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7 Apr, 14 tweets, 6 min read
1. Heres another thing that @SadhguruJV DOES NOT understand & Ive tweeted this before.. Though he didnt learn Sanskrit.. His Queen's English didnt teach him a few things.. So I, as the Ultimate Guru of English, will teach everyone the wrongality of this..
2. You see.. Potato fries are made everywhere in the world.. but we call it "French Fries" for a reason.. You will get Idli/Dosa even in Srinagar.. but it doesnt take away the Tamilarity of the food.. So too Fafda/Khaman in England is still Gujju..
3. In the Inglis languaze that @SadhguruJV u/s so bell... there is a huge difference between "Invention & Creation" and "Discovery".. Yoga was Invented & Created by Hindu Rishis for their own physical well-being & spiritual continuance.. therefore the association with Hinduism..
4. For the long-term beneficialness of everyone good at Englishecence.. the principle of displacement of water and equilibrium is called "Archimedes principle" although.. Archimedes only ran naked shouting "OOREKA OOREKA".. He didnt INVENT the principle..
5. Newton DID NOT INVENT Gravity... He is credited with DISCOVERING it.. Gravity is a NATURAL phenomenon.. UNLIKE Yoga which was devised in devotion by Saints.. Gravity cannot have any religious association for that reason.. Yoga can..
6. Mind you.. Im not interested in who discovered gravity first in this thread.. whether ancient Hindus or Newton.. thats a diff topic.. But if you CANNOT differentiate b/w "Invention" & "Discovery".. then you cant blame ignorance of Sanskrit for it.. @SadhguruJV END of Story!
Wrongality is not an English word?...
Dr Jonas Salk, a Jew, is credited with Polio vaccine.. But its NOT called a "Jewish vaccine" bec Salk didnt create it in PRACTICING Judaism.. Yoga was created by Hindu Saints in ACTUAL PRACTICE of Hindu.. @SadhguruJV should know the Wrongality of his claim
Idli is originally from Gujarat... but they taught the Madrasis how to make it and then forgot how to make it themselves.. Thats why never teach anyone how to make idlis...
Ghanta.... You should learn some history before talking to me.. I know how Idli travelled from Gujarat to Coimbatore... and its a Tambrahm origin food.. Mere ko mat sikha Idli Dosa... LOL!
In Gujarat... you still get that small round type of Idli mentioned in the pic...
Whats the Soros thing?... If theres any link its terrible... But I havent seen anything convincing...
The pathetic story that @SadhguruJV tried to spin is actually that of Christ... People know of Christ as a baby and then as a kid for a while.. Suddenly he disappears for 18 years & reappears at age 30.. no explanation for missing years..
Hahaha... This guy seems typical of an Isha Foundation product... "Fully engineered" ....

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8 Apr
Bloopers we can all have a good laugh at and move on.. Bloopers are harmless.. But Sadguru isnt making bloopers.. Hes uttering such nonsense in all seriousness with full consciousness.. Whats all this "TN temples are Dravidian temples" crap? LOL!
Even this is NOT a Blooper... Hahaha... Miss Teen is asked "Why Americans cant find the US on a map"... Like @sagarikaghose she SERIOUSLY says "Its because most Americans dont have maps".... LOL!... Some Fake Gurus are like this Beauty Queen... @vschanna
And because the utterances of Miss Teen are so profound like those of the Fake Gurus... we need specialists to "Interpret" what they said... So Jimmy Kimmel interprets Miss Teen...
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8 Apr
1/2 Haha.. At the LEVEL of a "Guru".. I EXPECT that a person will show enough wisdom & tact in how language is used.. @SadhguruJV dislikes Sanskrit.. No problems.. But the way he uses English is downright PATHETIC to say the least... Watch the next tweet..
2/2 Sadguru calls those women "Lovers" of Krishna.. that is NOT how it should be written in Englisense... A father loves his daughter... that DOES NOT make the father the "Lover" of his daughter... LOL! Understand Guru?.. Next English lesson later.. Be careful how you use words.. Image
I am definitely not a "Hindu Religion" expert... although Im a Kattar Hindu... but I am certainly an Expert in Englisense ...
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8 Apr
1. When I said Brahmins must QUIT temples.. I didnt say it lightly... Its like saying "Quit while youre ahead" and there are greener pastures available... before you are either killed or driven out like KPs.. No govt is going to protect Brahmins..
2. Brahmins dont need temples.. and they need not pursue worthless, below coolie-payment careers in temples.. This doesnt mean they cannot or should not pursue the functions of priests/purohits elsewhere.. they certainly can.. @sudeshna2104 @DrlathaC
3. In my family.. there were many elders who were well-versed in rituals and we didnt need the professional pandits.. but still we hired them as tradition.. Brahmins can still do their ritual practice in private ceremonies.. So NO to temple slavery...
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7 Apr
Now this @prasadkarwa will whine all day.. as if he is Sri Sri's first wife... LOL! You get so offended when Sri Sri is exposed but others should tolerate that joker calling Krishna the "First Commie"?... Hahhaa.. STFU.. and move on..
BTW @PrasadKarwa your AOL friends had invited me to give a speech at your AOL in Blore.. in Sep2014... I did address that small gathering & after that also saw what slaves gather there.. and learned more about your Istree.. so dont whine so much... LOL!
Learn to READ first.. I did not attend any of your stupid events... LOL! I was the speaker at a gathering there... and naturally... on exiting saw the slaves gathered there & then a bit more from Istree's blabber elsewhere..
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7 Apr
1/2.. Heres a small story.. Swami Vivekananda always had doubts about his Guru Ramakrishna Paramahansa.. Even when his Guru was stricken with Cancer & could hardly speak.. Sw Vivekananda thought in his mind "If you are really my Guru... speak one line & prove it to me"...
2/2.. At this Ramakrishna looked at Sw V & said.. "That which is Ram & Krishna are Me"... thats when Sw V was convinced about RK.. Hindus are entitled to doubt & Q everything & everyone.. theyre not goats.. Toh yeh Sadhguru, SriSri Istree kya cheez hai...
Says who?.. You can also ask Qs because you dont have knowledge of something...
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7 Apr
Sad Sack is not the first to abuse Krishna.. Commies are portrayed as "Altruistic" but their biggest solution to major problems is mass murder of innocent people...Anyone who describes Krishna as the "First Commie" is neither a Hindu nor understands Commies.. #FakeGurus #Istree
TV Gurus can live the way they want.. nobody grudges them luxury or the desire to wear half frocks & half padre clothes.. The simple thing is> DO NOT DISTORT AND ABUSE Hindu Gods or principles for cheap $.. Get that?
Why dont you tell your stupid jokers not to speak garbage.. then I will have nothing to write about them.. You and your family can gladly suffer their nonsense.. others are not liable to do so.. So get lost with your stupid whining...
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