All I’ve done here is juxtapose their reporting on one superspreader against another. Nothing fancy. Let’s go...

Had to start with the gold standard of journalism. @republic
For some reason, @ABPNews didn’t feel like calling the second one a “masterstroke.” Small mercies.
@aajtak is excited to see Haridwar preparing for the “maha” gathering. COVID? Oh, c’mon, this ain’t no ‘coronawali jamaat,” is it?
Desh ke sath vishwasghat. That’s bhaktspeak for treason. Yeah, the shit that gets you the gallows. Unless, as @ZeeNews implies, you have some “aastha” to spare.
No funny infographics this time, with our without headgears, because @IndiaToday is too busy this time. The best they can do is put up a headline with both Kumbh and covid in it. That should be neutral enough.
Missing @indiatvnews’ amazing sting this time. Imagine the number of random spitters they could capture at Haridwar! Maybe bhakts only spit on their “right.”

• • •

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8 Apr
About a hundred miles from Aurangabad, on NH-222, is a quaint little village called Pathri. Only a few years before the Sepoy Mutiny, the region had been the exclusive domain of various Muslim rulers including the Nizam of Ahmednagar. Image
The otherwise inconsequential town revived its prominence last year when the Chief Minister extended to it a grant of a billion rupees. Why such an astronomical sum for a town that barely enjoys a spot on the map, much less the minds? Good question, hold on to it for now.
Although poor and nondescript, Pathri's Hindu demography is primarily Brahmin. Not just Brahmins but a very specific subset, Deshastha. And almost all members of this community trace their pedigree to either Yajurvedis or Rigvedis. In short, remarkably homogeneous.
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25 Mar
Say the worst comes to pass anyway. Shouldn’t be hard to imagine given our trajectory, so do imagine.

What dya see? Go on, be as vivid as you’d like to. It’s the glorious Hindu Rashtra of India’s pipe dreams. It’s saffron all over. What else?
Remember, it’s not just communal but also incompetent. So while you have majestic temples on every intersection, you also have mile-long lines of desperate panhandlers and weary hobos who couldn’t land a better livelihood, right outside.
Magnificent schools—er...gurukuls—with the best of curriculum India could’ve wished for, reinventing science, reimagining history, and generally redefining scholarship. From Vedic airplanes to dung therapy to bhoot vidya, you have it all under one roof.
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25 Mar
Sometime in the early 20th century, archeologists digging up a Ukrainian paleolithic site stumbled upon a carved figure. The jury's still out on whether it's a woman or a bird, but the consensus is on one of the two.
Nothing remarkable here except the fact that the figure was carved into a tusk. Not an elephant but something way larger, and way older. A woolly mammoth. If you've never seen one of those around, that's because they went extinct more than 10,000 years ago.
Clearly, whatever civilization created that figure lived and died exceptionally long ago. We're talking prehistory here. Even more remarkable was what the archeologists found upon closer inspection. The figurine, far from bland, was covered in etchings.
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18 Feb
For some fun but unrelated background, we'll start with America. The year is 1910, seven years since Orville Wright's first flight into aviation history.

By now, flying is to the Wrights what driving would be to us later.
Enter Max Morehouse, an aviation enthusiast and a reasonably influential businessman in Columbus, Ohio. At the time, Morehouse ran Rowland, Morehouse and Martens Company, one of the largest modern departmental stores selling high-end merchandise in the city.
Actually wait, before we go any further with Morehouse, let's talk a bit more about the Wrights.

Over the past seven years, the brothers had built several more Wright Flyers. But to make any money out of'em, they needed to make more...pilots.

So they had an idea.
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15 Feb
Something I wrote on FB the day after Pulwama (just showed up in memories):

An ungodly amount of military-grade RDX spends hours in a vehicle cruising on the wrong side of one of the most heavily militarized highways on the subcontinent, perhaps world.
The man (man, not men) at the wheels is affiliated with a foreign terror outfit, but is himself a local. The convoy being targeted is not a couple of police cars but a 78-vehicle armed juggernaut.

And all of this, less than 13 miles from the capital?
Think pulling off a stunt like this on foreign soil with this confidence would be a bed of roses? Sure, in Bombay. But in Kashmir? Think you could so much as sneeze in a place like that without help? Who are we talking about — Satan?
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14 Feb
This Valentine's Day is probably the first of its kind in generations. Love in the thick of a raging global pandemic has a strange post-apocalyptic yet romantic ring about it. This thread tells the story of one such love affair from a different era.
As of this writing, COVID's toll stands at a staggering 2.3 million. But there's another, less heeded killer that's silently clocked similar numbers every year for years, and continues to. At one time, it was killing one victim every 22 seconds.
This story takes place in the thick of what's rarely seen as a pandemic but is every bit one, even if less "glamorous" than, say, the Black Death. Or COVID.

A Jewish family from Belarus had immigrated into America and settled in Queens, NYC.
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