1. Why Have None Of The Following Been Properly Covered In MSM In 2020/2021

Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, Event 201, World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UN Agenda 2030, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Build Back Better, 4th IR

🧵 1/26
2. Last week I put out the following tweet

3. The general consensus from reading the comments was that the majority of people have no idea about any of them. Why is that ? I think we already know the answer. Very little of it is covered in any depth in MSM but I needed proof.
4. I decided to jump in a little further and see how many of these people, events, foundations, groups were covered in Irish media from the outset of the “pandemic” up until today. That would give a pretty good idea of how much the general public actually know.
5. I’ve used The Irish Times as I have access to the archives which makes it easy for me to carry out the research. I have to thank the better half for spending her hard earned money as a subscriber as I certainly wouldn’t waste mine on the IT

Let’s have a look
6. Great Reset

Considering the buzz all over Twitter for the last 6 months has been about the Great Reset you would imagine journalists would cover it in depth. Hardly at all.
7. Laura Slattery in the IT said

If 2021 becomes the year of “The Great Reset”, as the theme-keen World Economic Forum contends it should be, then 2020 has been the year of “the great pivot”

8. Ross O'Carroll-Kelly, the satirical fictional Irish character, created by journalist Paul Howard wrote amusingly about the Great Reset irishtimes.com/life-and-style…
9. Using a satirical piece is quite an effective way to debunk "conspiracy theories". People will read it, laugh and move on without thinking of the more serious implications.

Few will bother to research it further as it is intended as satire
10. In January when the annual World Economic Forum takes place there is coverage of the WEF and Klaus Schwab. It also gave the IT an opportunity to bash Donald Trump. One of their favourite past-times

11. Within the past year the World Economic Forum was mentioned 25 times in the IT. There is always a flurry of activity around the time the WEF takes place in Davos every year then it hardly merits a mention until the next one appears.
12. The way the articles are written portrays the WEF as being a force of good discussing sustainability, climate change etc.

It wouldn't for one moment be involved in any nefarious activities or would it ?

13. From the gossip perspective of who Ireland’s richest billionaires are then using the WEF is perfect clickbait as the masses love reading about that crap.

14. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Who doesn't love a benevolent philanthropist who takes from the rich to give to the poor. A modern day Robin Hood. My bad. I got that wrong. I meant to say take from the poor to give to the rich.
15. The BMGF featured a few times in 2020/21 but only ever being portrayed in a positive light
16. No mention made of the fact that all 3 are in the WEF and would have the potential to profit handsomely from the "pandemic" in the upcoming year. The article was on March 19th 2020
They are all just doing it out of the goodness of their heart naturally.
17. Event 201, UN Agenda 2030, Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission don't merit a mention at all.

Event 201 was a defining event yet has been whitewashed. I even went back to 2019 when it took place.

And everything is building to UN Agenda 2030 yet it’s ignored
18. "Build Back Better" is mentioned in the context of NGOs who are on board with the Great Reset such as Trocaire & Oxfam.
19. Even the Universities are in on the act with advertising in the IT. Queens University Belfast are looking for people to do their urban planning courses to get involved in the future creation of "Smart Cities"

All part of UN Agenda 2030
20. The other time "Build Back Better" is used is when the papers refer to it as a slogan being used by Boris Johnson & Joe Biden or when it is being tied into sustainability

21. The 4th IR was mentioned 4 times in the last year. The most interesting article was a Sponsored one by Science Foundation Ireland. On the committee is Jun Ni a co-chair of the Global Future Council on Advanced Manufacturing and Production at the WEF

22. Prof Conor McCarthy, also on the board fronted this paid sponsorship piece.

If you see anything being funded by SFI then it probably is tied to the WEF irishtimes.com/business/innov…
23. So what exactly can we take from the coverage. Firstly, the majority of the terms are just mentioned in passing in the body of articles. There are no investigative articles at all. Everything connected to the WEF is a "force of good"
24. Maybe the journalists feel they just aren't worth investigating. Or maybe the Irish Times feels that if they were, people may wake up as to the bigger agenda that is going on underneath peoples noses but they are too brainwashed to see it.
25. Or could it be something to do with Point 1 in this tweet from last month. You decide.

26. You know the drill 😀 I write these 🧵 in my spare time and would really appreciate if you could retweet the very 1st tweet. Likes are great but retweets are required to reach as large an audience as possible to expose what is really going on behind the scenes. Many thanks.

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1. Who Are Behind TIFCO The Mandatory Hotel Quarantine Group For People Entering Ireland ?

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2. There’s a very well known Irish song which has the following lyrics

If you're Irish come into the parlor,
There's a welcome there for you;
If your name is Timothy or Pat,
So long as you come from Ireland,
There's a welcome on the mat, etc
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Not any more I'm afraid.

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2. I have been communicating backwards and forwards with this person for the last week. They say that the information they have provided is 100% accurate and I have no reason to doubt it whatsoever.
3. I have copied and pasted exactly what they communicated to me. Nothing has been edited. Just before you read what they sent I just want to make sure everyone knows what the acronyms stand for.
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