We are, Mayor.

Since I actually read these election reform bills, I know there’s not a single thing that could be interpreted as “voter suppression” or “Jim Crow 2.0,” as you cynically stated.

Your characterizations are outright lies.

Here’s your fact check.

Here’s what these bills actually do.

1) Accountability at Polls: Puts safeguards in place so poll watchers aren’t denied access, improving transparency and confidence in results.

(Dem officials put obstacles in the way of poll watchers in the 2020 election. HB6 fixes that.)
2) Stops Voter Assistance Fraud: HB6 protects individuals who require assistance (such as seniors or those with vision limitations) by *requiring information from the assister*.

Why? Because these voters are more likely to be victimized by partisan activists.
3) Increases penalties against ballot harvesting, the practice of gathering and submitting completed absentee or mail-in voter ballots by third-party individuals, volunteers or workers, rather than submission by voters themselves directly to ballot collection sites.
4) Uniform Voting Times: SB7 creates uniformity in early voting times to reduce confusion while ensuring at least 12 hours a day and polling places can be open until 9PM.

This fixes the different voting times in different counties that confused voters.
5) Secure and Fair Voting Locations: SB7 prohibits universal drive-thru voting, prohibits election officials from distributing mail in applications to people who didn’t request one, and ensures polling places and machines are distributed fairly based on number of eligible voters.
5 contd) This prevents you from getting someone else’s ballot, which often happens when the state universally mails out ballots based on addresses from imperfect registration rolls.
5 contd) And population-based machine distribution is necessary b/c Democrats were packing their favored precincts with extra machines.
6) Strengthens Ballot Security: Requires that voting machines are able to produce a paper audit trail and requires live streaming of counting for large counties.
Does any of that sound like racist voter suppression? No, of course not. The majority of these reforms simply unwind the “emergency measures” implemented during the pandemic.
Mayor Turner said “these bills are Jim Crow 2.0."
Jim Crow voting restrictions included poll taxes, literacy tests, and grandfather clauses. It is absurd to make these comparisons since absolutely no provision would stop a person from voting.
But Democrats and woke corporations don’t care about facts. They don’t even care about making it “easier” for people to vote. They just care about dividing people with identity politics because it gives them more power.

Don’t listen to them.

Don’t trust them.

• • •

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26 Feb
Why vote against something as nice-sounding as the Equality Act?

Because it elevates one person’s preferences above the rights of another.

Which is NOT “equality.”

How? Here are three examples.

1. Women’s sports are obliterated. This universalizes the notion that biological men who identify as women can compete against women and enter their locker rooms and bathrooms.
2. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is gutted, leaving churches & religious orgs open to endless lawsuits by radical activists.

Democrats are destroying this long held bipartisan protection of the right to practice your beliefs without being infringed upon by the govt.
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As power continues to come back on and pipes start getting fixed, don't get scammed.

Here are some basics:
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Plumbing Scammer Signs:
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• Requires payment in full before starting the job; or,
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With blackouts across Texas, many are wondering: what happened?

Leftists are cheering a “red state” having energy problems.

Here’s the truth about what happened. THREAD

A mix of over-subsidized wind energy and under-investment in gas power means we didn’t have enough base load energy for a massive spike in demand.

Also, Texas infrastructure isn’t designed for once-in-a-century freezes.
#1 - Frozen Wind Turbines:

West Texas had wind turbines that had to be de-iced. The little energy that power regulators planned on being supplied from wind was now gone.

We have almost 31GW of wind installed on the grid, but on Monday we couldn’t even depend on 6 GW working.
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11 Feb
The Conservative Guide to the Culture Wars (in no particular order):

1. America is worthy of our love and patriotism. 

2. Victor mentality is better than a victim mentality. 

3. Free speech is absolute. “Hate speech” is not an objective term.

4. It doesn’t matter what kind of gun you restrict, criminals still hurt people. Let us protect ourselves.

5. You get to keep wealth you create & pass it to your kids.

6. The govt has no right to shut down your business or invade your home without due process, even in pandemics
7. Women should not have to compete against men in women’s sports. 

8. Verifying ID to vote is not racist. It is common sense.

9. Borders and national sovereignty are not racist or xenophobic.
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11 Feb
Houston this is why your vote for District Attorney matters. Kim Ogg is prosecuting an immigrant doctor for giving out the vaccine to *too many people with Indian names*, because social justice or equity or something. Can’t make this up.

And she is PROUD OF IT 👇
When is Mayor @SylvesterTurner going to weigh in on this? Maybe he could also address the crime spike that he is overseeing by letting leftist judges release criminals daily? The silence is deafening. Houston deserves better.
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2 Feb
Devastating fact check here for John Kerry.

President Biden claims energy jobs being wiped out can just be “replaced” by wind and solar jobs. This is wrong.


First, solar and wind jobs pay about $20K per year less than oil and gas. They pay less than coal jobs also.
“Wind turbine jobs are projected to go up by 4,300, from 7,000 to 11,300 in 10 years. The solar installer jobs are projected to go up 6,100, from 12,000 to 18,100. That’s a total increase of just 10,400 jobs.”

Fastest growing, huh?
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