The Clone Wars is a mind boggling choice for a name of a conflict that's a civil war/a Jedi cull/the Clone-Robot Wars/War of Senatorial Aggression (why do we not have a series about Separatist rebels yet?)
Maybe the Galactic Republic shouldn't have put their entire military leadership in the hands of their very own Knights Templar while simultaneously staffing apparently their entire military solely out of a single planet's magically prepared military force.
Jedi are just another Military Order fan fiction with some light Samurai fetish.
Having the entire military be clones in the Wars of Republican Decline makes NO DAMN SENSE WHATSOEVER and betrays any sense of real stakes--same with the massive battle droid armies. It's complete garbage. Real civil wars involve all the people. WTF.
Most of the Expanded Universe--which I love and still regard as the true vision of Star Wars--isn't great, but Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole's books remain great examples of what Star Wars could be.
The prequels are terrible but the Filoni shows are amazing, and I'll take the prequels to get Rebels.
The sequels are fine, they just should have let one director do the whole trilogy. I like the JJ Abrams vision. I would have like the Rian Johnson vision. The intermixing of the two sucks and that's too bad.
As with all franchises, there are highs and lows and eventually we accept we like them because we like them, or dislike them because we dislike them, and it's all opinion based and fine.
Yelling at actors for characters they portray is fucking atrocious and people should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

• • •

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7 Apr
I think there are plenty of people in US academia who we would consider conservative--even beyond obvious conservative voices--in a healthy country where the Overton window had no so thoroughly shifted to fascism//non-fascism as the dividing line.
I no longer believe using terms like conservative, liberal, progressive actually mean anything in the US, because our particular political model is, frankly, an unending clusterfuck of ideological nightmares loosely cobbled together into power structures.
Does being conservative in America mean adhering to a small government model? If so, then the GOP is not conservative, but we've gotten so used to talking about political ideology as if they actually map on to parties.
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6 Apr
This is a really interesting piece, but my question on it is what right do the US and China have to dictate negotiations OTHER than imperialism?…
More war is bad! War over water is bad! But is the US and China setting themselves up as... water arbiters? Not also a problem?
And are we actually setting up the precedent of stopping damming projects within one country's borders if it impacts another? Because if so..
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5 Apr
Thor: Ragnarok was a very good movie. More like that, please and thank you.
Hela is AMAZING. Odin's death is TOUCHING. Loki's reign on Asgard is both HILARIOUS and deeply moving--rewatch that damn play! That's just the first 25 minutes!
The death of the Warriors 3? The slaughtering of the guard? THOSE are stakes.

I wish we could have seen Hela fight Thanos.
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5 Apr
If there are no jobs (there are no jobs) hurting yourself in grad school with self destructive practices isn't helping in any way--but the entire structure and culture of grad school and academia encourages you too.
The lack of sleep, the overwhelming amount of work--real and self crafted--and the constant fear of not knowing something your advisor/committee/peers do is... awful.
And that acculturation doesn't magically stop after grad school, which is miserable, because none of us want to be the worst version of our grad school selves forever.
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19 Jan
I'm going to end my comments on the #1776Report by saying a really unfortunate truth:

We got lucky.
Trump is an ultranationalist populist, white supremacist, xenophobic, misogynist...

...disorganized, lazy, and profoundly inept wannabe dictator.

And that saved a lot.
Trump doesn't believe in education, care about it, think about it, and Betsy DeVos was thank God lazy about her job and focused on big ticket corruption.
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18 Jan
I'm going to read that 1776 Commission Report.

And live tweet it? Maybe?…
It opens "In the course of human events there have always been those who deny or reject human freedom, but
Americans will never falter in defending the
fundamental truths of human liberty proclaimed on July
4, 1776" and I already hate this so much.

You can't make this a drinking game. @robgreeneII is right, you'd die in the first page.
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