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@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ Bonus: when there's death ppl revere shiva....they chant mahamrityanjaya mantra. actually the jews also sit 'shiva'{it's called that just search} during mourning of deceased ppl.
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ shiva is actually a very very very ancient word, it existed without the imagery....the imagery is a way to convey the same concept using 3d images & pictures......the same thing that is conveyed using words.
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ when you understand and look & observe carefull you'll be ablt to 'feel' shiva u'll FEEEL it's meaning. instinctively.
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ you might have guessed it by now why this particular shape of stone or anything is referred to as shiva. because it is being needs to be still & unwavering to get that shape over time.
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ why do you think it's always told to do jal abhishek ina stream..only? and on top like this.....u guessed it ...u know it...u feel're making shiva.........that linga slowly slwly is becoming shiva
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ a stone acan only acquire that shpa eif it is 'sitting' shiva i.e being unwavering,constant,immovanle....that's why we revre shiva & want to be shiva in times of death & bad times we wanto emulate & be shiva....
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ isn't that cool?😎 now look at this an ice shiva linga! look at imagine yourself as this piece of it is....think how the ice had to be to be get this shape
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ the ice had to be solid, unwavering it had to be's being shiva for soo long...for centuries!!! now imagine it as yourself....try to be inspired & be like the 'shiva guru'. BE like this!!
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ just like being brave like a tiger, fast as wind, strong as stone.....BE ... constant,unwavering,in the face of adversity ShIVA🙏🙏 when you think this this will bring a chaneg in ur mindset & will help, humans r naturally imagistic & take iinspiration from nature.
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ look at them, see what they are doing, see how they are sitting...they are being shiva!.....also notice the stone under them and teh shape, they are one with shiva
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ Now see this maybe now u''ll be bale to realise & understand teh POwerful mesage in them.....shiva & ganga story remmeber? read it.
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ i don;t think i need to tell now why shiva lingas are found naturally(swayambhu shiva) & installed near water u know....😊😊
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ ppl don't tell u all this....even so called 'padits'. Not many know which is sad....i'm giving you gold.....spread it around. sed that ppl dont appreciate the powerful message behind it.
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ some bonus.... see that small pot on has a hole int he bottom...actually u're always supposed to put water in it only......why? i guess u cannow easily figure out...the water comes out in a stream......directly on top of the stone.
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ Bonus: associated imagery.... you know cobra is associated with shiva in many places & in the deva form of shiva.
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ you should search & read a bit about the cobra & how poisonous it does looking at the cobra make YOU feel
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ let's say u're waling in the village & you encounter a cobra... how you feel?.......u get it now....also how do you have to be to not be sacred by have to be shiva to have a cobra dangling in your neck 😋😅
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ now go and listen to the sound of dumroo..... and you'll Feel it through music!!
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ trident or trishul.....why that?? hmmm the trident is actually a ancient superweapon, the best really. ppl have killed tigers, controlled bulls with it. single handedly. it's also a fierce thing in battle.. why does hiva ride a huge bull?...u know now.
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ bomus: also look at maa durga. actually the durge word in itself mean litearlly power. without the imagery the word itself means power. durga maa is on another level , i'll explains ome other day, SHE IS SHAKTI!! INDEEED!
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ about trident being superweapon watch here....also the snake in neck has to also do with mmmm sound of om...... imagine yourself choked in the'll be only be able to say mmm(there's air only in your nose tht can be pushed){cz ur choked}
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ home work: u know why crescent moon is associated with shiva??? u know about about shivratri? what happens on it? what's so special in the sky? & what's maha abt mahashivratri? look at the moon at the time & u'll know why.
@ghost__particle @LiberalSaccha @upword_ also linga means "symbol" roughly so shiva linga is symbol of shiva.

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6 Apr
The man with blue skin....🤨 It's interesting that all great siddha yogis who worship shiva are also described as bluish, in fact this is the color you find(bluish grey black) in paintings of devtas.
interestingly shiva is said to have drinked vis. This is gorakhnath ji.
turns out blue skin call also be hereditary :o
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