[Thread incoming] This "Get woke. Go broke." bit of soundbyte idiocy may seem like a throwaway line spoken by an idiot, but it's actually much more sinister than that.

GWGB as a phrase, a meme, really, didn't come from Gym Jordan, or even the right-wing mediasphere. 1/
Instead, its origins come from the alt-right, white-supremacist, misogynistic fever swamps that were #ComicsGate. For the uninitiated, ComicsGate was an ugly dust-up inside comic book fandom a few years ago fueled by an incel culture that was mad at representation in comics. 2/
The argument from the fuckbois was the big labels like Marvel, DC, and Image comics were seeing plunging revenues and profits because they were giving in to SJW demands for greater diversity in titles and characters, when what the readers /really/ wanted was manly men stories. 3/
"Manly men" were, naturally, limited to straight white traditionally masculine characters like Superman, Batman, Wolverine, etc. You know, the ones with the most homoerotic fan art, but I digress. Telling stories from minority POVs would kill the industry, they claimed. 4/
So, the Nazis in comics fandom latched onto "Get Woke. Go Broke." as their mantra. From there, a number of white sheets decided to make their point by running Kickstarter campaigns to create the sorts of independent comics the fans "Really want." 5/
And it must be said, these early campaigns were not without some successes. Leveraging their social media followings, several of the CG creators took in hauls in the low six-figure range to write and ink their manly man's comics. 6/
Trouble was the end products were... let's call it hit or miss. 7/
Subsequent campaigns quickly reached a point of diminishing returns as the followers who were ready to commit a one-time donation to trigger the libtards proved they weren't actually willing to keep the gag going. Meanwhile the big labels saw hits with titles like Ms. Marvel. 8/
ComicsGate, it should be said, spawned an enormous amount of harassment against comic creators of color and women in the industry who were being blamed for ruining their little boy's club by, you know, existing. 9/
In this regard, it very closely mirrored the GamerGate movement from a few years earlier still, which was supposedly about "ethic in gaming journalism" but was in reality all about stalking, doxxing, and threatening women in game writing, design, and reviewing. 10/
The problem with all this is, as many of us in fandom have been saying, these alt-right, white-supremacist blowups here in the nerd community end up being test-runs for what will play on a national stage in the larger culture wars. It happened with GG and the 2016 election. 11/
Now it's happening again with a sitting US Representative parroting soundbytes he's being fed by his foreign handlers after they've been washed through the gauntlet of internet fandom. They know it will play, because they already play-tested it among the most online people. 12/
Which is why platforms like Reddit and Twitter can't ignore these organized harassment campaigns even when they appear limited in scope to fandoms. Internet culture has become culture, period. The two are no longer separable. And one has become a proving ground for the other. END

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8 Apr
My God it's every time with these people. If we could just let people love who they love and fuck how they want to fuck (among consenting adults, obvs), we would eliminate a whole lot of human suffering and misery.
And I recognize there's a danger here of feeding into a "self-loathing gay" stereotype that ends up blaming the LGBTQ community for the evils of GOP politicians trying to harm them. I've listened to that argument, and I get it. But it's EVERY TIME.
Imagine being so insecure and terrified of your own sexuality being questioned in any way that you create this public persona of homophobia so you don't have to tell your wife you might want to try some butt stuff. It's mental.
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7 Apr
Trump was an aberration. A lot of us have been saying this for six years now.

Not an aberration in the sense he didn't represent the true heart of the GOP. He does. They are just that racist.

An aberration in the sense whatever Faustian bargain he signed only extended to him.
Anyone and everyone vying to become the "Next Trump" is doomed to not only fail, but probably end up in prison.

His model can't be replicated. But they're going to try anyway, because they have no other idea how to come to power honestly.
Not calling out anyone in particular here who thought they could mirror the sexual-predator-to-white-house pipeline, @mattgaetz. Just some passing thoughts I had for no particular reason.
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6 Apr
Okay. Let's talk about "Conservative Comedy" shows. They all have one thing in common: Nearly instant failure. Remember the "Half Hour News Hour" that was supposed to compete with Jon Stewart's Daily Show? No, of course you fucking don't because it lasted 17 eps on Fox News. 1/
Conservatives can be funny. They can. The Blue Collar Comedy Tour guys were genuinely funny when they were doing their observational and self-deprecating humor. Might not be your thing but the laughs were there. Nobody's going to accuse any of them of being closet liberals. 2/
But, and this is important, they weren't being "Conservative Comics" on that tour. They were just comics who happened to be conservatives, talking about (mostly) relatable experiences. Their politics weren't being shoehorned into the acts. 3/
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6 Apr
The Hoover Dam was a green energy infrastructure project. Las Vegas, LA, and Phoenix wouldn't exist in their current forms without it. There's nothing new or radical about prioritizing government spending on big projects that improve people's lives and stimulate economic growth.
Now, in the nearly century since, we've come to recognize the environmental impact of dams like the Hoover, an we're less inclined to build new hydroelectric power. But in a time before nuclear, solar, or large-scale wind power, hydroelectric was the cutting edge of green energy.
What else was happening around that time? Rural electrification. The federal government spend hundreds of millions running electrical lines out to rural communities and homesteads which without their investments would NEVER be profitable enough for companies to bother.
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4 Apr
There's been a flury of stories lately about how church membership in the US has dropped below 50% for the first time in history. And while they warm my little atheist heart, these stories don't make a clean enough distinction between church attendance and religiosity. 1/
The two are not equivalent. While a majority of millennials and Gen Z are not active members of an organized church, clear majorities of both remain people of one faith or another. They aren't turning away from God, they're turning away from men claiming to speak for Them. 2/
Faith remains an important trapping of a majority of all Americans, even the youth. But the dogmatic, intolerant, inflexible, old-time religion of their parents has drifted so far from what an all-loving God would mean to their lived experiences, the two are irreconcilable. 3/
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2 Apr
They found one of the tiny lunatics. They found the Johnston.
The Johnston a tin can destroyer, at a pivotal moment in the Battle for the Pacific during WWII, steamed her unarmored ass right up to a Japanese fleet led by the largest battleship ever built by man, and said...
This was the dumbest, bravest thing anyone had every done ever. Fuck Thermopolyae and the 300. This was an asthmatic hamster stepping in the ring with Tyson and spitting in his face.
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