Happy Tuesday, y'all. Today, we'll be exploring a group called The Parent Association, Inc. parentassociation dot org. This group has been on my radar now for a while. They are not the traditional #REOPENSCHOOLS, but are adjacent & act as a legal resource

PA caught my eye early on due to their twitter activity & as of late, many parents who have their FB profile pic as this group's icon. These individuals carry themselves as what I can only describe as "members" yet claim they are just volunteers.

That may be well & true, but they are pretty aggressive & confrontational. The group itself frequently engages in arguments on Twitter, comments on school districts all over CA, & make pol charged comments like this one w/my ol' friend Jonathan Zacherson

For further clarification, that comment was in re: to a teacher from Sacramento they were doxing live on Twitter.

PA's site claims they are the following:

Sounds harmless enough! But who IS Parent Association? The "Team" is well, not very diverse.

One particular member caught my eye, a Director named Todd Maddison.

Todd runs a PUBLIC FB page called "San Diego Schools", but looking at Todd's bio and background, he's not in academia & I can't find anything to support said qualifications.

It's notable he doesn't CLAIM this, however, he is the sole admin of a group created in October 2019. Again, the description sounds harmless, but it's just odd that someone NOT in academia wouldn't partner w/folks who are & have them mod the group 🤷‍♀️

The actual content of the PUBLIC group is problematic at best w/a lot of stats constantly being posted by the admin re: union pensions. School Choice (education privatization) is a constant posted topic w/resources & BOOTHS to get more info!

Todd lists his employer PUBLICLY as Transparent California. Who is TA? Well, a billionaire funded dark money Libertarian think tank funded by Koch that picks on teachers, fire fighters, and....BART janitors? LMAO. LOSERS.


TA is part of the California Policy Center, another Koch backed Libertarian think tank that specializes in SCHOOL CHOICE among other anti-union, anti-organized labor policies👇


More on their attack on labor and the working class 👇


California Policy Center is part of the bigger umbrella, State Policy Network 👇


Now that we're clear on who Transparent California is, again, I must ask, how someone w/these ideologies is a Director of a group that claims, as their mission statement, but I digress

The PA website states over and over again The Parent Association, Inc. is a non-partisan 501c3 not for profit corporation. Again, these are their claims, not our insinuations.

Also on their site, you can donate to their legal defense fund to reopen CA schools (i.e. fund them to sue districts). I figured their donation page would provide more transparency, but no, it doesn't. If you're on mobile, you can even Apple Pay them

There is no mention about a goal of funds, how much funds have been raised to date, or the expenses thus far in their legal affairs. I can only imagine these are county filing fees & presumably the attorney billing hours?

All searches via the IRS, Secretary of State website, nor open corporations pull ANY registered non-profits w/ this name or any combination. The closest is the THE CALIFORNIA STATE PARENT ASSOCIATION, INC. w/SUSPENDED FTB status & is currently inactive.

We even went further and searched each "Team" member to find a potential match of a registered agent, NADA. So, once again, we must ask ourselves if parents who are desperate are being exploited due to the circumstances of COVID & school closures.

We welcome their response presuming it is in good faith and full transparency. We would also like to know how they plan to achieve and uphold their mission statement & public schooling with Executive Team members who are categorically against it.


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#reopenschools not just in California, but nationwide, is dealing with a similar network.
Abstractly, we’re dealing with a nationwide disinformation network and campaign. People feel they are spinning their wheels because we’re looking at WHO is within it instead of WHAT created it and why.
With these kind of networks (think of “Q”) the structure of the system is created by dark money (Koch) think tanks (libertarian) & also psychological operations to radicalize people through their biases & exploiting pain points & distrust.
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🧵 When dealing with #data and #connecting points, the rule of thumb is three separate points that corroborate your conclusion like a 🔺. When dealing with something as big as #REOPENSCHOOLS became, I told myself I needed 5+ bc the sample became larger

We know through early sourcing the emails (summer 2020) came from FreedomWorks - Koch (FWK)

We know from running Maltego on my astroturfer he’s a Libertarian

We know from the “both sides” messaging it’s likely reverse horseshoe Libertarian messaging

We know from the anti-union & anti-taxes it’s also likely Libertarian

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This is why it’s alarming to see folks link arms w/groups that subscribe to the machine for causes they believe both are united for. The machine takes over. They use what appears to be bipartisan messaging to then poison the well & spin more disinfo.

You cannot win AGAINST the messaging or dark money of the machine. And until ppl are fully freed from these siloed disinfo chambers, we must presume any well intended efforts we link with come at the cost of progress & safety of the most vulnerable.

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#thread for #Michigan

As a former Flint resident myself, you need to start asking questions.

The first question I would ask is contained in the first picture

“Who are the two unnamed lobbyists?”

We already know one is MI Chamber of Commerce

Second set of questions

“Who created the recall Whitmer domain and when?”

“Why is the domain registered to a *fake* name?” (no it’s not the Brazilian lyricist)

“Why is the address in Arizona?”

“Why is the phone number from New York?”

Third set of questions

“Why does the address & phone number tie to the same information of a fraud case involving Bitcoin and Microsoft in 2018?”

“Who owned these sites & who was operating as Royal Restrooms of Arizona?”

All of this is public info folks
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#reopencaschools #REOPENSCHOOLS lol what did I say? Coincidence the founder Jonathan Zacherson has a 4.8/5 bot score on his anon profile that feeds directly from the Reopen CA Schools twitter page, to him, to Gavin Newsom?
Looking at the bot like handles, they all share cherry picked information as short as a single sentence that has been screenshot from studies & articles that are PAGES long. Literally ANYONE trying to read what the botnet from the reopen schools groups share
As ANOTHER reminder, #RecallGavinNewsom #RECALLnewsom was NOT in response to COVID lockdowns. Unless they have a crystal ball and knew about COVID in January. No, the plan was to recall Newsom all along. Parents rn are being hoodwinked #TheMoreYouKnow
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Mega #thread on #reopenschools & #Recall pt 1

The aggressive reopen schools push in blue-moderate red counties is another, what appears on the surface to be, a grassroots progressive effort. But when you lift the hood, it’s a coordinated power grab

One thing to keep in mind when looking at how movements can be infiltrated & derailed is not the demands, but how they operate & who is involved.

There is no disagreement COVID has wreaked havoc & disrupted everyone’s lives, especially parents & kids

But also teachers, healthcare workers, grocery, & our entire infrastructure while being led by an admin, whose plan was to let us be infected. The hardships are not zero sum logic. We have all suffered. We have lost half a million Americans in a year.

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