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7 Apr, 13 tweets, 3 min read
5 Rules for Texting Her.

~ Thread ~
1. Don't double text.

Or triple text.

Or quadruple text.

As a matter of fact,

Let HER send YOU paragraphs.

Keep your responses:


If she's talking about a lot of shit,

Respond to the last thing she said.

She said it last for a reason.
When you send 3 or 4 texts in a row,

To her ONE text,

You look:

- Needy
- Boring
- Uninteresting

Same with texting paragraphs.

You ever send her a well thought out, heartfelt text and got ghosted?

You're just like all the other guys texting her.
2. Response Time.

First of all,

Guys make this a bigger issue than it really is.

The idea isn't to purposefully ignore her for an hour or two just to keep her guessing.

The point is don't respond to her 3 seconds later expecting her to text you all day.

Be busy.
Too many men live uninteresting lives.

Staring at their phones all day trying to get laid.

This is lame.

Women want men who have shit going on in their lives.

If you text her back immediately,
Then double text when she doesn't respond quick enough,
You Demonstrate LOW Value.
3. Don't cross the line.

You want to be flirty,
Not thirsty.

Sexual Innuendo is fine IF you're good at it.
Talking about sexual acts with her... is NOT flirty.

Especially if you haven't had sex with her yet.

Guys think they have to talk about sex to be sexual.

Innuendo is more vague.


Saying things that could be mistaken as sexual,

"Only to a perve!" (You're welcome!)

This gives her plausible deniability,

And shows her that you're good at bypassing her ADS.
4. Let's Meet Up!

That's not going to work.

Don't even ask her!

Every other guy in her phone is trying to meet up with her.

In the meantime she's posting emo statuses on Facebook about the one guy who is too busy to ask her to meet up.

I've been that guy.
How are you different if you're trying to impress her into meeting up through text?

You're not.

So BE different.

Text messaging is pretty much another form of entertainment.

So entertain her.

If she wants to see you,
She'll bring it up.

So tease her until she does.
5. Never text her angrily.

Or annoyed even.

Don't text her anything you wouldn't want a judge to see.

Pretend your phone is linked to a screen wrapped around the earth and everybody in the world can see it when you text her.

If she pisses you off,
Ignore her.

Calm down.
I've fallen into the trap of texting angrily many times in my life.

Screenshots can and will be used against you.

You need to ask yourself if any girl is worth getting angry at over text anyway.

Is it productive to have an argument over text?

Cut that shit out.
There will be more rules for texting her.

These are the basics.

Memorize them!

Implement them!

Get better.
If you could internalize my philosophy on Attraction,

Your text game will NATURALLY improve!


• • •

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3 Apr
Women always respond with the opposite polarity.

Ever notice how when you tell a woman a certain guy is bad for her,

She still goes back to him?

You've polarized her,


In a way that benefits another man rather than you.

This frustrates many men.
When you tell her that another guy is bad for her,

This makes it seem like you percieve him as a threat.

She knows you want her.

But if you're threatened by another man?

This means he has more value than you do.

This is how she will see it,
And she will look down on you.
What I like to do when my girls talk excessively about another guy?

I say something like:

"Wow! He sounds like a great guy! You should fuck him! Give him a chance. You might like him."

This polarizes her to lose attraction for him.

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3 Apr
How to get the Girls all the other Guys want.

~ Thread ~
First you must understand that most guys girls hang out with and/or talk to,

Don't stand a chance with her.

They are her orbiters,

Forever trapped in her friendzone.

This makes it extremely easy for you.

Because You are different.

You will NOT be another orbiter!

There's many Blue Pilled reasons these guys will remain her orbiters.

This gives you the advantage.

Pay attention to what DOESN'T work for them.


- Placate
- Compliment
- Are always there

For her.

They do everything to be liked,

No matter how dishonest it is.
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28 Mar

"You shouldn't emotionally manipulate women."

Also women:

"I need a man who can calm me down and handle me right when I'm upset."

~ Thread ~
Men, this is a double edged sword.

Just like how,


Is creepy when you're unattractive,

But soaks her panties when you're attractive.

This is why you should never respond to her in anger.

Reserve your anger for any man who threatens your life.

She cannot.
Women are inherently emotionally manipulative.

They're extremely polarizing.

This is why they desire men who are good at polarizing them.

However, mother nature has given them the gift of biological emotional instability.

Aunt flo comes and turns their emotions into storms.
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25 Mar
Walked in this Lowes,

Went straight up to the prettiest cashier I saw,

2 feet away from her face, smiled and said:

"I have to piss, BAD! Where's the restroom?"

She laughed,
Grabbed my arm and said:

"It's right there hun,"

Then walked me over there,
Arm in arm.
My coworker met me at her register when I was done,

And she came around to hand ME the bag,

Even though I didn't pay.

She looked me in the eyes,

Smiled and said:

"You have a great evening hun."

I didn't ask for her number because I'll be 2 states away before bedtime.
The point is,


You just walk right up to her,


And say something,



- Smile
- Maintain eye contact

The lock didn't fit the truck.

We had to go back in.

Girls eyes lit up.
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24 Mar
How to make her want you over text.

~ Thread ~



So you like a girl on Facebook?

I've gotten girlfriends from Facebook.

One way I did it was I found out where she worked,

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24 Mar
The last time I got out of the friendzone, I was completely smooth about it.

Girl knew I liked her.

All the guys at work wanted her.

All the girls at work wanted me.

She was my best friend there.

Short, sexy red head with a FAT ASS and bright blue eyes.

Miss that girl.
We were standing there waiting for the bus one morning after our shift.

She started talking about all the girls that liked me there, I could tell she was jealous.

Talking about I flirt with everybody.

I thought it was cute.

So I let her finish ranting about it.
Then, I positioned my body right in front of her and said:

"That's cute... but there's only one girl I'm interested in here."

Her: "oh yeah? Who then?"

I grabbed her hips,

Pulled her into me,

Said: "You..."

Then I kissed her forehead.

She had such a gorgeous smile.
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