How I Day Trade With No Charts

Yes you heard that right ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿง™โ€โ™‚๏ธ

Avi how do you trade with no charts? Well let me introduce you to something called tape reading. Tape reading is one of the largest edges you can have within the markets. This reading order flow
Reading order flow allows you to see specifically what the big hands are doing and betting. On top of this if you understand the narrative of a stock you can anticipate and predict what you want to see in the tape. If you have an idea that a large hand needs to accumulate
you will now look for this within the tape. But how do you see this? While reading tape it includes 3 things. The bid, ask, and time and sales. Large hands can hide orders in the bid and ask but not the tape. So how do you know if they are showing hidden orders?
If I see a situation where there is a 1,000 share buyer on the ask for an example at $10. If I see 25,000 shares get sold on the bid, and that bidder of โ€œ1,000โ€ shares hasnโ€™t moved. I now know he has a hidden order sitting there
So I will find calculated zones on my charts and once Iโ€™m trading will only need to watch the bid, ask, and time and sales. As long as I have points of interest in mine. I will look to find zones in the tape where big players are trading around
I will then watch how they accumulate, distribute, or spoof. Spoofing consists of fake orders to artificially hold a stock down. If I know a stock had a whale spoofing at for an example $10 the day before. Once we return back to that price if he lifts that huge sell order
I can expect a huge squeeze over that level. Understanding that he has now fulfilled his agenda.

Everyday I read tape for my students!

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