“Senate Bill 514 would also compel state employees to immediately notify parents in writing if their child displays ‘gender nonconformity’ or expresses a desire to be treated in a way that is incompatible with the gender they were assigned at birth” nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-ou…
It’s deeply sad that the Republican Party has decided voter suppression and transphobia are its future. Can’t wait until this political party does not exist anymore. Fuck these people.
How does it feel to see that one of the two major political parties is betting that it can win elections on the strength of its hatred for you? It doesn’t feel good. It feels bad. Love to all the trans and gender nonconforming kids out there. I thought the 90s were rough.

• • •

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More from @onekade

5 Apr
Dorchester zip codes have among the highest covid rates in the state. Stop snitching
Dorchester residents: wow this is amazing we are getting something really great, this is special

The local news: oh no you don’t
This is particularly annoying cuz the Codman Square/BMC collab is the only reason I was able to get vaccinated on the day I became eligible. If not for this clinic I would be lost on the state’s garbage website. Yes, I preregistered. No, I did not hear *anything* from Mass gov.
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12 Feb
the whole "cancelling someone for being racist is blacklisting conservatives" once again forces us to confront, if we are being serious, this fundamental question: what rhetoric and discourse should be considered out of bounds for mainstream society?
the issue here is NOT, as some "anti-cancel culture" warriors want to pretend, that nothing is beyond the pale. the debate is about WHAT constitutes beyond the pale. that's the debate; everything else is a distraction.
is advocacy of pedophilia beyond the pale? i think it is, clearly. most agree. is defense of nazi genocide beyond the pale? yes. again, the issue is not whether or not certain rhetoric ought to disqualify someone from participation in mainstream public life.
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12 Feb
It's funny that the Trump defense is including all these videos of democrats calling for Trump's impeachment. Yes, he has done impeachable things literally every day of his presidency and democrats have acknowledged that.
Also all these videos of democrats saying we should "fight back..." yes these would be relevant in impeachment proceedings against a democratic President if the rhetoric led to people trying to overthrow the election. But...that didn't happen.
Because when democrats say "we need to fight back" other democrats understand that to mean "do more electoral work and hold signs at protests," not "bring bombs to Congress and try to kill members to stop the electoral process."
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10 Feb
Good on the impeachment managers, reminding the senators that these trump guys TRIED TO KILL THEM. Unfortunate that it seems like the primary reason many republicans won’t vote to convict is their fear that the trump guys will try again, and succeed the next time.
Seems like a pretty dangerous message to send fascists, that their threats of violence will get them what they want. Might want to reconsider that approach.
Anyhow great job to Rep. Stacey Plaskett, who is really nailing these republicans. Gonna be something to watch them essentially endorse trumpers trying to get them killed.
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8 Nov 20
This tweet got three different kinds of annoying response, telling me it’s a good tweet:

- defeatist know it all bullshit (“oh sure, like you’ll ever change anything”)
- “waaaaah free speech waaaah”
- death threat
The second one is the only one that deserves a response: No, we should not teach students that Trumpism is within the range of acceptable politics. Racism, xenophobia, hatred of learning and expertise, misogyny, and cruelty are not lessons we should give to students.
Re academic freedom: Of course it’s important. That’s why all professors and students should be free to decline to work or study with anyone who chooses to rehabilitate Trump administration hacks. That’s academic freedom, too.
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5 Nov 20
I keep hearing and reading election commentary that says this country is divided like never before. And sure, we are divided in terms of who we prefer as an occupant of the White House. But on critical policy matters we are much less divided. dailydot.com/debug/fox-exit…
I fear the "we are hopelessly divided" narrative is going to allow the democrats to govern (fingers crossed) to the right, as they appear to be preparing to do. This is WRONG. People in this country want government run healthcare and abortion access.
They want government MORE, not less involved in making decisions that impact their lives. They want stricter gun control measures. These are not controversial issues among voters. Please stop feeding into the hopelessly divided narrative!
Read 5 tweets

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