Before I begin, let me review where you should be by now in this class.. At the very beginning I gave you the exercise for achieving Total Self Awareness. The first step to achieving a higher level of consciousness.. I also gave you the exercise for re-programming your ...cont
Sub Conscious.. These two exercises should be active 24/7.. If not, your wasting your time.. Next, you should be creating an exercise routine along with a weekly menu for healthy eating.. The last two sessions have covered nutrition and Vitamins..The whole idea here..cont
Is for you to get your Mind and Body in shape. Then you will have an easier time of absorbing the information phase of this class.. The information phase will cover all the information that has been suppressed, and all of it that's been made up and lied about....cont
You'll need to take everything you think you know, and throw it in the trash can.. That includes any belief systems.. They will be of no use to you anymore.. The days of control are over.. YOU are now in charge.. DO NOT even think about establishing another belief system..cont
Tonight, I'm going to focus on creating a meal plan.. Before you can even start thinking about getting healthy, you need to establish good eating habits... Number one is the elimination of ALL junk food.. McDonalds, Jack in The Box, etc, should become a thing of the past..cont
Whether you're setting up to lose weight or gain muscle will determine different factors in your meal plan.. You want to make a weekly menu.. The first thing you do is calculate your calorie needs. Then your macro nutrient intakes, third, deciding on the right ..cont
Food sources, after that determine the right meal frequencies and timing, and lastly, rounding everything up with a few supplements.. Starting with figuring your calories, you'll need to find out what your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is. This is the amount of energy your ..cont
Body uses while its at rest. You'll need your weight in Kilograms, your height in centimeters and your age. Multiply your weight times 9.56, your height times 1.84, and your age times 4.67.. Add these totals together.. Rounding to the nearest whole number.. Take that..cont
Total and multiply it by the number that represents your activity level.. For example.. 1.2 represents someone who doesn't work out, and is primarily sedentary. 1.375 represents someone who performs light exercises 3-4 times a week..1.55 is someone who performs moderate..cont
Exercise 3-4 times a week. 1.725 is someone performing moderate to intense exercise 6-7 times a week. 1.9 is an Athlete performing High intensity 6-7 times a week. Find the number that best represents your lifestyle and multiply it by the BMR. Next, you'll need to determine..cont
Your goal.. If you want to maintain your current weight and muscle mass, you'll use the number you came up with.. If your goal is weight loss, you'll want to subtract between 3-500 calories.. If you want to add muscle mass, you'll need to add 3-500 calories...cont
Those wishing to lose weight, make sure you keep things realistic. You NEVER want your calorie intake to drop so low it slows down your metabolism!! Aim for 1-2 pounds per week..Remember, If You're Hungry, EAT!! You should have nothing but healthy foods to chose from..cont
If you added 3-500 calories to gain muscle mass, make sure those calories don't come from junk food.. Next, you'll need to figure out your Macronutrients intake. First, what are macros, and why are they important? Macros are comprised of carbs, proteins and fats..cont
These are the most important nutrients you need to consume.. Protein is important for building maintaining and repairing muscle tissue.. Carbs are the body's primary source of energy, and Fats are important for brain function and hormone regulation.. they also play ..cont
A key role when it comes to dieting and staying full throughout the day.. Carbs and Proteins both have four calories per gram, where Fats have 9 calories per gram. These numbers are important to know when calculating percentages Protein you want to figure at 25-35 percent..cont
If you're dieting, you should lean more towards 30-35 percent protein so as to maintain muscle mass.. Protein burns more calories.. Fats you'll want to figure between 20-30 percent.. If you're dieting you'll want fats around 30 percent.. Carbs should be figured in at..cont
20 to 40 percent.. So, taking the number you got for your calorie intake and multiply it by each Macro.. Example, 2000 calories times Protein of 30 percent or .030 and so on.. Take the total and divide it by 4. This because protein has 4 calories per gram. Next do Fats..cont
And Carbs the same way.. Multiplying your determined Calorie intake times the percentage your using for each one.. Then divide that total times the calories in fat which is 9 per gram and Carbs with 4 calories per gram. Next add these totals together and divide by 4..cont
To get your total Carbs.. Now you have the total number of calories you need to either maintain your current status or for weight loss or muscle gain.. You also have the number for each macro.. Remember, weight loss, subtract 20 percent, for muscle gain, add 10 percent..cont
To Create your menu for the week, Figure which schedule fits you..Most of you are used to 3 meals a day.. That needs to change immediately.. No more than 2 meals a day, and if you're a couch potato, one meal a day.. There shouldn't be any couch potatoes in this class...cont
You all should be working on creating an exercise routine along with a healthy diet.. Get a calendar with space for each day large enough to fill in your menu.. Make sure you mix it up and keep it interesting.. There are all kinds of recipes on line if your new..cont
To eating healthy without eating meat. If you're a die hard meat eater, I would suggest at least cutting down. Do yourself a favor and read up on how Animals are sensitive loving creatures. Once you learn how they feel being butchered, you will probably change your attitude..cont
I was just pointing out the importance of performing a Parasite Cleanse at least once a month.. Especially if you're a meat eater or consume lot of Dairy products.. Parasites are sneaky little critters,, They have developed ways to avoid some parasite cleaning methods..cont
The best way to make sure you've got em all, is by using Turpentine.. NO, not the kind you clean your paint brushes with.. The kind extracted from pine trees. It only takes a teaspoon to fully empty everything out of your intestinal tract. I'll be right back with a video..cont

• • •

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