The cat provides warmth and subluxes my knee while I read “Cripping the Manifesto” finally.
#14 is why I didn’t RT you. This morning was when I realized it worked, and tonight because I can stay up I’ve QQQed my bio. Further proof of myself I 79ed my records. Tabby cat with head buried in red and white blanket sleeps o
#91 hard agree. Rereading again because I read twice and was still surprised which I should expect from #25 and another I can’t refind because command f won’t work. I am afraid of #49 just as I live it. It was #53. At home when I sleep, #87 is also true. I’ll link in next tweet
Cripping the Manifesto

• • •

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24 Mar
@premera Thanks for being an absolutely evil entity. You should feel really good about the fact you are forcing someone who is contraindicated to take a medication for four weeks for a condition they don't have in able to be allowed to have procedure they need for something else
@premera in a peer to peer refused to let me have two related procedures done at the same time because I hadn't tried a medication I'm contraindicated for and that is for a condition I DON'T have. Instead they want me to have two separate excursions under anaesthesia.
@premera also had an agent and a nurse call me to harass me about accepting their decision and explain "my options" even though I was already aware and had not requested these calls and already had explained it completely disregarded my situation.
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1 Mar
Hi, lovely people. Tomorrow is Disability Day of Mourning. I hope you'll listen and amplify their voices tomorrow (as I hope you always do). For my fellow disabled people, I'm planning on mourning off-line, this year it's too much to mourn in the abled public eye.
The thread below is for non-disabled people. It is the short version of topics I'd be pleading about tomorrow. Pick one of these things and aim to understand it. Amplify disabled voices speaking about it. Commit to preventing our early deaths.
CW ableism filicide

It is overwhelming that we have to continue to ask that you don't kill us. That we have to have anti-filicide tool kits (see ASAN). That we have to beg to have our lives valued in this pandemic - first that it is 'only' us at risk, and now to be deprioritized
Read 14 tweets
13 Feb
Per LRT - I have some feelings that I would have replied with that didn’t quite fit the thread so I want to acknowledge Nicole inspired them but not derail the original thread
I’ve only been through undergrad, but there really is so much about academia that feels like it’s built in a way that could complement access... but then doesn’t because of other things we tack onto it.
Summers meant built in time for me to get surgery and recover during undergrad BUT then when I got out of undergrad I was considering ‘lacking’ as a candidate for not having the REU/internship experience of my peers
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11 Feb
It's midway through February and I finally watched @EvoDevoDiva SICB 2021 talk on ascidian tail development. I've had this talk queued up since it went live, and it's a good talk with beautiful images and video, but I knew it was going to make me cry.
The talk includes work done by Zander Fodor, who was my first science mentor. He died far too young, in a disability related accident in Fall 2018. I met Zander in March of 2016 at Friday Harbor Labs, where he was my TA and lab mentor.
That course was the first time I spent extended time outside my abusive household. It was my first time ever really fathoming I had a future, that I could live and feel safe. Zander took me under his wing, and treated that future as bright, and a given.
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24 Jan
#DisabilityHasNoAgeRequirement I complained of subluxations from the tender age of 6 or 7 and I am only just finding a doctor who will consider hypermobility.
#DisabilityHasNoAgeRequirement I’m autistic now as an adult, just as I was autistic as a child, and I will be autistic when I die.
#DisabilityHasNoAgeRequirement and it’s infuriating that when I discussed using mobility aids with my doctor and therapist due to pain, fatigue, etc I was told I was too young to risk it, that I wouldn’t be taken seriously
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18 Jan
Trying to line up a disability accommodation for a medical appt and they are telling me it’s against the rules but to think of it like “candy and movie theaters” and if I break the rule I’ll likely get away with it and that they’d rather that then officially acknowledge my need.
Trying to stick to my guns and insist they actually acknowledge my need officially rather than trying to circumvent liability and responsibility on their part to accommodate disabled patients. Already been told I can ‘just not have the appt’ if I don’t want to break the rules.
And they told me they won’t provide the accommodation... so they won’t enforce the rule and will let people get away with it if they don’t need it, but they won’t officially provide it as an accommodation. The ableism is ripe this morning.
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