Last night, I had a catch-up call with some YouTuber friends (@mattdavella, @tomfrankly, @joeyschweitz, @np1ndey, @nathanieldrew_). We chatted for around 2 hours. Some notes 👇
Every YouTuber at every size worries about the algorithm. One of the biggest challenges of being a YouTuber is trying not to worry about the algorithm.
The highlight reel looks very different to the behind-the-scenes. The guys complimented me on my apparent disregard for the algorithm, and willingness to put out random content (eg: piano + singing) that had nothing to do with productivity.
In reality, I was shititng myself when I pressed publish on that video, and it absolutely tanked in performance, which made me sad for many days.
.@nathanieldrew_'s taken a break from posting regularly recently. We all worry so much about consistency and about 'channel momentum'. But his doesn't seem to have changed at all. Could consistency be a myth? Maybe for some channels, it might be.
We're all trying to be sincere with our videos, but not too serious about them. 'Sincere' = recognising that it's all just a game, and we're going to play our best, but not let it ruin our lives. 'Serious' = taking the game too seriously.
We often don't watch each other's videos, so as to not accidentally-end-up-copying an idea. But we probably worry too much about appearing as though we're stealing ideas from one another anyway.
Most of us feel 'experienced-starved' because of covid. It's like we've been living the same day everyday for months. When creating content of any kind, it's always more interesting and fulfilling to draw from first-hand experience, rather than to distil second-hand experience
This is a big part of why I'm heading back into Medicine, rather than aiming to be a 'full time YouTuber'. *Doing* stuff and then talking about it is very different to *reading* stuff and then talking about it.
Amongst all of us (and lots of my other YouTuber friends), there's a general trend towards "I want to make videos I enjoy, rather than just focusing on videos that I know will perform well".
Recurring calendar events are the best. Matt initiated the first call 3 months ago, and now it's in the calendar for every quarter. This is going to ensure it actually happens.
Someone always needs to initiate. If you've got a group of friends, then try to be the initiator of a regular group activity (with calendar links). They'll all be thankful for it.
Some level of structure is also good. The conversation was very free-flowing, but had a general structure of 'each person sharing what they're working on this quarter', which springboarded into interesting discussions.
Thanks guys for the ongoing inspiration. Special shoutout to @tomfrankly for bringing us together, and to @mattdavella for organising the calls :) Until next time xx

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18 Nov 20
Started @Gladwell 's writing masterclass - it's *really* good and I'm only like 30 minutes in. Here are some notes I made.
🧩 Writing is like a puzzle. You're taking pieces and arranging them to make a picture for the reader. It's satisfying in the same way. The only difference is that you don't have the finished picture for reference.
✍️ If the pieces of your writing don't fit, you can make them fit. You can write your way out of a problem.
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1 Oct 20
Just read a fantastic post by @anthilemoon on The Power of Flexible Consistency. Some key points, thread 👇🏼
1. Consistency is important, but life can get in the way. Flexible consistency is a mindset, not a rigid system. Stuff will come up. Don’t let it disrupt the habit. Missing one workout doesn’t have to end in a doom spiral
2. The Schedule is more important than the Scope. I’ve been struggling with this when it comes to medical exam prep. I wanted to block out 3 hours each day (9-12am) to study. But most days, something comes up and if I can’t do the full 3 hours, I decide to do nothing at all
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30 Jun 20
Me at the start of O&G placement: I’ve admitted a 29 year old lady, 10 weeks pregnant, with PV bleeding

Senior over the phone: what’s her Rhesus status?

Me: errr she’s 29 and pregnant so presumably for full escalation and CPR?


Me: ... oh
right time to explain the tweet. With pregnant ladies we ask about their ‘Rhesus’ status, ie their blood group (positive or negative). If they’re Rhesus negative, ie their blood group is O negative or A neg or B neg etc, and bleeding, we give them a special antibody
Completely separately, when we’re admitting patients into hospital (and especially if they’re old, frail etc) we ask about their ‘Resuscitation Status’ or ‘Resus’ status - ie: have we had the conversation with them about whether we would perform CPR if their heart were to stop
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19 May 20
“How to make money online” just went up - . here’s the takeaways if you cba to watch it - thread 1/
Money is a medium for exchanging value. Therefore, to make money, you have to provide value. 2/
There are 3 forms of value that people will pay for. These are the ‘3 Levels’ of making money online: (1) Services, (2) Products, (3) Attention. 3/
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13 May 20
🎙Podcast Notes from "Invest Like the Best" @patrick_oshag x @tobi. Some fun business stuff but also some cool life stuff.
(…) Thread👇
1/ Video games are good for us. Everyone at @Shopify is allowed to expense Factorio (…). Played a lot of real-time strategy eg Starcraft when younger.
2/ RTS games are cool because it's all about managing resources. Gold, minerals etc, but most importantly attention. At higher levels of play, it's the player who can pay attention to the relevant things amidst all the chaos who'll win.
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8 May 20
1/🎙Notes from @CalebWojcik x @ChrisDucker ( Nothing new for me personally but a good distillation of why + how to have/build a “personal brand”
2/ On Personal Branding - Everyone has a personal brand whether you like it or not. Another word for it is “professional reputation”. Therefore, it makes sense to think about what sort of personal brand / reputation you want to build rather than leave it to chance.
3/ 5 ways to monetise a personal brand: (1) coaching / consulting, (2) affiliate marketing, (3) digital products , (4) membership site, (5) live events
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