1. Self-indulgent thread incoming. Feel free to scroll on by. One of the worst periods of my involvement as an activist with Labour was in the summer of 2018. I welcomed the release of the Antisemitism Code of Conduct. I was not alone: theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
2. I explained in two long threads why the criticisms of the Code were rooted in misunderstandings at best and anti-Corbyn spin at worst (one is nested within the other here) threadreaderapp.com/thread/1020952…
3. I applied lawyer's logic, aware of my own inherent bias as a Corbyn supporter, but, notwithstanding, did my level best to explain dispassionately and objectively why the Code of Conduct, in the form it had been drafted, was the right approach, and the claims were in bad faith.
4. I was called, inter alia, an "antisemitism apologist", a "jew-baiter", a "denialist". Others - including lawyers - insisted that Labour was "amending the IHRA definition" and the media took up the baton. The effect on my mental health was severe. I became clinically depressed.
5. I gave up all hope. I - and many other lawyers - knew full well that the claims about the Code of Conduct were incorrect. And there was nothing that could be done. The furore was such that eventually the Party announced it would adopt all the illustrative examples.
6. But a narrative had been created - the narrative that Labour's Code of Conduct "amended the internationally accepted definition of antisemitism". Google as many news articles as you want: it is now accepted "knowledge".
7. I never knew what happened to the Code of Conduct after that. It was not published (the only copy I had ever seen had been leaked to The JC) and I really did think that was that.
8. Last year, I contributed to a CrowdJustice fund for Labour members - predominantly left-wing Jews - who are suing the Party. Their claim is that they have been suspended without due process. Today I received this email:
9. The Party, under Starmer and Evans, has continued to use the very same Code of Conduct for which Corbyn, Corbyn supporters, and even lawyers like me, trying to be as objective as possible in the face of vile abuse, were vilified, libelled and traduced.
10. Words cannot express my rage. I literally feel sick. I don't do hate, but the hatred welling inside me right now for the Starmer administration and every single lick-spittle that holds them up as a paragon is pretty much more than I can bear.
I want them gone. All of them.
11. Addendum: please donate here if you have a spare fiver. crowdjustice.com/case/justice-4…

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11 Feb
@magi_jay @NathanJRobinson 1. Corbyn did the very opposite of allowing antisemitism to flourish. The first charges weighed at him related to actions by Labour members before he became leader (thread here) threadreaderapp.com/thread/1089118…
@magi_jay @NathanJRobinson 2. After what turned out in large part to be politically-motivated allegations at Oxford University Labour Club, he immediately appointed Baroness Jan Royall to investigate and report. theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
@magi_jay @NathanJRobinson 3. He then commissioned Shami Chakrabati to report on the Party overall. Initially her report was well-received although Keith Kahn-Harris pointed out, in a party with deep factional splits, "some will try to use the report as a tool in this conflict". theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
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24 Nov 20
1. @TheMendozaWoman will forever be persona non grata in the MSM because she had the temerity to be caught up in Gaza when the Israeli govt. resumed bombing in Operation Protective Edge, and reported what she saw.
2. In October 2018 she was due to give the the NUJ Black History Month lecture. That was cancelled because she her reporting on a Guardian reporter was alleged to have led to him being deported from Nicaragua. Read to the end pressgazette.co.uk/nuj-cancels-ev…
3. You may not agree with what she says. You may not like her position on the Israel/Palestine conflict. You may not like her personally. But that doesn't mean she should be shut down, esp. in circumstances where IMPRESS - a Leveson-compliant regulator, has found no wrong-doing.
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17 Nov 20
1. My two penn'orth, for what it's worth (barely 2p):
Starmer has demonstrated that his is no politician. He has no political nous. His knee-jerk reaction to the clamour from the press and others on the day of the release of the EHRC report resulted in a complete dog's breakfast.
2. He appears to have decided - wrongly - to suspend Corbyn (in direct contravention of the findings of the EHRC). When it was pointed out that this was "political interference in the disciplinary process" Dave Evans then took the fall - also "political interference" from a GS
3. Corbyn's statement today is no different from what he said in TV interviews on the day - notably before he was suspended. He did not seek to minimise the hurt caused to Jews - and boy has there been hurt caused - but commented on the scale of complaints.
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14 Nov 20
1. Constantly amazed at people who choose to ignore just what a filthy business politics is as long at the outcomes fit their life-view or beliefs.
A few articles to read:
a) The creation of the Soros myth, which has had murderous consequences
b) Trump's former political consultant Paul Manafort who is now serving prison time. (Note how antisemitism smears were used to try and influence the elections in Ukraine) timesofisrael.com/manafort-senio…
c) Everyone and their mother knows who Cambridge Analytica were now, right? independent.co.uk/voices/us-elec…
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15 Oct 20
Civil Liberties and Human Rights Heroes: 1:
Civil Liberties and Human Rights Heroes 2:
Civil Liberties and Human Rights Heroes 3:
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12 Oct 20
1. Parliament has issued a Briefing note for MPs w/r/t the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill (CHIS Bill) which is available as a PDF from here: researchbriefings.files.parliament.uk/documents/CBP-….
2. The introduction contains the following:
3. Re Point 1: that is no safeguard, given the government's desire to do away with the Human Rights Act (and, arguably, to ignore rulings from the European Court of Human Rights in future as a consequence). This is not a viable means of oversight under the current Administration.
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