How awful for this poor girl (2017). However "organizers later said Mili had erroneously been marked as a boy on the team roster & that her short hair was not not a factor in the decision. The SSA issued an apology." TRAs are not tweeting the whole article, hmmm how strange.🤔
"In a statement to WOWT 6 News, the soccer club said, "Listing a male player on a girls team roster is a violation of state & tournament rules.Mili's coach says the mistake was a typo by a registrar. He tried to correct the error at the tournament."
Surely those who are sharing this read the articles dealing with this case to the end before sharing the screenshot? If she'd had long hair, might it have made a difference? Who knows. The SSA say certainly not. Either way, IDK any rad fems who think girls need to have long hair
Anything for clicks/sales. Always read an article to the end.

• • •

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7 Apr
1/ THREAD: I was at a conference a few years ago where the headmaster of a well-known school was addressing the room about the school’s wonderful trans-inclusive policy. He was very, very proud of it.
2/ A couple of girls from the school had made a presentation about gender dysphoria and double mastectomies. The room applauded. It was surreal. If I remember rightly a mediocre song was also sung, accompanied by a couple of chords on the guitar.
3/ A long-haired boy who obviously had a serious eating disorder, in a skirt so short we could almost see his underwear, stood up & read a poem about being trans & oppressed. At least I think it was a poem, I was focused on the obvious eating disorder, & it was a while ago now
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5 Apr
"Over the past decade a linguistic shift from "transexual" to "transgender" has de-sexed what had previously been considered an adult psychosexual disorder” Another great piece from @jo_bartosch…
"Policies to ensure women and girls aren't disadvantaged have been framed as "harming transgender youth."
Bartosh quotes Michael Biggs ""The obvious difference is that in the United States healthcare is dominated by the private sector who have an obvious profit motive to promote drugs and surgeries."
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15 Feb
Claiming that it is fascistic for the LGB to organise without the T is like claiming that someone who sets up a donkey sanctuary is fascistic for excluding rabbits. Sexual attraction & gender identity are completely different things.
2/ Most people don’t even have a ‘gender identity’. The very nature of feminism is gender critical – feminism is about rejecting gendered stereotypes and prescribed gender roles.
3/ Feminism is not for everybody. Feminism is about women. Feminism is about rejecting women’s biological oppression. Feminism is not about applauding stereotypical feminine behaviour.
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6 Feb
1/ Thread: Nobody should be murdered, attacked or abused for how they dress or how they feel. Data from both the UK and the USA suggests that trans-identified people are actually LESS likely to be murdered than the average…
2/ Kentucky prof Wilfred Reilly found the 2017 homicide death rate for transgender people was about 1.48 per 100,000, less than 1/3 of the overall murder rate (about 5 per 100,000) & a fraction of the rate for men in general (6.68) or black people (18.8)."…
3/ "Calls to combat a purported epidemic of killings targeting trans people... are rising, even though U.S. data indicates people who identify as members of the opposite sex are less likely to end up as homicide victims than their non-trans counterparts."
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28 Dec 20
1/ My friend Janet totally believes Jesus is the son of god & came to earth to save us all. I don’t. She doesn’t call me christianophobic, nor does she threaten to kill herself because we disagree on a theological issue.
2/ My friend Ashok believed he would be repeatedly reincarnated until he became a ball of light & at one with the universe. I found this highly unlikely. When I told him so, he smiled & passed me a chillum.
3/ if you believe that there is a magical essence of manhood or womanhood that can sometimes reside in a wrongly sexed body and that this essence overrules the importance of biology.... well... oh-kay...
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