Midweek Gist: Horrible Human Managers!
My people, my people. How far? I don come again o with ogbonge aproko not like that Aproko dokto o. See ehn, this life no be am at all. Part of the Junior Chamber International Creed says "earth's great treasure lies in human personality".
2. Too much grammar right? Don't mind me. I had a chat earlier this morning with a friend who had to quit her job in Nigeria simply cos of the abuses & insults from the company's leadership....I was pissed. I am not going into sexual harassment in the workplace but the mental.
3. stress Nigerian workers go through every day in the hands of bosses. Let's get it clear, I know it exists cos I experienced it when I was still in Nigeria but the fact that it's happening is appalling. My people, I just got to this country & working with one of the first three
4. telecos here, something happened that should have turned my life around. I was a Call Centre Rep, on this particular day I attended to a customer around 10pm as I was on late shift....as part of service delivery, I made the customer comfortable but something changed our....
5. interaction. The customer opined that she was shocked to hear me speak good English, I had received such insults many times so I decided to deal with it differently. She first said I had an accent to which I replied that once you don't speak the way I speak then you have an..
6. accent....that made her feel stupid cos she agreed. Then, I made her realize that I have University education....she was shocked. She told me that she was a HR manager and asked about my field, knowing that the call was been monitored, I steered the convo away from me and back
7. to the reason she called. After about 6months and I mean after 6months, I was called off the floor to meet with some people from the HQ....I was wondering what the problem was. Before me was a man and a woman who told me that there's an allegation of trespassing & harassment..
8. against me by a customer, that was when I was reminded about the call after playing part of it back to me. The customer lived 4hrs away from me, she alleged that she believed I came to her house around 9pm on a particular day and she suspected that I came cos I wanted to give.
9. her my resume cos she told me that she was a HR manager. I was speechless. As God would have it, I was on late night shift on the said day and I didn't close until 11pm....her timing was wrong. She said she didn't see the person's face cos the person just drove through her...
10. property in a Blue Mazda 3....I was driving Infiniti G35 then and my wife had a Nissan SUV. I showed them the pictures of our cars and gave the investigators copies of our car ownership papers to go check with the Ministry of Transportation.
11. As part of the investigation, I was put on suspension with pay pending the conclusion of the investigation. During this period, God gave me a major break as I got a job in my field of IT... God used the suspension period for me to have time to do job hunting which I wouldn't
12. have had the time to do if I was not suspended. Three weeks after, the HQ contacted me that the investigation was completed and they found the allegations to be baseless... I was absolved of any wrong doing. To be on the safe side, I asked for a copy of the investigation...
13. reports and their conclusions. As I was asking for these documents, my employers got jittery and tried to convince me not to bother getting a copy of the reports cos they knew it's a basis for me to sue them for Special Damages and Emotional Trauma but I insisted on having it
14. I was going to sue them for $10m, I got a lawyer that I wasn't going to pay until the case was won, the lawyer would collect 30% of the settlement amount. While I was in the middle of filing the case, my pastor reached out to me to drop the case. At the same time, I told my..
15. employers that I was too traumatised to resume work, they asked me how much time I needed and if I needed financial help during the period aside from my salary.. I turned them down. They suspected that I wanted to sue so they were been nice to me. I dropped the case after the
16. company wrote a strong apology letter to me. While on the extended trauma leave, I resigned citing the trauma and embarrassment I had suffer as the reason for choosing to leave. I was given some money as compensation.
17. Now to Nigeria. I once had a boss who once tried to shift his carelessness and poor judgment on me before the Management, thank God for the awesome documentation I had on the issue which turned things around for. Knowing that I hadn't done anything wrong, I stood up to him.
18. But how many people have such courage to defend themselves in the workplace? Many people have been wrongly sacked just cos their bosses wanted to show they have such powers while others resigned in frustration. A couple of my friends working in banks are complaining of the..
19. about the insults they endure every day. I ask. Where is the respect for human dignity? Where is the skill required to manage human capital in bosses? Why is the Nigerian workplace so toxic? You can't get the best out of an intimidated workforce. Unfortunately, our labour...
20. laws are only good on paper without any monitoring in place and avenue for employees to seek redress without spending a dime. Nigerians are hardworking but we don't make them productive. The abused mentality makes a lot of Nigerians in the Diaspora keep quiet when they face..
21. workplace harassment. If you are a Manager and you see yourself as the lord....you are a failure. I will advice you to take a course with @oluwole_dada on People Management.

