There is a beautiful shloka by श्री पराशर भट्टर् before he begins his bhāṣya in his Bhagavadguṇa darpaṇa, telling the greatness of the Vishnu sahasranāma. Very well explained by Velukkudi Svamy in one of his videos. (storing some points here)
महाभारतसारत्वात् ऋषिभिः परिगानतः
वेदाचार्यसमाहारात् भीष्मोत्कृष्टमतत्वतः
परिग्रहातिशयतो गीताद्यैकार्थ्यकश्चनः
सहस्रनामाध्याय उपादेयतमो मतः
mahābhāratasāratvāt - The very essence of mahābhārata, Like palkova is the essence of litres of milk, so is the gītā & the sahasranāma of the entire bhārata. Gītā is tattvopadeśa, and the latter is tattvadarśīvacana (vacana of one who has realised the tattva, that is bhagavān)
The essence from a Bhāgavata himself; both Nārada and Krishna (both avatāras of Bhagavān) asked Yuddhisthira to go to Bhīṣma for the upadeśam, the jnāna he had by Bhagavān's grace.

Ṛṣibhiḥ parigānataḥ - sung by the great Ṛṣis who knew all dharma
vedācāryasamāhārāt - strung together by vedācārya, Bhagavān vedavyāsa. Bhagavaan himself,
"व्यासाय विष्णु रूपाय व्यासरूपाय विष्णवे"
In this avatāra Bhagavān holds śāstra, not the śastra. शास्त्र, which enlightens
bhīṣmotkṛṣṭamatatvataḥ - expounded by the great Bhīṣma who knew all the śāstras, and accepted the greatest dharma. "eṣa me sarva dharmāṇām dharmo adhikato mataḥ"
parigrahātiśayato - accepted by all persons of respect from various fields of life. eg. the āyurveda says to chant the sahasranāma during fever/making medicines etc.
gītādyaikārthyakaścanaḥ - contains the same teachings as the gītā and other texts of authority. The sahasranāma is a supplement to the gītopadeśam by Bhagavān. He himself says, whatever Bhīṣma says to Yuddhiṣṭhira here will be regarded as authoritative as the vedas
So well explained that I ended up by-hearting the śloka
The videɔː

Svamy wonderfully explains the glory of nāmasaṅkīrtanam. Let the Vishnu sahasranāma be a puruṣārtha instead of an upāya

• • •

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