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7 Apr, 30 tweets, 6 min read
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, love reading -

When it comes to your love life, you have been much too in your head recently. It seems there is a connection here which has triggered a massive awakening in you. You have been thrown into deep healing and it’s not always easy.
I do see that there is a connection here for a lot of you which started off very passionate. I can see here that you may have first thought this connection would only be something physical / easy as you weren’t searching for anything long term at the time.
However it does seem with the queen of cups opening your reading that things progressed emotionally very quickly. There may have been a deep emotional connection from the beginning which was unexpected. This person could be very different to what your usual type was or to
The people you’d been with in the past, but I do see this as a good thing. However, it seems that both of you had some healing and work to do, especially around speaking your truth and focusing on negativity. I see that there could be some issues with communication at times
With the page of swords, this always shows me someone who becomes defensive and isolates themselves, especially with the 9 of swords there too. I feel you and this person mirror eachother with the moon card. So when you’re overthinking and focusing on negativity/ what might go
Wrong, this person is too. However, this doesn’t deny there is definitely an extremely strong connection here with the lovers card and the moon together. This is all very hidden and unspoken, but it’s felt deeply. I feel that you may have been dealing with a fear of being
Vulnerable here. Through this connection it seems you’re discovering more and more about yourself and what you need to heal. Both of you are actually. I see a lot of healing and change has gone on here, you’re almost completely different people to when you first met, yet there
Are still strong feelings and attraction. With the six of swords, one of you could have left this connection for a while, or there could be distance between you both, but I’m seeing this was actually needed for healing. The thing is, both of you were not in the place
To be together when you first met. That’s shown very strongly. I don’t see lack of emotion or desire here. It was just More that self work had to be done and you both had to learn some things about yourself. Your advice here is the bottom 3 cards. I’m hearing you need to
Surrender to this. Let things unfold. You have a tendency to control things. Look within and figure out why that is. For some of you as well you’re needing to not act out of fear, but out of love. Sometimes this person may do things that trigger you. Go within and figure out
Why you’re being triggered here. Don’t focus on the negatives here. Let this healing phase play out and focus on leaving behind everything that’s not serving you. This connection is like a spotlight that shines on your pain and insecurities, and past trauma. It’s being
Highlighted so you can heal! See this as a beautiful thing and be grateful for it! Don’t let yourself be caught up in overthinking here. You’re only hurting yourself by doing so. Coming into the middle line, representing the future I do see a positive outcome here.
If there was a lack of balance in the past with equal give and take or effort, I see that balancing out and things being much more equal. Both you and this person are coming to realise how you have self sabotaged this connection and acted out of fear. Forgiveness is needed.
Forgive yourself and this person if you want things to progress! If you’ve been worried the passion here has died down, don’t worry about that because there will soon be a passionate new start here. It’s good though bc even though there is passion / physical connection I also see
A lot of stability coming in too (14:41 as I type). The knight of pentacles being here shows me that someone may make you an offer of stability or you both will at some point agree to work on this connection and build something stable here.
I don’t see this all happening super quick. Things may start off more easy going and progress to more serious as time passes and things change and you continue healing. You don’t need to rush this actually. There is a lot here about learning to give to yourself and love yourself
I’m seeing that you have created in your mind a perfect version of yourself that is with this person. Like when you imagine being with them you are your best version. What you’re needing to realise is you can be that version of yourself now! Everything you would want to be with
This person you can be for yourself too! (14:44) I hope that makes sense. Basically, this is working out and things will progress here, but you don’t need this to have that happiness you seek. Nothing external can bring you that. The love you feel here is there whether you’re
Together or not. Learn to radiate that love to yourself and this person, and everyone else in your life who deserves it. Let yourself express love and be open. If you shut your emotions off because you don’t want to be hurt, well guess what you won’t let that love flow to you
Either. Let yourself feel. For a long time it seems you have deemed your emotions or being loving / vulnerable/ emotional as a bad thing. This isn’t the case though. Being all of those things is not a weakness but a strength. If you’ve been made to feel in the past that being
Emotional or expressing love is bad, chances are the person who made you feel that way was not feeling love within themselves and therefore projected that onto you. Find out where this feeling stems from inside you and heal from that. Journaling about it can be really good
So you can figure out your feelings and express them. I feel the more you heal here the more progress you’ll see because you’ll actually feel just so happy and in this loving energy, which will radiate even more into this connection. I see this connection only growing stronger as
Time goes on. Release these fears. Let this pain end and let yourself rest too!! Don’t downplay your emotions either. If you’re hurt, whether it’s from the past, from this person or from something else in life, express that, acknowledge it and feel it.
You might feel the urge to run from more “ negative emotions “ but that’s only out of fear. This won’t help in the long run, as those emotions will just bottle up. Feel them and let them go when you’re ready. Things are shifting for the better and a new cycle is approaching.
Continue the self love and leave behind these things / people / feelings that are holding you back. Be the energy of love. Don’t let fear control you. Embrace your emotional self. There is passion coming in here. You may see some small profession within 2 weeks.
Within the year I see things progressing a lot more. Give it time. Taking things slow is good here.

Strong Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus, Leo energy. Doesn’t have to be though, take what resonates!
Other things that are significant- rock pools, red, lions, vase, skinny dipping, swimming, castle, sunset, magic, crystals, dancing, feathers, stars, children, apples, fires, perfect match, weird synchronicities, sleeping in, green, jugs of water, doves, cows, coffee, flamingo,
Candles, 7,6,2,1,10, books, writing, watching someone sleep, 1111, twin flames, fires, seeing images in flames, unlocking spiritual gifts, peace offering, orange, wine, rabbits, glasses, torches, picnic basket, cat, bare feet?, perfect fit, lock and key, swing, outdoors.
A lot of people have been asking where to tip so here’s the link. Tips are massively appreciated but not required, they just allow me to keep doing general readings like this one

paypal.me/avxxgreen 💘
Apply to sun moon rising Venus or any strong placements x x

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Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, love reading -

The connection you’re dealing with feels very intense. This connection triggered a lot of healing within both of you, right from the start. Even if you didn’t believe in stuff like this, it felt like fate when you met. You clicked.
I do see that a lot of defensive mechanisms were triggered here though. One or both of you put up a lot of walls and we’re fearful of being hurt. There was especially a blockage emotionally. It may have felt like this moved too fast / was too intense too quick. You found yourself
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You might struggle a lot with overthinking in this connection. It’s like, deep down you do feel that this is meant for you, and you feel so much here, but your thoughts and worries get the best of you and hold you back at times.
You might find it hard at times to differentiate what is fear, and what is intuition and that causes you to feel stuck or trapped in your head. I’m hearing COMMUNICATION!!! The more open you are with your person about how you’re feeling, the less you will have to overthink!
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Aries, Leo, Sagittarius -

Recently, it seems as though you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed & trapped within your thoughts. However, you are actively working on healing from this as you are fully aware of how your own fears at times hold you back & stop you from being happy
In the past, I’m seeing 6 months to a year, you experienced a major tower moment. I feel like this could’ve been either a breakup, a breakdown of another relationship in your life or a job loss. Whatever it was, this experience flung you into a spiritual awakening and healing
Period, which for most of you you’re still somewhat experiencing. It’s important to remember that healing is not quick or linear. It’s okay to be sad about something even if it happened ages ago. You are allowed to be upset. However, it’s not good to dwell on or stay stuck in
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