This map of Afreaka, known to every casual student of history, very important to leftoids for the same reason as their CIA obsession. Anyone who's come in touch with millennial/zoomer students sees "poverty of global South is because North TOOK it from them" article of faith
Reasons for global south dysfunction can't be endogenous for same reason that historical distribution of wealth in societies in general has to be result of a conspiracy of force or treachery. Colonialism and/or CIA is reason, not local culture, circumstances or (oh no!) biology.
That biology must be denied as cause of global South poverty and lack of participation in history is also reason for hostility to "eugenics" including interest in IQ differential of nations...IQ and wealth of nations idea drives them crazy, forced focus instead on "instiTOOTions"
The idea global South latrine is because North colonialism (or CIA) is not just extension of "whyte privilge" myth but I believe its origin. Marxism-Leninism and communism aren't "economic analyses" but specifically the desire for wealth transfer from global North to global South
This program North-South transfer is implicit in Marx and explicit in Lenin, and was only temporarily put on hold during Stalin (not really). Revived in 1950's. It's also the reason Rawls is victory of Marxism over Liberalism (liberal arguments to advance Marxist end goal...)
I try short coffeezone thred clarification of debates over what is the left, what is communism; often leftoids play bait-and-switch with or are even unaware of original meaning of leftoid project. Has nothing to do with "working class"; end-goal is North-South wealth transfer

• • •

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8 Apr
Caribbean Rhythms EPISODE 72 with PUSSYMASTER @Delicious_Tacos on womons of America, world, international whoring, his thoughts on manosphere, why I am most handsome man

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I've always believed humor is our best weapon...without it we are nothing. @Delicious_Tacos and I are opposed to this vicious Leviathan and see ridicule is best way to expose it and its low vision of life. This transcends left-right divide and all secondary disagreements...
We have no state power: rallies, conferences, earnest statements of positive desires, moral jeremiads, Theory, "Class Analysis" and other self-important posturing aren't useful, turn us into caricature; as in late Soviet Union, samizdat making regime ridiculous far more valuable
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1 Apr
One of the dirtiest Big Lies ever told is the Black Legend about Spain, which was promoted also by Spain's rivals England, the Dutch and so on. I will start to correct it!

Remember Jeronymo de Ayanz y Beaumont, inventor of steam engine, submarine, etc.…
Although originating in intra-European disputes, the Black Legend now functions as an anti-European and anti-Chrisitian smear. It is based on lies about 1400-1600 Spain as backward, obscurantist, ignorant, cruel both to minorities and to New World natives, etc. etc.
It will take many threds so mayb I do show or write article on this, to explain origins and meaning of Black Legend and to DEBOONK it. But one example for now: one of the most frequent lies is that the Spanish Church didn't want the people reading the Bible and hid it from laity
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31 Mar
This explains main problem with facephags: we don't begrudge people who have their own thoughts, their own past, who happen to use face and who sometimes engage with us. Whether it's Pat Buchanan or trainmaster, we love them. But James & co exist only to replace us
The facephag sees the immense energy and new thought of internet "revolution" since 2015 or a bit before--while having had nothing to do with it, seeks to insert himself as minstrel showman and gatekeeper. Has no existence aside from wanting--needing--to replace frogs
And to replace with what? "We want the frog energy minus the raycissm." No thank you. No such thing is possible, nor desirable. Because of this lameness they are also ultimately poor orators and demagogues...unable to press for the win against occupational class...
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2 Mar
Of course saying otherwise would end his career; he's holding on to a hope that promise of meritocracy can continue to serve as protection myth for both his job and for Amerikwa regime. Impossible because, first:
The Ibram Kendis are clearer minded or more honest than him. They know mathematical talent isn't and will never be equally distributed among all groups and is practically nonexistent in theirs; and they know they can get ahead without it, simply by agitation and political purity
Second, the myth of meritocracy--"anyone could be a gifted mathematician/scientist etc., will be rewarded with highest honors"--is false in USA now even aside from the Kendis. Large swathes of the American intelligentsia, not to speak of political class, are undeserving morons
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18 Jan
Academics and journalists on here steal the creative content of anons, give no attribution...but worse, they SANITIZE it. For example: the Bureaucrat repopularized Lasch, as well as Cuddihy, many other things. Taibbi and Anna K steal this, claim as their own, sanitize it
Facelords--academics, journalists on the make--are unwilling to call out, e.g. blaq or sexual-identity narcissism; or to criticize the idolatry of the Holocaust or similar. They steal creative, funny content from anons and turn it into another lame "critique of NEOLIBERALISM."
An intolerable shiftiness...I would ask facelords who read us to have honor, but they have none, so instead I remind others what goes on here. Funny, unusual content from frogs and anons gets repackaged as another boring pseudoMarxist critique of "deep state" or neoliberalism
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8 Jan
I might have to write something longer about this; transparent demoralization appealing to people's narcissism and fear of being betrayed: "you were conned! It's an OP!" Without ever having to deal with the arguments or the claims. Especially absurd coming from DC swamp creatures
I think what happened is @LokiJulianus did background/detective research so well that it drove the left and some establishment creaturas insane and they try to copy him. But they have neither his research skills nor ability to also take on the substance of opponent argument
It's a cop-out from people who often themselves have questionable institutional connections or help from e.g. Adelson or etc. But that aside, there remains the fact they continue to offer nothing new, no ideas, no vision, only retreads of intelleckshual conservatism or Chomskyism
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