Vendor: Good morning @IamEtubo, Anon just ordered you our peppered delicious chicken shrimp soaked jollof rice meal. Please DM your details

Me: Haaaaa! Oyaaaaa! God bless you and anon. Pls how long does it take to make and deliver it. Cos me I am hungry o.
Vendor: Err, not long at all sir. But you pay for delivery. Where do you stay.
Me: I stay in Ikorodu
Vendor: we are on the island, so the delivery fee is 2K sir.
Me: Please send your details.
*5 mins later*
*details enters*
*sends 2K*
Vendor: Seen, I will get back to you as soon as it is done.
*2 hours later*

Vendor: Done sir, I need your address.
Me: Can you send a picture of the meal because ha. My body is not touching ground again! I am excited! Who dey breeeeet?
*vendor sends picture*

Me: Vendor, Please it is only rice and one boiled egg I am seeing in the picture. I think pe you sent the wrong picture. I am talking about the one anon bought for me.
Vendor: That is it sir.
Me: I thought you said "peppered delicious chicken soaked jollof rice meal" so where is the chicken and shrimp? Please don't play games with me.
Vendor: you missed the "soaked" sir. We used shrimp and chicken juice to cook the rice.
Me: so how did boiled egg reach there? Not even ponmo?
Vendor: That is our meal of the day and even on sale.
Me: Okay, so how much is it?
Vendor: N350 sir.
Me: So you charged me N2K to deliver packaged concoction and egg? Do you know you have just attracted 2,000 curses flying around? You know what? Please send me back my 2k. I don't want again.
Vendor: The delivery fee is non-refundable sir. I already paid the delivery guy. We are waiting for your address.
Me: We bawo? How?
Vendor: OH! I usually come with the deliveryman, I don't want any issues.
Me: Oh! Okay. My address is 43 Ololade St. Ikorodu.
Vendor: See you soon.
*1 hour later*
Sir, we have been riding around and can't find the address. The rider just left me sir. I'm at end of the road. The last house with orange GP tank.
Me: The area is confusing. Just keep going straight you will see my house soon.
Vendor: OK sir

*15 mins later*

"I have been walking in the bush for 15 mins. I found a house and I am not sure it is yours and I am scared.
Me: Hmmm please send a picture.
Vendor: This sir
Me: Oh that is where I want you to bring it gan gan.
Vendor: So where are you?
Me: I am not there. What is your name again?
Vendor: Oluwayinka sir.
Me: See, Oluwa better yi e ka laidis. Because the egbere that will beat and pursue you today. Shebi you and the anon are both mad?
Me: see they are carrying sacrifice in Ikorodu tonight. Ti e ti ba. You own have catch you. You will learn your lesson today.
Vendor: .......
Me: Mr Oluwayinka are you there?
Second day:

*Your MCM gave...*

Me: blocks Vendor 😌😌😌
This thread na cruise o. Just pure cruise. Not real at all.

• • •

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8 Apr
*Text comes in*

"Etubo! No forget about Kunle naming ceremony today o".

*3 hrs later... Seun honks*

"Etubo make we go ooooo!"

*gets to party, and DJ scratches, and Koleyewon track enters*

*Hands Seun my wallet belongings*
*Yells haaaa! Pushes everyone and starts giving them baban'la legwork*

*Dj scratches, "rush" by Bella enters*

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We were pulled over by Nigerian police the last time I was in Naija and this man saw a weapon certification in my wallet and was shocked. The weapon certification had a list of weapons I was qualified to shoot. He yelled "you fit shoot this thing?" I said "yes nau".. he-
Yelled "so if I give you this my gun, you fit shoot am well". I said "boya you should give me and let us see? 🤷🏾‍♂️" He said "who qualify you?". I said "This thing clearly says "Missouri State. Na yankee nah! I mean USA". He yelled "Sergeant Ojo! Sergeant blah blah come o!"
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28 Jan
Amiyah's teacher dragged us (parents) in the mud yesterday. It was freaking funny LMAO.

We had parents meeting (zoom) yesterday morning around 9am. So, after the teacher gave the neccessary info, she was like...
Before you guys leave "We just got another learning app and I'm gonna need to teach you how to navigate through it, because it is complicated"

She shared her screen, and showed us. She said "I'll let you guys try it. Please let me know if you have any questions"
2 mins later, a lady asked "ma'am, how do we do this..." the teacher shared her screen, and went through it again, and said "let me know if you have any other questions'. Few mins later, 2 other people asked her the same question. She replied "I am going to share my screen AGAIN-
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5 Jan
The African store I went to yesterday had meatpie. I was like "Omo, e af tay that i ate meatpie o. 🤔🤔" Wo! I don't need to eat meatpie jare. Will I die if I don't eat it? I could hear the meatpie whispering "bros, I fresh die. Buy me nau. I don tire inside showglass buy and-
Chop me plsss 🥺" I just gboju. After I was done shopping, I sha went to check out. Omo, those people that own the store wicked o. They goan put the showglass where you will checkout ni sha. I looked at the meatpie again, e reach like 10 inside the showglass. I think pe boya the
Bros that was helping me with check out noticed me looking at the meatpie. He asked "bros, you want meatpie?". So because I am looking at the meatpie nau, you think pe boya I want to buy? What do you take me for? Olojukokoro or what? What is wrong with you people? Don't vex me...
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4 Jan
Amiyah's friends came the other day for a sleepover yeah? These "friends" are siblings (5 and 7). Omo these kids scattered our house, you will think pe boya tornadoe passed through our house ni. I went to the store and came back, and thought I was in the wrong house. It remain -
Small for 3 of them to carry couch and goan put it outside, everything was just upside down. I entered Amiyah's room, I thought I was in a poultry.

I was like:
If you hear legendary alaigboran eran nuru... ha! It is those kids. There is nothing they didn't climb. As they are climbing table... "Hey! Guys get down!" Before you finish talking, they have climbed window. Omo, that day I didn't even understand Amiyah again. It got to a point-
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1 Jan
If you have kids, you NEED to understand the importance of brain breaks. Ensure they get these breaks when they get frustrated or irritated while learning. Do NOT introduce cane or yell at them! They are kids, not robots. Most times, if you have to repeat yourself 3 times or
more, or they keep crying while learning, or they keep getting it wrong... chances are they need the brain breaks. Please ensure they get them. Let them play around, and them come back to it. Whatever is it they are doing (homework, projects or whatever) isn't going anywhere.
Please don't beat them, or stress them even more. That is why most don't wanna go to school or, starts crying when it is time for homework. Kids love to have fun, they could actually have fun while they learn. Get snacks, favorite music, and games. I usually divide Amiyah's
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