There is a saying that it is the tune of the music that determines the kind of dance. Right now, the imminent danger is Futa Jalon, not Igbos…. We are guided by history and history teaches us that you should not fight too many battles at the same time...

also, when a mutual enemy is at the door, both ancestral natives of the soil must first fight to get rid of the imminent danger before they come back to the table to continue their internal rivalries.
Both Yoruba people and Igbos are natives of the South, they hold a moral duty to both fight against the aliens before to come back to their internal issues.
This is the position of the sage in his lifetime when he ensured Igbos did not overrun his space but at the same time, he never compromised alliance with them against the aliens as the important focus.
This was why he reached out to Zik for alliance and continued to do so with his successor (Okpara) and Mbadiwe, even after Zik turned him down. Battles are not fought with emotions and propaganda. They are fought with pragmatic thinking
This line of thought from the YYF is a very reckless and dangerous and verbal insults from its foot soldiers can never silence the larger faction of Yoruba people on a mission to emancipate themselves to survive….
A man who heads a group that claims to fight for Yoruba emancipation should not constantly find fault with everyone else who seeks the same on principles.
You have issues with Ighoho… you have with Gani Adams…. Professor Akintoye… And everyone else in this struggle except you
Can you fight the battle alone… Igi yi o da, a yo nina… igi yen o da, a yo nina… she igi kan la fe fi dana ni….

No matter how we chose to see it, the imminent danger we have in Yorubaland now is Futa Jalon, not Igbos.
We cannot fight too many battles at the same time and history has shown that in many ways. Are Latosa’s greatest leadership error was that he opened too many battle fronts, he fought Ijebu people, Ijesha, Egba, Ife and Ekiti.
This was what led to the fist and only civil war in Yorubaland and it was this tension that the British used to overrun Yoruba land through divide and conquer, using Fabunmi and Ogedengbe against Ibadan and finally suppressing both sides.
Chief Sunday Ighoho’s reason for agitation is that herdsmen are oppressing natives in Yorubaland. They are invading farms, raping women and kidnapping people… why in heaven’s name would anyone think it is right to seek his downfall.
The Jagaban that this group celebrate is even cautious to condemn him…

He says he has an issue with the way Yoruba people are graduates but can’t get jobs, even in Yorubaland, their ancestral home where Northerners control the ports and boarders.
How is that a wrong battle to fight. Let the Chief focus on his mission and let others focus on what they believe to be… or do we expect him to fight all the battles?
PS… anyone who spires to take a center stage in a struggle as this must learn the power of unity and wisdom to work with all by tapping into their strengths rather than constantly go on a rubble rousing campaign of mudslinging against everyone.
You will all turn yourselves into a joke and comic relief. Even the Jagaban you think you are defending with eventually reject you because you do him more harm than good.

• • •

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8 Apr

When the Yorubas and Igbos were clamouring for independence from colonial british, the Fulanis said they were not interested in getting free from British imperialist.

It is on record that the Fulanis and the Hausas never fought the British for independence and none of their elites were jailed for an independence Nigeriia.
We must never also forget that the Fulanis were ready to break away from Nigeria if Aguiyi Ironsi was unable to implement the unitary (centralized) system of government.
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8 Apr
Kidnapping indigenous people, destroying farmlands, rapiing of women and slaughteriing of people in the country side of any host community are all ancient but effective war strategies used in medieval times against indigenous people.

This is one of the technical definition of War of attrition.

If any Yoruba man or woman thiinks the Fulanis do not know what they want or they do not know what they are doing across Yorubaland and the middle belt, you are joking.
After the Fulaniis start their killiing spree, kidnapping, rapiing and destruction of farmlands across Nigeriia, the next thing their leaders and elites ask for is "LANDS" in form of RUGA. Are they not smart? They create the problems and also dictate the solutions.
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8 Apr
Awolowo tried a lot to promote Yoruba patriotism and freedom amongst Yorubas in Kwara, Kogi, Delta and the south west. Unfortunately, he was antagonized by internal traitors like Akinjide, OBJ, MKO, Akintola, Fani Kayode, Olunloyo etc...
The people mentioned above called Awolowo a tribalist in order to paint themselves as liberal, open minded and finally a "patriotic" Nigerian.
They ruthlessly pursued power by aligning with the Feudal Fulani Oligarchs in order to become relevant. They accumulated wealth, power and affluence for themselves and their families at the expense of their people.
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8 Apr
Adewale Adeoye writes:

This is a story that should touch the heart of any Yoruba leader that is conscious of Yoruba history and who understands what power is.

From last Friday to Monday, I barely slept for 3 hours...
all night it was calls and calls and meetings because of this issue- Small me!!!

The newly picked Olu has a Yoruba mother. Emami and co were opposed to him.
When the President of Itsekiri Congress called me that I should do something, so that they wont stop the man with Yoruba mother, I knew the meaning.
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8 Apr

The kind of confusion being perpetrated by Bini people in Southern Nigeria today is paranoidal.
If they are not cursing Oduduwa republic agitators today, they are threatening the Biafra agitators tomorrow....
If you want to understand the "ethnic minority complex", just try and study this people.
The irony of the matter is that, the Bini people as a nation is virtually mapped out for assimilation and extinction by the caliphate if not for the presence of the other major ethnic Nationalities in Southern Nigeria.
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7 Apr
“Remembering a true friend, Adekunle Fajuyi who died alongside Aguiyi Ironsi in Ibadan.”

On 29 July 1966, Head of State, General Aguiyi Ironsi, visited Adekunle Fajuyi In Ibadan to address a conference of traditional rulers... Image
At 4 am, soldiers, led by Theophilus Danjuma and Joe Garba, drove into Government House, Agodi, Ibadan.
Their mission was to kidnap and kill Ironsi in a reprisal coup.

Adekunle Fajuyi refused to allow them take away Aguiyi Ironsi but they overpowered him.
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