Man, I'm just all about the threads.

Sorry, guys.
But the fam is "going through some things," which in turn brings things up.
When your life is in upheaval, it, as the great @MichelleObama said, "It doesn't change who you are, it reveals who you are." {paraphrasing}
So one of the things we're dealing with, other than EVERYTHING, is our mental health.

I've talked about mental health on here before, but now it's SUPER WEIRD.
Because I'm OLD.

And I was not prepared to deal with diagnoses that SHOULD have occurred when I was a teen.

But life is crazy.
So apparently, my life has been informed by two diagnoses that I've been managing on my own for *checks notes* my whole life.
One I sort of understood from a distance. I'm one of the Great Undiagnosed Females with ADHD.
The second, which is a complete gobsmacker, is SPD:

Sensory Processing Disorder.
This is like waking up understanding that "WHOA, I wasn't just shrinking from certain situations in horror for no reason."

I mean, WHAT
My entire life snapped into place.

It's sooooooo weiiiiiird.
I took baths with my hands out of the tub because I want to flay my skin off if my hands are pruned.
That just seemed... like something I'd do.
Some people take baths. I take baths without my hands in the tub.

But there was the endless itchiness, irritation. Shrinking from hugs.

Wanting to die because metal scraped on metal (washing dishes was so hard with a steel sink, yo).
But it turns out--no, really, this is CRAZY--a NAME FOR IT.
I. Am. Amazed.
The ADHD thing--I have a slightly better handle on it.


But the SPD.

Every time I want to crawl out my sheets because they're too irritating, every time I can't actually sit still because *reasons* whether it's aural or olfactory or tactile...

Fleeing from parties that I myself threw. Slinking away from the noise bomb and hiding.
This isn't a social shrinking; it's a visceral reaction.

You just never fuckin' know what you'll learn, no matter how old you are.
Never shy away from knowledge, because in most cases it will be useful, and in some cases mind-blowing.

Sometimes both.
I literally don't know what to do with this info other than that my weirdness HAS A NAME.
And that's sooooooo cooool.

I'm not alone! I'm not just the person who avoided dishes because I was a lazy creep!

• • •

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