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7 Apr, 4 tweets, 1 min read
I have one big maker design project (rover) but I feel like I need a stream of much more trivial things. Like builds that can be five in half a day.

Single blog-post scale rather than book scale.
I’m starting to think about making the way I once thought about writing. Still messing around looking for a tone/voice/style that fits while developing vocabulary and base skills.
Difference is learning a new bit of maker vocabulary is way more work than seeing a word in a few things you read and starting to use it yourself. I still haven’t mastered the grammar of nuts and bolts.
It’s ridiculously slow but I hope things speed up

• • •

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3 Apr
What external accountability levers actually work on the Chinese state? Do any internal ones work? The party seems able to shutdown anyone from bloggers to billionaires.

I almost feel like I should buy personal CCP insurance. So many global risks are bundled into the party.
If/when China collapses the geopolitical and economic earthquake will make the fall of the USSR look like a mild breeze.
Feels like the best global accountability mechanism for China is actually robots
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3 Apr
Case study of a retire-early story that didn’t go as planned. He attributes it to anomie, a breakup, and a health crisis. But it reads like he had just a little too much imagination to run the script as robotically as it seems to call for. ht @p_millerd…
About a decade ago, the early retirement crowd used to read/link to me but then seemed to decide I was too invested in the normie world. On my part I decided they were all acting dead and attempting to live in ways that a normally imaginative psyche would not allow.
It’s not the financial narrative that’s implausible. It’s the accompanying psychological one. This guy did pretty well despite the breakup and health issues. He could have stayed retired at a pinch. It was the psychological plausibility that unraveled. He’s not dead enough.
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3 Apr
My feed seems weirdly mistuned. Like a radio tuned to the wrong channel. But I haven’t been able to retune it. 🤔

Not sure what I’m looking for. I’ll know when I find it.
Tweeting also feels off. Like when you can’t get into a flow on a run. Stride off somehow. Tempo broken.

Both input and output have felt broken since mid-Covid year. Like August.
Actually many things have gone this way. TV especially.

Pros: watched Expanse, Community, Schitts Creek, all shows I’d dismissed pre-pandemic.

Cons: Old pre-Weirding favorites like Psych suddenly lost a lot of rewatch appeal.
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3 Apr
Discovered that I’m in this fantasy intellectuals team. 🤣

If I understand how this worked, I was picked in the 14th of 15 rounds by the last of 10 pickers, so... ranked 140/150?

Not dead last, whew! 😓…
Whoever picked me is screwed on the first 3 scoring categories,

“Your players will accumulate points in four statistical categories: Bets (B), Pairings (P), W (wins), and M(memes).“

They’d better hope premium mediocre etc get lots of mentions.…
I think the max points I’m likely to contribute is 5. A meme with 3 mentions scores a point. I think I have 5 memes endemic in zeitgeist at this point. In order of incidence:

1. Gervais principle
2. Premium mediocre
3. Domestic cozy
4. Internet of beefs
5. Be slightly evil
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2 Apr
The universe lets you learn until it doesn’t, but it basically never attempts to train you. There is no training set for life. There is no such thing as being house-trained to the universe. You can either choose to feel at home in it or not. You’ll eventually die either way.
If you’re being trained somewhere, you’re also being untrained elsewhere. If you have a teacher for X, you also have an unteacher for not-X. If you’re being being prepared for X you’re being de-prepared for not-X.

No free lunch.
Pedagogical skills aside, teachers aren’t good or bad, I have no strong feelings for/against schooling as an institution. Teachers and schools are just bets on your future, like stocks. They’re just more or less efficient at the training they attempt. That’s like commissions.
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1 Apr
Decided to delete morning thread on attrition warfare/bootstrapped businesses QTing another thread. I saved a copy to potentially refactor later. It’s an idea that I’ve been thinking about for years and I just saw a convenient cue to trot it out and took it without much thought.
Kinda hilarious object lesson in the risks of building subprime derivative QT stacks. Didn’t want to rest what’s an important thread of thought for me on a foundational anecdotal account that now seem to shaky to bear the load of the theorizing I was piling on to it.
Unreliable Twitter narration got into my OODA loop... in a thread about OODA loops, ironic 🤣

I think others did QTs of my thread too, leading to subprime thread stack 3-4 deep. Plus all the theorizing in the replies that us now suspect.
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