Permissive men make for insolent women.

The louder her mouth, the more obnoxious her attitude, and the less generally pleasant and more conflict seeking she is, the weaker and more absent her father.

It's almost as if, women aren't very feminine without a man to ground them.
A woman's demeanour reveals all you need to know about the men in her life.

If she's a little too arrogant and a little too free with her cruelty, the men around her have failed to regulate her nature, and the ugliness you see before you is the result of their colossal failure.
The funniest part is when they're sexually submissive despite being like this.

When your bedroom personality doesn't match your everyday personality, you are a fragmented individual.

Suddenly wanting to be submissive in one context but commanding in all others is just weird.
The bedroom personality is the true personality, the mask off, the core and raw nature, the essence of who they are.

When that doesn't match how they behave on a day to day basis, it suggests oversocialisation (social engineering) or maladaptation (operating from resentment).

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7 Apr
@ArtfulPrudence Men enjoy the pleasures of womanly chaos, the adventure, passion and zest she can bring - but these things are mere indulgences, not necessities. Men can live without them. Women depend on men to bring them stability through order to stop their own chaos swallowing them whole.
@ArtfulPrudence Her demand's greater, because her need's greater. In man it is not so much a need as it is a desire, he doesn't need her, he wants her. For her it's when she realises she needs him that she wants him, thereby igniting her obsession as she reorients herself to make him her centre.
@ArtfulPrudence This is why women who try to play it cool always invariably fail to do so, for if they do not fail, they are not really in love, for women in love are obsessed to the point he becomes her everything. His existence consumes her essence entirely, her directive becomes pleasing him.
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4 Apr
Unless you're dating a woman in her early 20's, you have no time at all.

She wants a marriage yesterday and a baby today.

You have all the time in the world, but she doesn't. So everything is expedited in a mad rush to catch the tail end of her fertility window.
This is why the ancients married off women young.
Also why I think men who use up a woman's best years and then ditch her without marriage or children should be charged with some sort of crime. Honestly very bad for society. Those quality "we don't have to rush and can spend time enjoying each other" years are never coming back.
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3 Apr
Simple test: ask a woman who she thinks who should be in charge in the relationship: the man or the woman? If she says "woman" or "we're both in charge 50/50" or "nobody is in charge" or some nonsense like this, you know she's an idiot.

Treat her accordingly.
Women who don't understand basic gender roles are not relationship material.

Women who don't respect hierarchy & follow their man are not relationship material.

No need to waste your time with brainwashed idiot feral women who don't know how to build a solid, prosperous family.
Few who disagree with this are happily married, or come from successful solid homes.

They understand nothing and get upset about everything. All their relationships end in failure, and they keep repeating their mistakes.

All feels, no thoughts and bad values. Zero to offer you.
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2 Apr
"Democracy is stupid because it's rule by the majority, and socialism always appeals to the majority because it is rhetorically superior despite being systematically inferior, and because the majority are stupid, so democracy always leads to socialism and that's why it sucks"
"People don't believe in equality, they just think they do. If you ask him if it's fair some are rich & others are poor, he'll say no. But if you say if he works harder and now makes $3000 instead of $2000, should someone not working harder also make $3000 like him, he'll say no"
"See you took the unfairness felt for some being rich and others being poor to make a pro equality argument, and made a pro inequality argument by taking that same unfairness & saying, well what if others make as much as you despite doing less than you, do you like equality now?"
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26 Mar
Instead of teaching people to repress and rewarding them for being possessed, society should teach people to integrate their shadows instead.

A society this socially advanced has never been seen before.

But in terms of "social sciences" - I do believe this to be the frontier.
A woman with an integrated shadow is sexual without being slutty, discerning without being bitter.

A man with an integrated shadow possesses the capacity for destruction but channels that towards protection and growth rather than predation.

Both leverage the dark for the light.
Everybody has a dark side, and denying its existence, as society teaches, is foolish.

The longer you repress an integral part of yourself, the more strongly it finds a way to express itself later on.

So rather than suppress it, you transmute it toward a nobler purpose.
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25 Mar
Over a long enough time span, every woman exposes who she truly is. For you, stay the same and do not change. Watch her change slowly regardless. The more comfortable she gets, the more she reveals herself. Take a look at what you see, and ask yourself if you like the real her.
What she shows you at the beginning is her best behaviour. Unless you are constantly manipulating her to keep her on her toes (unlikely for men who have better things to do) she will get lazy and relax into her real self rather than the fake self she tried to impress you with.
A woman should never stop trying to impress you, when she does, this is a turning point in your relationship. It's an insidious form of disrespect. But women are, inherently, creatures of comfort. They won't try harder than they feel they have to. Is why married women get fat.
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