We need to treat everyone with dignity..they're not your slaves. You are both in a service contract.

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11 Dec 20
The 30k BMC myth

To some people on this street, those who support and fight to defend 🇳🇬 and the govt are recipients of a monthly 30k stipend as a reward for pushing back on naysayers. To these people, you must be paid to believe in 🇳🇬 or fight for govt of the day. What a shame!
2. The Patriots you love to insult and curse are regular pple like you just that they have strong conviction that 🇳🇬 will succeed. That said, alot of folks have benefited from this govt numerous intervention programs but still bash the govt whereas very few of the Patriots have
3. had such opportunities. A number of us have been shouting that this govt is highly deficient in the use of SM. Alot of govt programs don't receive the visibility they should simply cos some govt agencies have contracted their PR work to pple who only submit reports but lack
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14 Oct 20
Today, I salute the courage and tenacity of the Nigerian youths to have them heard on national issues particularly on Police brutality......you have stood up for all. Just as some of us stood up against the military, you have stood up to be counted on the side of the law & order.
2. Once again, kudos. I have observed that this protests have thrown up emergency leaders who have a different agenda from #EndPoliceBrutalityIsAMust. Such pple are infiltrators & dangerous. These emergency leaders are self serving & toxic. Allowing them to access kills the gains
3. already made. The Nigerian Youths have spoken loudly and they have been heard. This is the time to allow the demands met to be implemented in a peaceful manner without causing more havoc to an already bad situation.
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28 Aug 20

You are a Poultry Farmer. You inject your broilers with enhancement drugs. Your daughter in the University is major consumer of Chicken and chips.
2. You are a Parent. You buy exams for your child and lied to him that he is the most intelligent kid in the world. He goes to University and studied the wrong Course. Either he drops out or he becomes a quack in that sector. He eventually gets a calamity
3. You are a Senior Government Official. You take a bribe. Contaminated sugar is allowed in the Country. Your aging mother in the village gets cancer due to the contaminated sugar.
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21 Aug 20
Nigerian Lawyers and Ethics.

The legal profession remains a noble profession. From time immemorial legal profession has been the foundation of an orderly and equitable society. The years it takes to train a lawyer are never to be brushed aside. The legal profession is reverred.
2. On this street, we have some very sound lawyers who are by any standards more reasonable and professional than their seniors. Being a silk does not make you a genius in the profession. The ethics of the profession are higher than those in the profession. I will resist myself
3. to 1 or 2 isolated cases of breach of ethics. To start with, my father was a Lawyer but till he died he never took on Land matters....he said they're too volatile and he wanted to maintain his sanity. There was an instance in a land case in Oyo State in early 90s when a key
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8 Aug 20
Re: Ecobank's Sexual Harassment - My Greatest Disappointment!!!

I promised to drop what has so been my greatest disappointment so far on this app. I have always been someone who detest injustice in whatever form. My father brought us up to be the voice of the oppressed. I AM!
2. I was a member of Civil Liberties Organization and Committee for the Defence of Human Rights in the hey days of the military. I know the risks I was exposed to as students' union activist until people within the fold sold out. A friend was shot right beside by Mopol. Life!
3. A great soul I have never met before on this app reach out to me that he needed to bring something to my attention, I opened my DM and we had a long chat where he laid out the allegations against an employee of Ecobank who was using his position to obtain sexual favours.
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3 Aug 20
Buhari Lied!!!

I am an unrepentant fan of Buhari. I have know Buhari since December 31st, 1983 when the 2nd Republic was swept away. Buhari came with many laudable ideas and programs which started changing the ways Nigerians did things then. I loved the War Against Indiscipline.
2. There was a new social order, Nigerians started queueing up for services, the environment became cleaner, civil servants were more dedicated, CORRUPTION was drastically reduced. All these lofty achievements didn't live long before the gap - toothed Minna self proclaimed
3. Military President took over for self preservation. From that moment, Nigeria has not recovered but continues to make a steady decline into one social disorder to the other. Eventually, 1999 came and a new democratic experience started. The new democratic experience is heavily
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