes started losing DHCP leases and crashing. One of them, carrying my husband.
On my waist is a holstered revolver, its fraying leatherwork digging into my side through its weight. Each bullet is stamped with an IP address that could have been used by my husband's plane. That weighs heavier.
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30 Mar
*Baromerr slams clenched fist on castle table*
Father it sickens me as it sickens you, but we must align with the furry tribes. Every moment we dwaddle the anime threat gets stronger as our own men fall under its slithering beguilement! Look upon your kingdom in ruins!
The elder king rose. "I will sign no paper dirtied by paw! You are weak Baromerr, my pathetic son. Kinsfolk of the wildlands, wearing invented pelts of creatures impossible, will be no refuge in this 10bit storm. We must fight anime with our own purity not its fellow degeneracy!"
You look at the security cameras and see this what do you do Furries in office
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29 Mar
Sometimes you had to know when to fold. I really should have had this server with pernicious Windows subsystems issues reimaged months ago, but I let my pride override the simple utility calculation in what's best for the business.
Beginner: This could be anything.
Intermediate: This is fixable if I try hard enough.
Expert: This could be anything we live in a fallen world for a designated period of time and it's best not to waste it.
It may appear I'm an endless Microsoft proponent, but I reserve my most withering criticism for issues that don't play well on social media. The way OEM installer media was handled XP-7 is some of the most shameful and devastating product management of all time.
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