I think English-speaking historians should be forced to refer to non-English-language history

1) in modern English

2) in idiomatic modern English, i.e., avoiding deliberately using words which have become loaded by association with the subject of discussion or later history
This Tweet brought to you by the neat little trick of pointing out that the Nazis had a propaganda minister and therefore saying the Soviets must have been basically Nazis because they also spoke openly about having "propaganda"
Without also mentioning that 'propaganda' is literally a Vatican coinage, short for propaganda fidei ("spreading the faith"), and that the UK openly had a propaganda ministry during WW1
Also brought to you by the neat little trick of referring to Germany post-1933 as the "Third Reich," without noting that technically the entire Weimar Republic is the Third Reich, or referring to it as the "Reich" w/o noting that all German states up to that point had been Reichs
Also brought to you by the neat little trick of insistently calling the presidential directive that gave Hitler the emergency powers the "Reichstag fire decree," so that any English-language decree called the "presidential executive order on homeland security" sounds fine
Or insistently calling the law that made Hitler dictator for life the "Enabling Act" without noting that we literally still use enabling legislation all the time and that the actual law was called approximately "Federal Emergency Management Act 1933" which sounds fine
Or insistently referring to the same positions by innocuous-sounding Britishesque Westminstery titles prior to 1933 and then by their scary-sounding full German titles after 1933 to pretend that somehow the state was reconstituted and your own state is completely immune
Or insistently referring to the Gestapo as the Gestapo, rather than the "Secret Service" (a more accurate translation of its name and function) because only the good guys have a Secret Service and only the bad guys have a Gestapo
Or referring to all SS ranks in German to avoid confronting the fact that if you translate them into English they sound like ordinary police and paramilitary ranks and if we admitted that we'd have to ask some rather uncomfortable questions about our own police

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7 Apr
1) Except Chris Lilley's work isn't hard-edged satire. It's literally just "haha women/black people do thing," and doing that thing in the most exaggerated and insulting possible way. Satire makes or attempts to make a useful critique; Chris Lilley's work overtly does not.
2) We are not becoming "easily offended." Rather, people who benefit from totally suppressing discussion of not only the offence they cause, but the material injury they inflict, and who were previously able to do that, can no longer completely do it.
As a result, it is no longer possible to entirely prevent discussion of people's justified annoyance and anger simply because the fact that they are annoyed and angry offends other people who think they should all just shut up and go away because they're uppity.
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7 Apr
Good question. Here's why Chris Lilley is a shitty person.
1) Wrote, performed and televised jokes about rape and paedophilia, which aren't funny and frankly have never been funny:


* I'm not making a big deal of the headline incident because they say it was a coincidence and I can't prove it's not
2) Did "Squashed N****," [redaction mine] and then reused it in 2017 to make fun of the death of Elijah Doughty: smh.com.au/national/chris…
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7 Apr
Here is the North Carolina trans genocide bill, the "Youth Health Protection Act," SB 514. ncleg.gov/Sessions/2021/…
Starting at P1L5, the text directly contradicts itself, stating that sex is based on genitalia, chromosomes and hormones, and then immediately stating that sex is based solely on chromosomes and cannot be changed.
At P1L11, the bill states that "the cause of [gender dysphoria] is unknown". This is both false and deliberately leading. Transness is a polycausal phenomenon and we know many of the causes.

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6 Apr
Jim Molan's "innocence" is in severe doubt.

From 2004 through 2005, Major General A. James Molan served as Chief of Operations for Headquarters MNF—Iraq. In that capacity, MAJGEN Molan planned and directed the attacks on Najaf, Fallūjah and Sāmarrā.
At the commencement of the Second Battle of Fallūjah, troops under Molan sealed off all exits to the city, with 30,000 to 50,000 civilians still within it. theguardian.com/world/2004/nov…

There is a solid argument this was unlawful.
It appears Molan's forces cut off water, electricity and medical care to Fallūjah's citizens, and bombed and destroyed hospitals, in fairly unambiguous violation of Article 14 of Protocol II to the Geneva Conventions.


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5 Apr
There's so much fucking bizarre shit about Van's Tweet here.
As someone who's lived in four houses that had baths,

(1) Van's bath *does* have sharp lines and design aesthetics, that's the point. Shiny, well-maintained metal fixtures; complete minimalism and featurelessness of the tub proper. That's 2020s for "incredibly rich".
Moreover, the bath itself is freestanding and surrounded by wooden house fittings. Everywhere I've lived, the bath has been integrated into the surrounding walls in order to save space, and I can't remember a single place I've lived that's had visible hardwood (also rich shit).
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5 Apr
This isn't aimed directly at me (it's likely aimed at @AveryKaeHoward and @AusUnemployment). However, Emma and Van both have me blocked out of, primarily, an unshakable conviction that I am one of the people they're describing here.
My family has been working-class and poor for as long as I can trace it back, which isn't very far. I grew up in Taigum, then Clontarf.

I went to Aspley East State School, then Sandgate High.

I went to Griffith (scraped through with a 5), then QUT (dropped out).
Every suburb I have lived in has been stereotypically bogan.

In my entire life, the household I lived in has not had an income above $30,000 p.a. I am 26.

I am willing to provide all the documentation which is necessary to verify this.
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