My opinion on IQ, start ups, creativity and conscientiousness;
High IQ basically means you’re creative.

You’re able to provide elaborate solutions to changing complex problems;
Creativity is measured by,

the amount of useful ideas generated by thinking over one idea.

And how improbable those ideas are compared to what others come up with.

AND how implementable

AND useful the idea is.

You can quantify creativity using a plot graph.
If you think of one idea and it coactivates other ideas, that’s a measure of your fluency in creativity.
If your co activated ideas are useful and unlikely for others to come up, that’s a measure of originality in your creativity.
“Can you be successful in your start up if you’re low in creativity (avg IQ)”

Yes and no.

A Startup = creativity + elements of conscientiousness.
Some of the elements of conscientiousness is procedural;

ie; you have to be orderly, resilient, persistent, organised.

Comparing it to chess; it’s like learning the opening lines 30 moves into the game via memory.
Those with average IQ can easily learn the “opening lines” of a start up;

- The core revenue generating service
- Market demographic
- Marketing
- Budgeting
- etc etc etc

These are procedures and can be outsourced to experts.
The challenge for avg IQ is that their “idea” will encounter infinite problems.

Compare this to chess;

Your opponent (problems) will set you up for defeat in infinite ways.

Your job is to solve these complex problems by strategising, fantasising, predicting, envisioning.
It’s possible for an avg IQ to solve problems if they are CONSTANTLY exposed to a narrow field in a start up.

But that does not guarantee the ability to solve outside that domain.

i.e; practising the sicilian defence will not make you an expert in kings indian defence.
Whereas for a high IQ individual,

they are able to see overlap, patterns and associations between problems across multiple domains,

multiplying their capacity to solve these problems.
If a start up is successful in its first year, it will probably fail in its second year.

If it’s successful in its second year, it will likely fail in 5 years.

The odds will always favour failure.

Because the complexity of problems outpaces the human capacity to solve them.
If you’re avg IQ, you need to capitalise on the “opening lines” of your startup if you want to increase your chances of success.

Then you should probably work with high IQ people to help solve complex problems (and protect yourself with intellectual property rights).

• • •

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In this day and age,

if you’re a poor performing employee,

your probability of getting fired entirely rests upon how risk tolerant your employer is.

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